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How to Write an Academic Essay in Short Deadlines?

How to Write an Academic Essay in Short Deadlines?
cal LiveWebTutors cal 31 May, 2021

In a perfect scenario, students usually think they might have all the time in the world to write down a great essay, however, it doesn’t really flow that way all the time. There are always going to times when you’ll be expected to write an impressive essay accurately and quickly, the hurdle can either be a short deadline imposed by your professors or because you have so much on your plate that writing the essay has been pushed till the very last minute. However, a student can compose a solid essay even if he has been procrastinated terribly. We are here to show you how.

With a really complicated essay, even a week may not be enough. There can be circumstances when you have just an hour or two left to craft a premium quality paper. Before you'll write an essay rapidly and perfectly, you’ll want some committed training or an honest plan. If you don’t have enough time to explore your speed writing skills honestly, quit worrying. Elaborate planning is the full-proof outcome for this.

Here are some tried and tested tips to identify the quickest way to write a high-scoring essay at the last minute.

  1. Develop a proper mindset

Before you begin writing your essay, it’s important to get yourself into a proper mindset. You might feel panicked or stressed as you don’t have enough time and you realize now you can’t write the essay perfectly. This will make you feel defeated even before you’ve even begun. To be successful in your Essay Help, you will have to banish these negative feelings. It’s very important to be positive, accept the challenge, and adopt a ‘can-do attitude. Imagine it’s a battle that you necessarily have to win. Keep yourself motivated and always have your goal in mind. You’re capable enough to do a great job and impress your mentors. Take a deep breath, stay calm, and begin to approach the work systematically and logically.

  1. Spare yourself some time away from your phone and social networks

You cannot afford to get distracted by your phone or social networks when you only have a few hours to compose a top-class essay as they have the tendency to eat away your valuable hours without you even realizing it. Procrastination isn’t a choice at such a late stage, therefore it’s time to restrict yourself from your phone, social media platforms, or any other thing that you think can distract you. Sit somewhere quiet and place a don't disturb sign on your door. You can also install relevant apps to keep you off social networks for a specific period of time.

  1. Use your system to type your essay instead of penning it down

It is no surprise that today’s millennials can move their hands way quicker on a keypad than by writing by hand. Therefore unless you’ve been told to particularly write your essay, prefer typing it. This can save valuable time in editing what you’ve written and alter the text around, and you’ll be able to get additional words in by swift typing abilities. It’s most likely going to be easier for your professors to review a typed essay better than your handwriting, and you won’t have a painful arm as well.

  1. Analyze the topic or question carefully

It is very likely to carelessly skim over the topic or question of the essay and think you’ve understood it properly, especially when you’re in a hurry. It will get panicky when you might be done with most of the essay and then you will realize you gave the write-up an incorrect start and now it’s too late to modify it. This is remarkably risky once you’re under pressure, as your mind will only look at what it desires to see; it's going to tell you that the title is raising a basic question while the truth may be crucially different. So, focus on reading the question fastidiously and making certain you’ve utterly understood what it’s asking you to do. Underline keywords within the title. This approach forces you to write an impactful essay in the shortest possible turnaround.

  1. Prepare your workstation to get in the zone

Gather all the books that you’ll need to write a solid essay for your program. Open them at the right pages or put post-it notes in them to mark wherever relevant information is. This will ensure you don’t keep on wasting your precious time hunting through books to find relevant data every time you would like to access it.

  1. Prepare a precis of your argument in a single sentence

To get yourself thinking clearly about what you’re supposed to write, sum up what your argument will be in only one sentence, just like an elevator pitch. If you fail to do so, the higher the probability will be that you just don’t quite grasp what you wish to say. You could find yourself waffling in your essay, thereby wasting your valuable time. It’s vital to line out with a transparent plan of what your argument is so that everything you write gets you a step closer to the goal of putting your argument across clearly. Of course, don’t spend too long on this and find yourself with not enough time to write down the specific essay!

  1. Write your references directly into the document as you go

If you need to cite your essay and add a reference list to your essay do this as you go on with the process as this will save you lots of time. Every occasion you quote someone, add in the footnote of your essay wherever the quote is from, and at the same time copy and paste the details of the source into a list at the end of your essay.

  1. Refrain from copy-pasting the information from an internet source

The internet is swamped with resources that most likely specifically match your essay writing requirements. Once you’re in a rush, there will be a strong temptation to copy and paste relevant and impactful paragraphs into your essay. Don’t bow down to this! Plagiarism isn't only unethical, it will also imply that you won’t learn the subject to the maximum capability. Professors use plagiarism scanners to determine the originality of the text submitted. As a result, you’ll lose your professor’s trust and this can most likely be mirrored in the grade they grant for your paper.

Following these tips will give you one thing to look forward to if you desire to finish the essay prior to the set deadline. The process will get to be as easy as eating up a chocolate bar. If you still find it hard to write high-scoring essays for your program, opt for professional essay help from the LiveWebTutors platform. We even take up essay orders that are due in as short as a 2-hour deadline without any hassle. Put all your worries at bay with our unaltered support. 

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