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What About Essay Writing Petrifies Students?

What About Essay Writing Petrifies Students?
cal LiveWebTutors cal 06 Mar, 2017

What about essay writing petrifies students?

Most of the students feel under pressure as soon as they are assigned the task of writing an essay. This might happen for several reasons, which differ from one person to another. However, generally, the student finds it difficult to express their perspective and ideas well-formatted and smooth manner, which are the prerequisites of an essay.

The chief requirements can be found in 5 Must-Do’s For Outstanding Essay Writing.

Increased Challenge for the International Students

Writing an essay, if compared, is further challenging and taxing for students who come from abroad to study in another country. The main challenge is adapting to the novel style and language of writing and a new writing format.

Writing certainly involves intricacies and needs continued practice towards producing an effective piece of academic writing. Several times, the students are unable to put the words in the manner that they think because of barriers to language and thus are unable to work effectively because of fear of failing.

Another problem the student faces is choosing the right words that give the finest description to their thoughts while others would be unable to perform because of a lack of planning and discipline. This is in addition to the various challenges faced by these students in college, which has been well described by Katy Hopkins’ article in USNEWS in 6 Challenges for International Students in College.

Problem & Their Solutions

Learning Curve of Writing

It needs to be acknowledged that writing has its own learning curve. This means that one might take time and practice to bring the writing up to the expected level.

Writing in a new language.

Essay writing might be required in a language that the student does not have fluency in. This certainly can be learned. However, it would be required to be given time. Here, going through the references will help.

Adjusting to a new format

Every college and university might have its set format and requirements for the essay, which should be ensured so as to get good grades and meet expectations.

Short of resources

The students might struggle with getting the appropriate and relevant material to complete the essay. This becomes difficult because the essays mostly need to be backed by credible sources.

Solution to Problems

Prior to the commencement of essay writing, it is important that the student goes through all of the thinkable ways one might fight with the anxieties as well as accomplish the chore to the best of their abilities. The prime issue that an international student is faced with while writing an assignment is the language barrier.

Besides learning the various subjects, such students are required and expected to master the new language. While this certainly is a time-consuming process, it can be easily handled by participating in learning groups wherein the student can hone their language skills.

Another measure that can be taken is participating in writing groups, where the students get the chance to share their points and express these points in writing. Overall, consistent writing practice would facilitate learning and thus help the students overcome the issues and essay writing anxiety.

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