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List of Abbreviations in Dissertation

List of Abbreviations in Dissertation
cal LiveWebTutors cal 10 Sep, 2020

Students pursuing university courses need to prepare a fully functional dissertation for acquiring the degree. However students prepare the dissertation, students usually feel confused about including abbreviations, its list and the right usage. Abbreviations can be typically included in the table of content as enlisted in the beginning of an assignment.

Understanding an abbreviation:

An abbreviation refers to a short form of a word and a phrase which is made by deleting a few letters. If your dissertation comprises a long list of abbreviations, it tends to make a reasonable sense to define the necessary abbreviations in the list and in an alphabetical format. Abbreviations hence are short form of long sentences and if many abbreviations have been utilized, in such a case, you are recommended to prepare a list of abbreviations in an alphabetical form.

This enables readers to be familiar with plenty of unknown terms that they were not aware of before. This can help readers to thoroughly understand several jargons and a few terms which you might not well be aware of. Let us explore the long list of abbreviations for dissertation. But before diving into the list, let us analyse its placement and each details pertaining to it.

When do you need to place the abbreviations?

The list needs to be placed right at the start of the dissertation and post mentioning the table of contents. This list should be a part of the table of contents. If you have not been using way too many abbreviations, there is not a need to offer the entire list. While enlisting the abbreviations, you can seek support of a paraphrasing tool to rewrite a particular context. Let us explore a few examples of abbreviations in dissertation:

How to make use of abbreviations?

While preparing the list of abbreviations for a dissertation paper, it is recommended for the author to comply with a few rules and regulations.

While utilizing an acronym, you need to write just the first phase while putting abbreviations in parentheses. After having done with the procedure, you can make use of the acronym in the entire content. If you utilize a few abbreviations, there is no need to include a list, instead adhere by the following guidance tips to define the abbreviations within a text.

Making use of acronyms and abbreviations:

There are multiple rules of using abbreviations in a particular dissertation. While using acronyms which have been typically formed with the help of the first letter of a work in a phrase, you need to write down the first occurrence of phrase in the full form. Along with this, you also need to place the abbreviation right in the parentheses and immediately after placing it. The acronym can then be used throughout the entire context. A referencing generator can be used to organize and keep a sustainable track of all sources that has been referenced in the academic paper.

However, there are exceptions to this rule as well, and the exceptions being extremely common acronyms which aims to replace the phrase in regular use. However, if you feel confused, it is always a safe option to write the entire phrase in its full context.

List of Abbreviations in Dissertation:

A list of abbreviations used in an academic dissertation:














For example


Alliteration and Assonance


Accrediting Commission for Schools


Contraceptive Development Research Center Program


Emergent Behaviours of Integrated Cellular Systems


Fundamental of Science


Hong Kong Examinations Authority


Mechanical and Process Engineering


Asian Development Bank


Assisted Natural Regeneration


Action Plan


Construction Environmental Management Plan


Environmental Assessment


Environmental Assessment and Management Plan


Environmental Impact Assessment


Environmental Impact Study


Environmental Protection Fund


Environmental Protection Law


National Biodiversity Conservation Area


New and Reusable Energy


Greater Mekong Sub-region


New and Reusable Energy


World Heritage Centre

In addition to the above mentioned list of abbreviations, there are myriad abbreviations as used in a dissertation paper. While you are using the APA style, there are several additional requirements for using abbreviations in the academic paper or in dissertation. Hence, depending upon the style of citation you have chosen for your dissertation, your usage will vary accordingly.

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