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How to Write an Opinion Assignment

How to Write an Opinion Assignment
cal LiveWebTutors cal 24 Oct, 2018

Sometimes it can be very frustrating when you are not authorized to make use of powerful words. It's quite annoying you are not heard or your contribution to decision-making is considered irrelevant. Fortunately, there are people who are keen to know your opinion on many things. They allow you to share your ideas and opinions when you write an assignment and also pay you for that.

Apparently, it looks quite simple, but you need to follow some standard practices or rules if you want to share your opinion while writing an assignment. If you are really interested in putting your opinions across, here's how you can go ahead:

  • Surf the Internet and search for some opinion or survey provider and get associated with one of those.
  • You should gather more information from your reliable sources or other forums about the forum you decide to get associated with.
  • Bring your profile up to date and give honest information. That way you are able to avoid giving an opinion on subjects you may not be good at.
  • Start working or researching on the topic. Remember to do only what you are good at.

By following the above steps, you can be sure of getting more followers for your opinions. One way to maintain some continuity of work is to get associated with a number of providers.

How to write an assignment?

Whether you are faced with your first-ever assignment essay or looking for inspiration to improve your grade, there is a process to ensure your assignment is a success. One should simply follow the trusted assignment format, assignment help, online Assignment help, my assignment help, cdr writing helpand learn how to improve your grades.

What is an assignment?

An assignment is a collection of your own ideas about a particular topic. It must have a clear, organized structure that presents your ideas in such a way that the reader can understand them, follow them, and is convinced by your arguments, and opinions or at least can see your point of view because of the evidence you have presented. It is not a collection of ideas from the source material you have read. Instead, it is a presentation of your own thoughts and ideas on a subject, which uses the source material to support your arguments. Source material may include books, journal articles, reports, etc that you have read.

How to start?

Start by reading the question. It may sound rather too obvious to mention but year after year, students just look at a word or phrase in the essay title and take this as a clue to know everything about that subject, without considering whether they are really answering what has been asked of them. You need to analyze the question and remember that certain focus words are clues as to what has been asked of you.

Research is very important while writing an assignment:-

  • To research a topic and find suitable source material, you need to plan a search strategy. This ensures that you know exactly what you are looking for. To plan your research, you need to decide on various things.
  • The focus of the assignment question –
  • What is the main topic
  • The key concepts
  • Alternative terms - write down other words that mean the same thing as the key concepts
  • Your understanding of the issues - write down things you think will be important to answer the question and upon that base your opinion.
  • Your sources - where will you find material and so on?

While writing an assignment one needs to ask various questions:-

  • Will this source add value to my assignment?
  • Is this source essential for my essay?
  • Do I have any better sources to support my arguments or opinions?
  • Is the source a quality source? Is it reliable? Avoid using open-source encyclopedias like Wikipedia - you don't know how reliable the information is.

It is important to ensure you have sufficient sources to support your writing if you are aiming for a good grade or more followers.

Things to keep in mind before writing an assignment:-

Before you start writing your article, it is helpful to keep in mind the qualities that your final piece of work should have. You need to demonstrate an exceptional level of clarity. You must also show special signs of excellence or originality. Your presentation should be impeccable and your arguments should be supported so the reader is left in no doubt as to the accuracy of the information. Not only will your assignment show that you have a comprehensive knowledge of the topic and an excellent understanding of the issues and debates concerned, but it will also show you have excellent study skills, through your ability to select and interpret quality materials and authority to support your opinion. Your writing should be structured logically so that arguments are developed in a convincing way. It should be fluent and clear, to ensure it makes sense and uses a proper style of referencing.

This is where you prove your case. Remember at all times that you are making an argument, not narrating a story. Use the keywords you identified in your search strategy to help you. Make sure that every paragraph in some way refers to those keywords - or it will be irrelevant. Do not forget that everything you say needs to be supported by the quality source material. Further, you cannot present an assignment that consists of merely one argument.

Therefore, for more guidance on how to write an Opinion Assignment, one can contact LiveWebTutors. We provide assignment help in the UK, London, USA, UK, and NZ services and various tips on how to prepare your assignment. Visit our website for further information.

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