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How To Paraphrase A Paragraph

How To Paraphrase A Paragraph
cal LiveWebTutors cal 21 Sep, 2020

University papers involve the integration of information from varied published sources in the writing of your own. This is achieved in order to add authority along with credibility to the process. Paraphrasing is one of the most important factors of an assignment and makes for a major determinant in academic writing. It means the formulation of someone else’s idea in the words of your own. In order to paraphrase a source,

it is essential to rewrite the passage completely, however without altering the meaning given in the original context.

A paraphrasing is simply making use of ideas and information from an original source in the paper and rephrasing the ideas accordingly, however in your own words. The primary key to performing a successful rephrasing is to make use of a few words while referring to the original context. Additionally, you also need to be careful to not alter the meaning that the original context has already established. Without the proper citation, the paraphrasing can be considered as a plagiarised document.

 However, the task is not as easy as it sounds. Instead, it can get a lot complicated as building upon somebody else’s work can be quite a strenuous affair. Remember to not steal the ideas, instead present your own. This will help you to avoid plagiarism and put forward a completely resourceful and authentic assignment.

Let us view the essentials of paraphrasing in a brief glance

Paraphrasing involves the following:

  • It involves putting a particular section of a text in the words of your own
  • It involves changing the words and also the phrases of the original text, however sticking buy the original meaning of a context.
  • Comprises an in-text citation with the help of the expected formatting style

Paraphrasing is referred to as being an alternative to quoting. Quoting is a practice where you need to copy someone’s words while putting them in quotation marks. The quotation marks ensure that it’s quoted and hence it does not fall under the norm of a plagiarized document. However, in the realm of academic writing, it is recommended to paraphrase and not use quotes. This is because it tends to reflect upon your understanding of the source and structure while helping you to work more diligently.

Each time you paraphrase, it is a mandatory task to cite the sources. It is a must to be careful not to use wording that is a lot too similar to the original one. This is because; you could run a risk of indulging in plagiarism.

Steps to Paraphrase:

If you have been asked to paraphrase an entire paragraph, but, you are not sure about how to go ahead with one, do not worry. Here are a few significant steps that you can adhere to in order to paraphrase and complete your assignment well.  

Develop a clear understanding of the original text:

If you intend to paraphrase, you simply cannot do so without having a thorough understanding of the texts. Hence, you need to paraphrase it 3 times in order to grab the meaning. Make sure you look up every work that you find a difficult in comprehending. This will aid the process and help you choose appropriate words while paraphrasing.

Alter the original word

While you set forth with the process, you need to alter the diction in addition to the words that are used. As a writer, you should have your own unique style of explaining an idea and hence the diction becomes extremely important. This refers to the words chosen in order to highlight your perspective. While paraphrasing a document, you need to opt for distinct words as compared to the ones cited in the original document, yet explain the same idea.

Example: The words chosen will likely signify how you take care of your garden and will definitely be different from that of others. Although both might have the same meaning, however, the usage of words and phrases will tend to differ consequently.

Make use of a thesaurus and enable an improved usage of words

You can use a thesaurus if you are unable to think of any other word in order to convey the same idea as written in the context. It is extremely essential to stay wary of not using similar words that have already been used before. At the same time, be very careful of using only words which seem to be appropriate for the context you are looking at.

For example, the two words render and give have the same meanings, and are synonyms of one another. However, they seem to have distinct connotations.

Make your own syntax

The art of paraphrasing is just not about relating to the word choices; instead, it also involves structure and syntax. The word syntax is referred to the order of words enlisted by a writer while forming a sentence. If you seem to face a lot too many difficulties, you can also seek the guidance of a paraphrasing tool to paraphrase the document.

Break the given information into different sentences

The paraphrasing might acquire a similar word count similar to the original one, however, you might play and diversify the number of sentences and make a context completely different. A long sentence can easily be broken into two significant ones. However, you can also perform the opposite while you can take two short sentences and combine them to make one.

Alter the structure of the paragraph referred

The structure is the way in which sentences and paragraphs are combined and amalgamated together. You need to lead your reader to understand your context; however, there is always a way to adhere by. While paraphrasing, you simply cannot replace words as mentioned in the text, and use synonyms. Instead, you need to dig a little deeper, make a considerable effort and restructure the structure while availing a completely new paragraph conveying a similar meaning.

There is always an alternate way of paraphrasing

It is also important to keep in mind that there is significantly more than one way to rewrite a paragraph and paraphrase it. Hence, as many ways you would want to incorporate to perform paraphrasing, you can. For example, you can use the same paragraph as used in the previous step, however in a distinct manner that is not clear and not detailed. However, it still conveys readers similar information and meaning, although when making use of different wordings and phrases. A referencing generator can help students reference the citations well and take care of the necessary paraphrasing instructions.

Citing a paraphrase:

Once you are done paraphrasing, it is also important to cite it. When you have garnered the perfectly paraphrased context and paragraph, written in your own words, you need to perform the last step. Irrespective of the citation style you select, you need to remember to paraphrase it in a similar manner. However, the only thing which is different is the in-text citation.

Avoid plagiarism:

While paraphrasing, it is a must to be extra cautious and avoid plagiarism, even an accidental one. This can take place if the paraphrase is a lot too similar a context as compared to the original quotes when used in whole sentences and phrases which are way too identical. This can take place if you aim to fail to cite the source of the paraphrase. In order to ensure that you have paraphrased properly while citing the necessary resources, you can always bank upon a plagiarism checker prior to the final submission.

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