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You Need To Know About ITS (Intelligent Tutoring Systems)

You Need To Know About ITS (Intelligent Tutoring Systems)
cal LiveWebTutors cal 12 Sep, 2019

With advanced technologies on the rise, it has got a lot easier now just to develop intelligent computer systems. Yes, intelligent systems are based on the ideas and techniques followed by artificial intelligence which are designed to deliver the content as per the need of the users and help them with a constructive response. So, if are thinking that your teacher and intelligent tutoring system are similar then, to some extent, yes they are! The primary objective of the intelligent tutoring system has always been to communicate with scholars around the world just the way the professors do to clear your doubts and queries as per your respective field of study. The program has been designed as per your personalized instructions and as per the needs of the student's progress. The students have been given complete freedom to ask whatever they want to and the intelligent tutoring system will respond to them with the best possible answer. Not only this, but they will also help them complete complex assessment tasks in the quickest possible time.


Intelligent tutoring systems are comprised of four domains, take a look:

Domain Model:

This structure is also acknowledged as expert knowledge which exclusively has all the necessary information and rules as per your needs and requirements. The structure keeps in all the problem-solving strategies that one can understand by taking the assistance of the respective intelligent tutoring system. With the help of this category, there are a number of aspects that will be covered, take a look:

  • A perfect source of professional knowledge.
  • It will also bring in the standard for assessing the performance of the students and checking if there is any kind of error or not.
  • It also combines the different elements of knowledge together to help students around the world.

Student Model:

It is also one of the most important components of an intelligent tutoring system which helps in performing different types of functions in the form of:

  • It will exclusively collect information from students around the world.
  • The data which has been collected will be used in a dynamic way for the needs of the students so that it can help them in their learning process.
  • It completely depends upon the intelligent tutoring system for the information they have gathered as per the analysis done for the needs of the students.

Tutoring Model:

This model has been designed in such a way that it can receive inputs from the student as well as the domain model and help one with the best tutoring strategies so that they can perform well in the upcoming examination. So, with this model, planning content and its delivery becomes a lot easier.

Interface Components-

This respective model has been designed for helping students avail access to domain knowledge with the help of multiple learning environments.


Below mentioned are a few of the uses of different intelligent tutoring systems applications, take a look:

  • Education is certainly one of the most important segments where intelligent tutoring systems will play a huge role in helping students learn about the concept related to their field of study. With the help of this system, the students will be able to resolve all the queries and doubts related to the field of subject and also prepare well for the upcoming examination. You can also reach out to our assignment help experts and get a complete understanding of how these systems will help you with your educational needs.
  • The systems will also help you with complete business organization management and training. It includes tools that can help a number of researchers and designers around the world when it comes to designing business analysis and training needs. You can always get yourself connected to our assignment help UK experts as we will help you understand how it can help you with business organization and training.

So, hopefully, you are clear about how intelligent tutoring systems are rising in demand and helping students all around the world with excellent educational assistance in all segments of the industry. You can always reach out to our assignment help experts as we will help you understand the different aspects related to the system and make it easier for you to get yourself an excellent grade.

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