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How to write the reference in the APA style?

How to write the reference in the APA style?
LiveWebTutors 20 Jul, 2020

If you are a person who studies sociology, then you are aware of the APA writing style. APA or the American Psychological Association. It is a prestigious global organization and has a set guideline for writing academic research papers, essays, journals, etc. in different sociology subjects. The instructions have rules on how to design, monitor, and format your assignment or essay with proper citation to make it academically acceptable.

If you are a little confused and are planning to get essay writing help,  you can check this article to get a sound and basic knowledge about the APA reference style.

In general, the APA citation style is used in behavioral science subjects and social science subjects

  • Behavioral Science
    • Cognitive Science
    • Neuroscience
    • Psychology
  • Social science
    • Anthropology
    • Sociology
    • Archeology
    • Economics
    • Human Geography
    • Linguistics

Besides these subjects, a lot of other topics also use APA citation style. If you need to write an essay or academic paper and need some guidance, you have found the right article. Read till the end to know more.

  In the case of academic and scholarly writings, stating the sources is essential. It is because a writer or a researcher often gets information or inspiration from another writer or a previous article. If someone forgets to cite the last resources, then they can cause plagiarism unwittingly. A small hint of plagiarism often tones down the educational value of the paper. Hence, they use references.

 APA citation style

The APA first started its writing style back in 1952 with a guidebook for citation and academic writing. The latest model that contemporary writers use is the seventh edition of the original. Let's dive into the APA style.

In-text citation in APA style for printed books

 APA style has a distinct style for In-text citation. It is when a writer uses another writer's works in a paraphrased form. The APA citation is standard and quite comfortable. The writer needs to use the author's name(of the citation) and the year if publication in a bracket. In the case of digital works, the citation involves the Surname of the reference author, the date of publication, and the number of paragraphs. 

But, you may need to use references of multiple sources in a single sentence. Then you need to follow another format. You need to write the Last name of the author of the first resource with its publication date and then add a semi-colon and write in-text citation of another reference and close the bracket.

But, paraphrasing can be awkward in some situations. You need to paraphrase a quote or some facts in your words and avoid repeating the original writer's phrases. And academic writing involves a lot of paraphrasing from different reference sources. If you need to do it quickly, you can take help from the paraphrasing tool.  You will find many online software and tools that can help you paraphrase and spin words to get a unique writing style and a meaningful sentence on the internet.

Author information in the source

 At the end of the writing, any writer needs to provide full details of sources and references with the name and works of the writer in a tabular form. AP has strict rules and guidelines in case of author name and citation resource style.

In any reference, the name of the author matters-

  • For a source containing only one author format is-

Last name of the Author, Forst Initial, Middle initial;(if no middle initial then omit)

  • More than one authors-

In the case of more than one author, APA does not allow you to write their name in alphabetical order. Instead, it asks you to follow the original format in the publication. In this case,

The last name of the 1st author, First Initial, middle initial & the last name of the 2nd author, first initial, middle initial.

  • If there are more than two authors

APA format has a stated form of sources involving three to twenty authors. You need to follow the author's name sequence of the primary cause. Write the last name and initials of the writers with commas to separate names. Additionally, you need to put an ampersand before the last name.

  • Sources with for that twenty authors
  • If your reference or source involves more than twenty authors, then you need to write the surnames and first of the first 19 authors and separate their name with a comma. You need to put an ellipsis before the name of the last author's name.

Your academic work may involve multiple references. If there are only a few references, you will be able to design a reference table quickly. But, that may not always be easy. Often academic essays and research papers involve numerous references. Hence, writing the texts with proper author naming and style can become a tedious and challenging job. And you may miss out on some points as well. But it can cause a lot of problems. The easiest way is to take help from a reliable reference generator.  You can easily find some reference generators that follow APA style. You need to upload your resources, and the software will quickly provide you an adequately generated reference list without any mistake. Using a reference generator often makes things more comfortable, and you do not need to worry about anything.

Direct quotes

 Often academic essays involve direct quotes of famous person and authors. If you are taking help from any online assignment help, you do not need to think a lot about it. The agency or the person you have asked for helo will do the related work.

If you are writing your paper by yourself, you need to have a clear idea about using direct quotes according to APA style. The APA style format is quite accessible. You need to mention the author's name, publication date, p.(numerics of page number) in a bracket form after the end of the quotation.

Citation format for ebooks

 In today's digital world, ebooks are often standard and prevalent. You will often find your resources from a well-known ebook.  Since the ebook is now common among students and researchers, the APA style involves a particular citation format for ebooks and digital books. For ebooks and in-text citation, the format is,

  • The last name of the author
  • Publication year,
  • The title of the book (in italics).
  • Publisher name
  • URL

Many natural generators offer to generate citations for ebooks as well. You can easily use them as per your convenience.

Journal articles (printed)

In the case of printed journals, the format follows the format-

  • Author’s last name
  • Publication year
  • Title of the item
  • Title of the Journal
  • Volume or issue number
  • Page range(start page-end page)

Journal articles(online)

 Of you are using online journals and journal articles as your reference; you can follow this format-

  • Last name of the writer
  • Publication year
  • Title of the journal article
  • Title of the leading journal
  • Volume (issues)
  • Page range

Plagiarism Checking Is Important

 You need to avoid plagiarism in academic writing. Academic writing has to deal with references, citations, quotes from texts, paraphrases, etc. Your academic writing may run into trouble if you are unable to write things on your own words. Plagiarism is often a bad reputation for a writer. It also minimizes the importance of any writing. Hence, your paper may not be accepted or may not fetch you decent grades if it contains even the slightest plagiarism percentage. 

So you need to be careful. You cannot check plagiarism by yourself. Therefore, you need to use a proper plagiarism checker for academic writings. A plagiarism checker tool will check your works and point out any present cases. You can then rewrite those portions again to prevent any type of plagiarism. Having a plagiarism tool is excellent because it allows you to avoid any issues and can easily submit your original work.

Here are some of the basic rules regarding APA writing style and citation and reference format. You can follow this article to know about the writing formats. The user should use a proper citation generator and reference generator tools that can help you cite everything, including the reference list- without any error.

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