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Why London Is the Most Preferred City to Study Among Students

Why London Is the Most Preferred City to Study Among Students
cal LiveWebTutors cal 29 Jun, 2021

Pursuing your education abroad is a fantastic opportunity, and the location can largely create or break the experience. It’s necessary to consider all your choices and consider the advantages and disadvantages of every potential location. With that being said, London is

recognized as a great location for relishing the international education experience! Primary reasons to study in London include top-class educational opportunities and cultural experiences, that reign supreme in this well-established and ancient city, not forgetting about the history, prestigious sites, and of course British accents!

Want to know why studying in London is a reliable option? Well, there are heaps of factors that make London a fantastic education location for local as well as international scholars. Continue to read ahead to understand the benefits of studying in London.

History mixed with trendy architecture, culture, and sites, that’s how students describe London! This picturesque city has been the witness to innumerable necessary moments in history, and you’ll get a style of all of it once you study here. 

London is ideal for scholars who love massive cities. It is dynamic and diverse for scholars who love hustle while still being good for students who like some quiet. 

Studying in London suggests that living in a hub, for travel as well as culture. You can wander the streets and be happy in an unbelievable city. Choose wisely for a comprehensive study experience.

Without any delay, let’s dig into the reasons that make studying in London an incredible experience.

1. Choose from a wide array of course options 

Whether you wish to pursue a career in politics or human rights, drama or journalism, there are almost 10,000+ study program options to decide on from all across London.

With several courses rated as the most popular in the world, there's no doubt that a degree from a reputed academic institution in London can be a fantastic step towards a flourishing career.

2. Diversity is the soul of the city 

London attracts a large variety of people. A large majority of the population showcases diversity in faith, ethnicity, language, and political views, you’ll find a touch of everything in London. You’ll be surprised to know that there are over three hundred languages spoken throughout the city!

Multiple market places exemplify the city’s diversity as well. From flowers to delicious delicacies to music, you’ll get a style of each culture. You’ll get to observe how totally different each of them is.

You would possibly see some individuals wearing the most recent fashion trends or in ancient Tibetan memos, looking on wherever you are! Not only is there a variety of totally different cultures across the city, but London is also number one among the international students as well. Irrespective of where you are in London, you’ll have the chance to enjoy many various cultures. You’ll become an improved and experienced person due to this!

3. Get enrolled in the world-class academic institutions

The popular university ranking websites rate the top-class academic institutions of London within the top 10, 30, 40, and 50 universities of the world. Each of these colleges and universities is popular for offering best employment opportunities and using cutting-edge teaching methods to help scholars excel in their career. They support groundbreaking research methodologies as well.

4. Enjoy learning about history and art with free museums and art galleries

There are nearly two hundred museums in London, which suggests there’s definitely going to be at least some that interest you, right? If you’re a science nerd, you can spend your spare time wandering the science museum or the natural history museum. Here you can enjoy exploring massive dinosaur skeletons and also the popular blue whale model.

For the history, enthusiasts out there, the Museum of London is there to recall recaps the city’s fascinating history, from prehistoric rule to Roman times and up to the present day. If you are an art lover, you are in luck in London. You can enjoy the modern art at the Tate Museum and classic artwork of artists like Vincent Van Gogh at the National Gallery, and many more. You’ll never run out of incredible art to admire.

The best part is that a large majority bulk of these museums are free. You won’t have to worry about coupon clipping or budgeting. Occasionally museums can charge for entry to a special exhibit, however, even then there are student discounts! Easy accessibility to these impeccable academic resources is one of the best reasons to study in London.

5. High standard academic opportunities

The academic opportunities are giant here! London is home to over forty-five universities. This implies you’ll have the choice to get enrolled in a suitable program in any university you want.

Not only are there loads of universities, but the standard of those institutions is also phenomenal! London is meant to fulfil all your educational goals, no matter what they are.

6. Less probability of facing a language barrier

The official language of London is English! We’re positive this comes as no surprise; however, language is a very important factor to consider while planning to study abroad. Moving to a brand-new country by yourself is tough enough hence no one wants the stress of dealing with a language barrier.

English is spoken by 98% of the population within the UK, guaranteeing that you’ll be ready to tell somebody that you just need some mac n’ cheese for lunch without any trouble. There can still possibly be some communication errors due to differences in slang. 

The fact that you’re still speaking English can create communication significantly easier. There won’t be some hilarious language blunders.

Major facts why studying in London will be the best decision of your life

London is the centre of attraction when it comes to aspects like community, economy, and business in contrast to the other international education destinations, and is home to several prestigious universities and supports a fascinating mixture of Fortune 500 organizations.

Let’s shed some spotlight on the myriad of reasons why London is such a well-liked and lingering city among international students. 

  • Abundant legacy of multiculturalism: London remains a melting pot of cultures and influences. The city hosts varied festivals, rejoicing cultures around the world each year, starting from Chinese New Year celebrations to Notting Hill Carnival, all these attract several individuals to pay homage to West Indian culture.
  • Most Fortune 500 companies do have a London workplace: Living in London provides you access to the top business organizations as a result you are exposed to a wider set of possibilities. You’ll be glad to know that 75% of Fortune 500 firms have offices in London. This makes it much easier to network with recruiters and alumni or apply for summer internships. 
  • London is the hub to highly reputed universities: There’s no doubt that the town is host to some of the world’s best universities and it's a significant reason why London is the most preferred education destination.
  • The legendary pub scene of London: One of the primary reasons students prefer to study in London is due to London’s legendary bar scene. There’s a pub to suit every palate, from rowdy pub-quizzes to craft brews and slick decors.
  • Luscious green parks structure nearly half of London: Sparing some time to visit these superb lush areas of London will surely cause you to feel good about studying in London.
  • The dizzying book tower of the British Library: London is home to a range of gorgeous libraries with the world’s largest assortment of books and recordings and of course exciting architecture.
  • Street food from Borough Market: Studying in London has its own perks, and the best is the superb food scene. It offers something to suit every taste bud and budget. Borough Market is one of Britain’s oldest and most famed food markets, providing recent bread, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, and meats.
  • Sitting ahead of the highest deck of a red bus: The front seat on the top deck will provide you with a panoramic view of the city and it comes along with the thrill of being a king/queen. 
  • One in all the world’s greatest live-music scenes: The exceptional music venues within the city have successfully launched some of the foremost popular bands in history, from the Rolling Stones showing at the Marquee Jazz Club in 1962 to Kate Bush showing at Putney’s 0.5 Moon. Name any far-famed music creator and possibilities are, they’ve all enthralled crowds in London with their performances. 
  • London offers some of the prime student accommodations: Students can live most comfortably in some of the best living facilities in London. Most of these accommodations are close to campus and hence are simply the best.

Choose from the most sort after universities in London

London has some of the biggest and most reputed universities that provide premium education establishments in the world. Students trying to find top universities in London can come across a variety of choices as vivacious and varied as the location itself.