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How to write a good essay conclusion

How to write a good essay conclusion
cal LiveWebTutors cal 31 May, 2017

Writing a good conclusion is the final attempt you have to impress your reader through your write-up. So much is it important to write in order to impress your thoughts upon others as a writer and thinker? And the conclusion will etch the impression that remains in your readers’ minds for long. In the concluding paragraph, you summarize what you have described in your paper. When you’re writing a good conclusion, think about the main point that you want to get across to your reader and include it in your writing. If you have written a good introduction, you can write something similar differently for your conclusion. 

Importance in General Essay Writing Good ending counts more, whether you are authoring a book, watching a movie, or penning an essay. If your essay has a well-drafted conclusion and includes all the points thoroughly, then a reader may take equal interest in your other writing projects too. However, if you fail to summarize your essay description appropriately in your conclusion and produce something vague which doesn’t convey your thoughts clearly, people find it difficult to understand all that you have discussed earlier in the topic. The final paragraph should end the discussion without ending the essay off. The end of an essay should therefore convey a sense of completeness. It should also leave the reader with a sense of the lingering possibilities of the topic and its implications if the conclusion is not as impressive as the other parts of the essay if it will not be able to create the impression you want. 

Importance in Academic Essay Writing A good essay conclusion forms the image in your readers’ minds that will always be there even after they have finished reading. A poorly drafted conclusion does not give the final touch to your essay. For instance, take academic essay writing

If you have written your essay perfectly with all the relevant information extracted from the source materials and shaped into good quality essay work but fail to write an impressive conclusion, all the good writing goes in vain. Thus, writing a perfect conclusion is essential to get full credit for your essays. Concluding an Essay To establish a conclusion or convey a sense of closure of discussion, one or more of the following points can help:

  • Link the last paragraph to the first, perhaps by repeating a word or any phrase you used at the beginning.
  • Try to end it with a sentence composed of one-syllable words and create an effect of understated drama in simple language.
  • Concluding with a compound sentence or a sentence that is parallel in structure can establish a sense of balance that may end a complex discussion appropriately.

Tips To Write a Good Conclusion for the Essay

  1. Avoid repetition: Discussion or repetition of the ideas already discussed earlier in the essay is not required. While writing a conclusion, remember to write clearly. Use language that conveys a clear meaning. Use fresh words and style of writing so that all the readers can understand easily and do not get bored with the repeated use of the same words.
  2. Make it thought-provoking: When writing the conclusion, pay special attention to it. It should be thought-provoking to let the readers stay with further thinking more suggestions for your hypothesis or the point that you have discussed in your essay.
  3. Cover all important points: Try to include all the examples and points that you have discussed earlier in the essay that is appropriate and consistent with the flow of the text.
  4. Use the introductory text if required: In case you are finding it tough in writing your essay conclusion, then take some information that you have mentioned in the introduction. Relate the last paragraph from the first or introduction phase to make sense of the end.

But it is important that your conclusion must reproduce back, which have been discussed earlier. Those essays with fewer word limits do not need a repetition of the main theme discussed in the introduction. If the essay is above 3,000 words or more, remember to add a passing summary for your point. You do not need to add any extra information in the conclusion. Conclusion writing is not difficult if you have written your essay all by yourself. With expert help and advice, you can learn to master the art of conclusion-writing. 

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