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Dissertation Vs. Thesis – Understanding the Difference

Dissertation Vs. Thesis – Understanding the Difference
cal LiveWebTutors cal 03 Feb, 2020

When you graduate from a university you will get a master’s or doctorate degree. You will be required to write a serious paper on the subject of your choice. This is a major responsibility and you need to put in your best with proper ability in writing, in-depth research, and much hard work with varied information from the academic program.

Needless to say as a university student you would be hard-pressed for time to do this paper here is where companies providing dissertation or thesis writing help come into the picture. Of course, if you think about dissertation writing service Vs. thesis writing help then there are many similarities and also differences. Let us look at the similarities and differences between dissertation writing and thesis writing.

Similarities between dissertation and thesis-

  • The purpose of both these papers is the same and some schools use these two terms interchangeably
  • Both the thesis and dissertation have to be submitted within the given timeline. If you as a student are not able to defend your paper then you will lose marks
  • In the case of both these tasks, you need to choose a topic that you have to research and create a complex paper to show the level of your knowledge and skill which you have attained after a lot of studying in various programs in college.
  • The structure and format of the thesis and dissertation are quite similar
  • If you are doing your master's or Ph.D. degree then you need to create a master's thesis proposal or dissertation proposal before you write the final paper. The main goal of the proposal is to provide the teachers with the main aim of writing the thesis or dissertation.
  • As a student, you need to defend the completed dissertation or thesis to get a degree.
  • If you are writing a thesis or dissertation, then you have to refrain from copyright infringement. You cannot copy the work of other authors because their rights are reserved. This is the reason it is very important to be careful with each sentence that you write. There are many software available that will catch any plagiarism in your paper.

Differences between a dissertation and thesis-

  • As a student, you can get different degrees with a thesis and dissertation. In the United States, you need to write a dissertation to get a Ph.D. and a thesis to get a master's degree.
  • The length of the dissertation and thesis are also different. The thesis needs to be at least a hundred pages and the dissertation is supposed to be longer than that.
  • If you are writing a thesis then it is necessary to conduct the basic research and in the dissertation, you can use information from existing research.
  • In a thesis, you need to add study to existing literature while a dissertation is the part of study of existing literature.
  • The statements of both the thesis and dissertation are different. The statement of a thesis just states a point to explain to the reader how you will prove the argument in the study that you have made. In a dissertation, a hypothesis is required. You will have to define the results that you expect from the work that you have written and describe what you expect. If however, you are writing a dissertation you need to use a theory to research the subject in particular.
  • Although it is difficult to compare, but most students agree that writing a dissertation is harder than writing a thesis.

Why students opt for help-

Writing a thesis or dissertation is tough work and you need to study many samples before you actually write one. You need to get a good understanding of how to write a thesis or dissertation. If you are searching online for samples then you will notice that most of them are written in the same format, but there can be differences also.

Writing a thesis or dissertation is not just about mentioning and stating facts. This is because you need to be good at writing as well and this is where most students fail. They may have excellent knowledge about the subject but they may not be able to articulate these facts in a way that will catch the interest of the reader. 

This is one of the reasons why students opt for help from professionals in writing theses and dissertations. This is also the reason that many companies have come up to help students in writing theses and dissertations.

These companies hire good writers who have knowledge regarding various subjects and are good at conducting research online. These writers are also good at articulating words and writing a paper that will not only have the required information but will also be written in a format that interests the readers.

The other reason why students opt for help for writing a thesis or dissertation is that they don’t have the time to pore over so much information and then put it down on paper in the form that is required.

Most of the time, the school curriculum leaves little time for the students to write these papers, because apart from attending classes they also have to study for exams. This is the reason that they don’t find time to write the thesis or dissertation themselves.

The professionals, however, understand the difference between thesis writing help Vs. dissertation help and they are able to create documents that will fetch the students good grades. Of course, there is a cost involved in hiring help to write a dissertation or thesis,

but this cost is quite reasonable considering the time and energy that you save as a student. This saving of time will help you in studying better for your exams or simply get the relaxation that you need.

One such professional service is provided by Livewebtutors where you can get the assistance of professionals and experts for your assignments. By taking professional help, you get the assignments done within the deadline. Also, the service serves you with in-depth knowledge of the subject.

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