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All you need to know about the ANZ Banking Case Study

A case study is an essential part of a student's academic assessment curriculum. The term 'case study' refers to in-depth analysis and detailed examination of a particular area of study or a specific situation. In simpler terms, a case study is just like storytelling. Case studies basically include a description of interesting scenarios that a real customer or client has faced and how their problems were resolved with the help of the products and services offered by a particular company or organisation. A reader should be able to relate to the problems of the featured customer or client and see themselves achieving resolutions to their own issues by using the mentioned product or service.

While analysing a case study most of the students get stuck in the area of business. Business case studies are summaries of real-life or fictitious business scenarios that allow a student to apply the theoretical business theories to find an appropriate solution to the presented situations. A well- written business case study allows the prospects to feel more comfortable working with an organisation.

Many students who are pursuing their education in the field of business and banking often opt for analysing the case studies of the ANZ banking group for their academic curriculum.

This article will provide you with all the information about the ANZ banking group and its case studies to provide powerful illustrations of a company’s powerhouse of the problem-solving arsenal.

Understanding the term 'ANZ' group

ANZ bank or Australia and New Zealand banking group is the third-largest bank in Australia and the largest bank in New Zealand, headquartered in Melbourne. The history of the group, that includes the merging of multiple banks, stretches back to over 170 years. The ANZ bank is one of the largest in the Pacific Islands and has been present in both countries for over 15 decades now. The main focus of the banking group has always been on retail and commercial banking. The ANZ bank and all of its subsidiaries offer a full range of financial services to their customers ranging from banking products to asset finance to investments to payment solutions. The banking group is presently operative in approximately thirty-two global markets and is counted amongst the top 50 banks all around the world.

Writing a case study for the ANZ banking group

Many a time students are given a specific word limit and a fixed set of instructions to write a case study about the ANZ group. In such a scenario the foremost thing a student should do is to provide a background of the ANZ banking group followed by discussing the annual report of the group for the last three years. The case study should also discuss the strategies and methods used by the upper management of the ANZ banking group to maintain the financial position of the banking group. The case study will entail the details of the cash expenses that the company has incurred including the salary of the CEO and other top management officials of the organisation. As you can observe the stated details are quite complicated to understand due to which many business scholars from universities opt for professional help with their ANZ banking case studies.

In addition to the above details, an ANZ case study should also look over the short-term benefits awarded bu the banking group to their employees on the basis of their annual performance profits and the return on investment that is obtained by the banking group. Thus, the job of a professional writer working on the ANZ banking case study for a student is not just limited to analyze the balance sheets. He also needs to look expertly into the organisation's structure.

The foremost approach for any student who is writing an ANZ case study should be to determine the purpose of writing a case study related to the ANZ banking group. This should be followed by a discussion of the overview of the group. The students should then identify the relevant problems bothering the organisation in the current business environment and lead on to evaluating the identified problems in the light of relevant management or business theories. A student should then draw on the conclusions from gathered and observed data and further provide recommendations after considering the facts, figures, and future environment of the banking group.

The tools required in the analyzing process of an ANZ case study

A thorough and in-depth analysis forms the basis of any case study. In order to analyze a case study properly numerous amount of tools are used by the scholars. The analytical tools involved in case studies related to the Australia and New Zealand banking group are the analysis of international market segmentation, analysis of financial statements, analysis of banking procedures, balance sheet analysis, analysis of cash flow statements, and income statement analysis.

The details of these analyses are as follows

  • Balance sheet analysis:

While analyzing the annual report of the ANZ banking group students are often found staring blankly at the dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of pages containing a large number of numbers and figures being confused about what they mean. These figures are important to be analyzed to make informed investment decisions for a company. These figures and numbers together form a balance sheet of a company.

A balance sheet is basically a document that provides a proper picture of a company's assets, liabilities, and the amount owed by the shareholders. It can help a person to know the real worth of a business. In order to know about a company's financial health, it is important to read the balance sheet carefully. Analysis of a balance sheet will help a student to determine

  • The amount of debt a business has in relation to its equity.
  • The rate at which the consumers are paying their bills.
  • A decrease or increase in the short term cash.
  • The percentage of tangible assets and the percentage derived from the accounting transactions.
  • Where are the profits being spent or reinvested?

It is advisable to study some sample balance sheet to make yourself comfortable before you start working on the ANZ balance sheet for the case study assignment.

  • Analyzing the income statement:

Commonly known as the profit and loss statement, an income statement is a document that represents the profit and loss of ANZ banking group over a selected period of time. Analyzing the income statement helps a student to develop a proper understanding of the group's annual report, observe the competitor's business structure, helps you to gain the knowledge required to invest smartly in a small scale business.

A typical income statement includes the revenue of the company, cost of goods sold, overall profit, expenses, taxes, total earnings, and earnings before taxes. Analysis of the income statement can allow a student to calculate the financial ratios and compare the companies with each other.

  • Analysis of the cash flow:

Analyzing the cash flow of the ANZ group basically means that a student is evaluating the organisation's inflows and outflows from activities like operations, finances, and investing. It is the examination of how the group is generating its money, where is it coming from, and what it represents about the overall value of the company.

Cash flow analysis is a method used to determine the overall worth and value of the ANZ group along with the individual branches of the large banking company by examining the excess cash amount produced by the company.

  • Financial feasibility study:

The financial feasibility study is used to determine the viability of a project planned by the ANZ banking group. The study is used to analyze the market scenario, technical issues, economic factors, and production issues that can affect the project or service being planned. This study also entails the preparation of the financial analysis of the group. It is conducted to examine all the positive and negative issues before investing the time and money in a project or scheme. A financial feasibility study focuses majorly on the economic viability of a scheme or service by evaluating the operating charges, initiating costs, and the cash flow. It also helps to predict the future performance of the service or scheme being planned.

  • A thoroughly created financial feasibility study includes four major aspects
  • Determining the initiating charges or costs.
  • Developing a profit plan.
  • Preparing the cash flow projections.
  • Assessing the return that'll be received on the investment.

A case study devoted to the Australia and New Zealand banking group represents the current situation of the multiple assets and liabilities related to the group and also evaluates the hurdles that have caused an effect on the values of those assets and liabilities of the ANZ bank.

It is not an undeniable fact that a case study of the ANZ banking group is complicated and intimidating in nature and thus, cannot be handled accurately by the university scholars alone. It is a smart choice to seek professional help from the expert writers of the available and reputed ANZ banking case study help providers.

Tips to write an interesting case study

If a student wants to produce an influential case study assignment, he should be well versed with the various steps that are required to prepare accurately for writing a case study on the ANZ banking group. The steps that one should follow while writing a case study are mentioned below.

Step 1 The initial step of the writing process is to identify and determine the reason for which you are writing the case study.

Step 2 Start with writing a strong background of the ANZ banking group. You can include interesting facts related to the merger and operating pattern of the bank.

Step 3 Identify the issues and problems you want to highlight in your case study of the ANZ group.

Step 4 Apply the various relevant management and business theories to provide justifiable resolutions to the highlighted issue or problem.

Step 5 Use relevant and essential facts and figures to analyze the highlighted problem related to the case.

Step 6 Draw a meaningful and sensible conclusion followed by the suitable recommendations for the same. 

How can the ANZ banking case study help providers help you?

Most of the ANZ banking case study help providing portals have recruited an in-house team of expert and skilled writers who are capable to develop a good quality case study assignment in a short period of time. These writers are highly qualified and have the professional experience to add accurate content in your ANZ case study assignment. The writers are familiar with numerous analytical tools that can help them to write a thorough and in-depth analysis of the case. These writers are from the industry itself thus they understand what will be expected of an assignment to score a high grade. Most of these ANZ case study help providing websites have a quality assurance department that assures your assignment is free of spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, typographical errors, and slangs or jargons. The team of these portals also ensures that the case study assignment delivered to you is proofread and plagiarism free. Students can relax and avoid the stress of writing a complex assignment as an online ANZ banking case study assignment help providing portal has got them covered. These portals charge affordable fees for the assignments and are thus very popular amongst the students of today's era.

Benefits of seeking professional help for your ANZ case study assignment

  • Maintaining a student's confidentiality.
  • On-time delivery of the case study assignment.
  • Unlimited free revisions.
  • Zero plagiarism in the content.
  • Round the clock support system.
  • Attractive discounts.
  • Affordable rates are charged for the case study assignments.
  • Unique, innovative, and thoroughly researched text in the case study assignments.
  • Money-back guarantee if the delivered assignment is rejected by the university authorities.
  • No access to the personal information of the student.
  • use of updated encryption methods.

Now that you have received all the relevant information regarding your ANZ case study assignment, you are all set to either start working on it yourself or act smartly to avoid stressful all-nighters and get professional help with it to score impressive grades in your university assessment.

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