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Mass Communication Assignment Help

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Mass Communication Assignment Help

The study of how an individual or a origination or group do relay the information with the help of mass media to a large segment of peoples at the same time is known as mass communication , it is commonly in terms of newspapers , magazines or books , but in the modern time radio , television and movies as the field which are dominating the communication field as they are fast and can be reached to huge population at the same time , but mass communication is a different from other form of communication as it focus on relaying the information to huge number of peoples at the same time but by a individual , the study of mass communication do keep a target on attitude , behavior , emotion of the peoples who are receiving the information , it is the process where a group of peoples or a person or sometimes a large organization develops a message and latter transmit the same message with the help of some media to the audience .

Mass Communication

Mass Communication

The history of communication is from hand written messages to the modern era of internet , it do deigns with a transmit the messages from a single person or source to a multiple receiver , the mass communicationhad moved from theory of hypodermic needle model to the latest and modern theory of computer mediated communication, the study of mass communicationis associated to the all forms of application such as print media , radio or television or even advertisement , as there had been diversification in the media field the mass communicationstudy had extended to social and new media too ,as they have a much accurate and strong feedbacks in compare to the old media sources , as there is a growth in mass communication regularly there are four fields which had been considered as major in mass communication study which as are advertisement , journalism , broadcasting and public relation , there had been lot of theories in the communication field which were used to develop the mass communication assignment help from time to time , and they were called as communication theories as they process and mechanism which allows the mass communication to take place .

The few of them which created evolution in the mass communicationare cultivation theory by George Gerber which told the and discusses the long term effects of watching television , the theory of agenda setting was helpful and centered it views on the idea created by media outlets for the thinking of “not what to think , but what to think about” ,a theory developed by Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann was the spiral of silence which do believe that peoples do like to revel all their opinion on the public as there are majority in the opinion , there were few more theories such as median ecology for the individuals to shapes there interaction to individuals , the study of mass communication was through various methods such as repetitive , cumulative and the both of qualitative and quantitative methods are used for the communication studies .

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