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Best Online Tool for Education

Best Online Tool for Education
cal LiveWebTutors cal 22 Jul, 2020

Best Online Tools for Education- Know about These for Better Learning

Education is now modern and has transformed itself to suit the digital achievements of humans. Students and teachers now often prefer to use digital books, ebooks, digital classrooms, and, of course, tools to make education accessible and fulfilling.

If you are a student who takes online assignment help to submit assignments, you will find this article useful. Usually, students shy away from doing their homework personally because of the hard work involved in them as student needs to spend a lot of time in libraries or n front of a computer and checking for resources and references to complete the assignment.

Here are tools that can provide you with essay writing help and other guidance during your study and homework. Additionally, some tools are essential for teachers.

Read this article until the end to know more-


Edmodo is one of the top education tools and has nearly 34 million followers. It is a social and interconnection platform between teachers and students. Here teachers can design interactive groups among the students. Edmodo offers a perfect and intelligent platform where teachers can provide online classes, activities, and assignments to the students in a group. Edmodo also has features like student progress monitoring, Parent-teacher communication, etc. It is an excellent platform for both students and teachers. 


A project can be a good alternative to online assignment help agencies. It is software and a tool where a student can design a multimedia presentation. You can create an interactive presentation and submit it to your teacher. On the other hand, teachers can also use Project to design and create interactive multimedia teaching materials with quizzes, videos, and online activity sheets. It is a tool that makes education fun and exciting.


For students, study materials may not be cheap. Many poor students often cannot afford to buy expensive books. CK-12 has started a noble cause of reducing the cost and burden of study books for needy students for the k12 level. It mainly aims to provide quality study materials for free students who need them- both are the USA and other countries of the world. CK-12 has an open-source interface to promote and encourage teachers and educators to distribute and design educational materials for students via the Internet. Teachers can upload books, notes, videos, audiotapes, interactive activity sheets, etc. A student can print and download any item from the platform CK-12 from any world region. Additionally, teachers can also download and use the uploaded books from C-12 as per their preference.


If you fear writing essays and stories as your homework, then it is the best tool. And, you will fall in love with Storybird from your first use. It is a tool for teachers. But students can also use it. Here you can design beautiful and appealing books with your own stories. The user interface of Storybird is excellent, and you can easily use it. A creator can upload stories in blogs, send through emails, and even print them as per their preference.

On top of that, a teacher can use Storybird to design a collaborative project with students and maintain classes with evaluation and grading systems.


Grammarly is one of the most popular grammar-checking tools. It is used by almost everyone, writers, teachers, authors, and even students. Many institutions also offer Grammarly passwords to their students. Grammarly is an intelligent tool that offers grammar and spelling check services to the user.

It is available in multiple languages and you can use any language as per your preference. In Grammarly, you can write or upload your documents and check the grammatical errors and edit them for clean and crisp writing. Grammarly comes with some filters to set the writing style and can also provide suggestions for users. If you need some essay writing help in grammar and writing style, you can use Grammarly for error-free writing.

Citation Machine

Want to know about a reliable reference generator that you can use for writing essays? Then the Citation Machine is your best choice. It comes in both free and paid subscriptions. The free subscription is enough for any regular student. It is an excellent reference generator tool that can cite books, journals, ebooks, and even films and audio files. Hence, you will never face any problems. If you are willing, you can also opt for the paid service that checks plagiarism, grammatical styles, and sentences. Overall, the Citation Manager is great for any student who wants to use a conventional reference generator.


Students who need to write academic essays or projects need to submit unique assignments. But, they often use resources in references to complete their assignments. Hence, they often run into unintentional plagiarism. A plagiarism tool is always helpful. It allows you to check the plagiarism in your writing and also provides suggestions. Duiplichecker is a free plagiarism-checking tool that is popular among internet users and students. It effectively checks the plagiarism in any content through multiple sources and provides you instant results. You can upload your file or copy-paste your writings into Duplichecker to get the results; therefore, if you want to use a plagiarism checker for free, then Duplichecker is your best option.

Content Professor

The Content Professor is one of the best procedures for the students to paraphrase a paragraph or article. It allows you to rewrite or rephrase an article as per your preference. It is a high-speed tool and can rephrase articles in just a single minute. 

The Content Professor is an excellent paraphrasing tool for students who want to paraphrase their academic works quickly. It comes with multiple options and beneficial features that you can use for rephrasing your writing.


Educlipper is the best way to explore free study materials. It is a free online platform where you can search for references and articles ad other types of educational material. Furthermore, you can also upload information from the internet and share it with people. Educlipper is a great platform to gather academic content, research materials, and references for scholarly writing. 

Additionally, it also has a platform where teachers can arrange virtual classes for students and store their work and assignments for a successful evaluation.

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is another grammar tool that offers excellent service. Here you can copy and paste your writing and get suggestions on your writing style. Hemingway's editor provides suggestions on voice, phrases, word selection sentence design, grade-level grammar checking, and other beneficial features. You can use the suggestions to improve your work and also update it.


Squid is a boon for students who need a smart digital notebook to take notes. It offers you blank pages with various templates like the lined page, scale paper, and Cornell notes, You can use these pages to take notes during class. Additionally, you can also use PDFs and images to create meaningful notes.


Newseum is best for history students and history buffs. It comes with a vast collection of history-related news and reference. In Newseum, you will find good books, news about excavation and artifacts, and history lessons. Additionally, you can also include your favorite digital sources as per your choice.

Google Art and Culture

Google Art and culture is an impressive educational tool from the popular search engine Google. You can find multiple art collections, cultural activities, stories about art, and the culture of different places as per your choice. It also allows the user to go on virtual tours of world-famous museums. To educate pupils, this is an effective medium.

These are some of the standard education tools that a student or a teacher can use. The scenario of education is changing and it will get more technical. To go with the flow and follow the modern modes of education, parents, teachers, and students can use these tools effectively. All these tools are great and offer significant advantages to anyone related to education. You can use these tools to make your studies or teaching activity fun and meaningful.

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