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Write a perfect dissertation with these 18 essential tips

Write a perfect dissertation with these 18 essential tips
cal LiveWebTutors cal 02 Jun, 2017

Dissertation is the term used to describe the final result of independent research work done for an undergraduate program. Unlike a dissertation, a thesis is written for the completion of a Master's degree. Writing a dissertation is a new challenge for undergraduate students. Though challenging, it is indeed exciting for those who enjoy the first experience of doing research. For students who can write well, presenting their research work or dissertation writing is not very difficult. But some may find it quite difficult, especially if there are strict timelines to be followed. Following are some tips that can help you to write a dissertation without much hassle:

  1. Begin writing at the earliest: A dissertation is a long document and a time-consuming process and requires your utmost concentration. The sooner you start writing the dissertation. The easier will it be as you proceed. Most of the students are not confident about how to start writing initially. To begin, you don't need to think about the whole research and the knowledge you acquire. The longer you wait, the more fear continues to shadow your thoughts. Just start writing the introductory section. Everything else will eventually take their pace.
  2. Do not halt your writing: Suppose you get stuck up in between and do not get a proper direction. Keep writing the important points of your study and elaborate on them. You will eventually come through the topics you need to focus on and the sections that need more explanation. This will help you to set a particular goal for your dissertation.
  3. Rewrite the sections that have mistakes: While you are writing, you will come across various mistakes that you may have committed in your writing. Rewriting the same things several times will enhance the tone, language, and appeal of your paper. Do not shun away from rework. It will only enhance the quality of the final document.
  4. Follow a pattern to set a method of writing: As you continue to write, again and again, you will come across certain sections that do not clearly describe the objective of an explanation. If you write more, you can secure a particular method. You can then follow the pattern that directly conveys an in-depth opinion supported by data from an authentic resource.
  5. Do not stress yourself too much with an introduction: Try not to focus too much on the introduction at the very beginning. Unless you begin writing the body of the dissertation, you cannot maintain the flow of the introduction in an appropriate manner. You may find it difficult to connect it with the body section, hence do not overdo the introduction initially.
  6. Try to fluctuate with points: If the explanation through research is getting tough, leave them on hold and try to continue writing on the upcoming points that relate to your dissertation. This will give you a break from the monotony and help you to think differently. You can resume the previous point later.
  7. Avoid leaving the difficult sections for the last moment: Leaving the difficult explanations will make your writing useless and affect your dissertation's quality. Start with the difficult portions each day when you sit to write. It can be time-consuming, but it will build the output eventually.
  8. Try to work diligently to achieve excellence: When you prepare your dissertation, keep in mind that you have to excel in this work. Your degree and your scores solely partly depend on the dissertation. So do not make this work for granted. Work with concentration to enhance your knowledge and write a better explanation.
  9. Cite references appropriately: Take up relevant notes along with the source name and page numbers while going through references and resources. Note the website addresses if you are referring to them. After completion of the dissertation, cite the references and sources appropriately.
  10. Read while you write t proofread your writing: Do read your dissertation as you continue writing it. By reading, you will be able to find the errors and easily correct them. Reading the text repeatedly will improve the tone of the language. Keep an eye on the reader to write an excellent thesis paper.
  11. Divide your time wisely and follow a routine: Dividing your time for both reading and writing. Generally, 10-12 hours a day are spent on the dissertation. The rest of the time goes into the research work. Write first and then read what you have written. Follow a particular routine to divide your work accordingly. You will be able to complete your tasks within the given deadline as per your routine.
  12. Multitasking will not help: Multitasking is suggested in other activities. But collating your data and drafting a dissertation will require focusing in one direction. Multitasking can hamper the thought process in proper flow, and you may lose the sequence of writing. Concentrate on your writing and do not take up any other task alongside. Focusing yourself on multiple tasks will are eventually fluctuating your concentration. Even listening to music can be a big diversion.
  13. Take occasional breaks from the computer screen: Take occasional breaks from typing and write your points or tasks in a notebook. You can prepare a flowchart of the tasks on paper rather than focus on the software tools to jot down the points for dissertation writing. Soothe your brain with classical music or soft instrumentals. It will help you relax a stressful mind. A music break for 20 minutes cab will definitely freshen you up.
  14. Do not ignore your health and fitness: Spare some time for physical activities like exercise, running, or jogging every day. Take care of your nutrition and avoid skipping your diet. Eating healthy will keep you fit and increase your concentration power. Meditation can help reduce stress and keep your mind focused on the projects undertaken. Walking can make you feel refreshed. Take a stroll at the park or just in your neighborhood. Keep thinking about your dissertation at times. It can give spark your thought, and you may suddenly land upon a good argument that can be useful for your dissertation.
  15. Communicate with people: Talking and discussing your topics with like-minded people about certain views will increase your perspectives and a different outlook on the same old point. Communication often sparks the thought process and enlightens our minds. Thereafter, you can find an explanation for many unresolved things included in your dissertation.
  16. Record your thoughts on a mobile phone: Use a mobile phone to record your thoughts while they flash across your mind. It is not possible for you to write or type your thoughts at all times. Record your thoughts as you speak them on your mobile phone and better use this modern-age gadget. When you sit to write, you can include these points.
  17. Develop your reading approach: Be proficient in reading. After finishing your dissertation, a lot of reading the dissertation is required. Follow the table of contents. Learn to read paragraph-wise and the same content repeatedly and see the content is in proper flow. Go through each explanation written by you and see if it is presented clearly.
  18. Discover the productive time in you: Each person in this world is more or less productive at some part of the day. At certain times, you are less active, while you are most active at other times. Find out the best time when you are then most productive.

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