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Western University

Western University
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The University of Western Ontario (U.W.O.U.W.O., Western University, also called "Western") is a public research university in London, Ontario, Canada.

The university was established on 7th March 1878 by Bishop Isaac Hellmuth as "The Western University of London, Ontario," and its first chancellor was Chief Justice Richard Martin, Meredith. It included Huron College, which had been founded in 1863. The initial 4 faculties were Arts, Divinity, Law, and Medicine (London Medical College). There were originally only 15 candidates when classes started in 1881.

In 1923, the university has retitled The University of Western Ontario. The first 2 buildings constructed by architect John Moore and Co. at the new site were the Arts Building and the Natural Science Building Classes on the university's present site started in 1924.

In the early 20th century, a number of establishments became affiliated colleges of Western. In 1919, Brescia College was founded as a Roman Catholic associate of Western, while Assumption College instituted an affiliation agreement with the university.

Other organizations that became associated with colleges of Western comprise Waterloo College of Arts in 1925, St. Peter's College in 1939, and King's College in 1945. Waterloo College of Arts rested affiliated with Western till 1960 when the institution was remodeled into Wilfrid Laurier University, while Assumption College remained associated with Western till 1964 when it was amalgamated with the University of Windsor. Brescia, Huron, and King remain associated with Western.

In 2012, the university retitled itself as "Western University" to give the school a lesser regional or even national identity.

However, the university's legal name remains "The University of Western Ontario" and is used on mimeographs and diplomas.

Faculties-courses & Degrees

Program Degree Level
Accounting Graduate Diploma
Advanced Health Care Practice Master of Clinical Science
Anatomy and Cell Biology Master of Science/Ph.D
Anthropology Master of Arts/Ph.D
Applied Health Sciences Graduate Diploma
Applied Mathematics Master of Science/Ph.D
Artificial Intelligence Collaborative Specialization
Astronomy Master of Science/Ph.D.
Biochemistry Master of Science/ Ph.D.
Biology Master of Science/ Ph.D.
Biomedical Engineering Master of Engineering Science/ Ph.D.
Business Doctor of Philosophy
Business Executive Master of Business Administration
Business Master of Business Administration
Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Master of Engineering/ Ph.D.
Chemistry Master of Science/ Ph.D.
Civil and Environmental Engineering Master of Engineering/ Ph.D.
Classics Master of Arts/ Ph.D.
Clinical Medical Biophysics Master of Science
Communication Sciences and Disorders Master of Clinical Science
Comparative Literature Master of Arts/ Ph.D.
Computer Science Master of Science/ Ph.D.
Data Analytics Master of Data Analytics
Developmental Biology Collaborative Specialization
Economics Master of Arts/ Ph.D.
Education Master of Arts/ Ph.D.
Education - Professional Master of Professional Education
Electrical and Computer Engineering Master of Engineering/ Ph.D.
Engineering in Medicine Collaborative Specialization
Engineering Leadership and Innovation Graduate Diploma
English Master of Arts/ Ph.D.
Environment and Sustainability Master of Environment and Sustainability
Environment and Sustainability Collaborative Specialization
Epidemiology and Biostatistics Master of Science/ Ph.D.
Family Medicine Master of Clinical Science/ Ph.D.
Financial Economics Master of Financial Economics
Foods and Nutrition Master of Science in Foods and Nutrition
French Studies Master of Arts/ Ph.D.
Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies Master of Arts/ Ph.D.
Geography Master of Arts/M.Sc./ Ph.D.
Geology Master of Science/ Ph.D.
Geophysics Master of Science/Ph.D.
Global Health Systems in Africa Collaborative Specialization
Hazards, Risks, and Resilience Collaborative Specialization
Health and Rehabilitation Sciences Master of Science/ Ph.D.
Health Information Science Master of Health Information Science
Hispanic Studies Master of Arts/ Ph.D.
History Master of Arts/ Ph.D.
Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences Master of Science
Journalism and Communication Master of Media in Journalism and Communication
Kinesiology Master of Arts/M.Sc./ Ph.D.
Law Master of Laws/ Ph.D.
Law, Studies in Master of Studies in Law
Library & Information Science Master of Library and Information Science/ Ph.D.
Linguistics Master of Arts
Management Master of Science
Management of Applied Science Master of Management of Applied Science
Mathematics Master of Science/ Ph.D.
Mechanical and Materials Engineering Master of Engineering/ Ph.D.
Media Studies Master of Arts/ Ph.D.
Medical Biophysics Master of Science/ Ph.D.
Microbiology and Immunology Master of Science/ Ph.D.
Migration and Ethnic Relations Collaborative Specialization
Mining Law, Finance, and Sustainability Graduate Diploma
Molecular Imaging Collaborative Specialization
Musculoskeletal Health Research Collaborative Specialization
Music Master of Arts/Master of Music/ Ph.D.
Music Cognition Collaborative Specialization
Neuroscience Master of Science/ Ph.D.
Nuclear Engineering Master of Engineering
Nursing Master of Nursing/M.Sc./ Ph.D.
Occupational Therapy Master of Science
Orthodontics Master of Clinical Dentistry
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Master of Science/ Ph.D.
Philosophy Master of Arts/ Ph.D.
Physical Therapy Master of Physical Therapy
Physics Master of Science/ Ph.D.
Physiology and Pharmacology Master of Science/ Ph.D.
Planetary Science and Exploration Collaborative Specialization
Political Science Master of Arts/ Ph.D.
Psychology Master of Science/ Ph.D.
Public Administration Master of Public Administration
Public Health Master of Public Health
Research for Policy and Evaluation Master of Arts
Scientific Computing Collaborative Specialization
Social Work Master of Social Work
Sociology Master of Arts/ Ph.D.
Statistics Master of Science/ Ph.D.
Surgery Master of Science
Theology Master of Arts
Theory and Criticism Master of Arts/ Ph.D.
Transitional Justice and Post-Conflict Reconstruction Collaborative Specialization
Visual Arts Master of Fine Arts/ Ph.D.

Continuing Studies/Online Courses

  • Agile Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Business Management
  • Clinical Trials Management
  • Communications
  • Creative Writing
  • Design
  • Digital Communications
  • Emotional Intelligence(Newly Introduced)
  • French
  • Innovative Thinking
  • Leadership
  • Leading Through Conflict
  • Learning and Development
  • Managing Change (Newly Introduced)
  • Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Social Enterprise Development(Newly Introduced)
  • Writing

Grades & Grading System

Western University currently implies a numeric grading scale on transcripts and academic records, and as a result, does not grant a grade point average for students.

The following is the grading table for students in various faculties like Faculties of Arts and Humanities, Business, Education, Engineering, Health Sciences, Information and Media Studies, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Music, Science, Social Science, and also in the Affiliated University Colleges.

Grading Scale

Grade Percentage
A+ 90 to 100%
A 80 to 89%
B 70 to 79%
C 60 to 69%
D 50 to 59%
F Below 50% when the course is dropped with academic penalty.

Note: Grades accorded for courses taken on a letter of permission at another institution follow the grading scale of The University of Western Ontario. Effective 1stMay 2010, grades for undergraduate courses taken on an exchange will be recorded as PAS+ (pass with distinction), P.A.S.P.A.S., or F.A.IF.A.I.

World Ranking

Let's analyze the global ranking of Western University. We can notice that most of the worldwide ranking publishers have upheld it within the top 300 universities globally. The Academic Ranking of World Universities (A.R.W.U.A.R.W.U., Shanghai Ranking) has consistently classified between 201 to 300 from 2016 to 2020. It delineates that the university has upheld its research output and quality of faculty, which are two prime parameters accustomed by A.R.W.UA.R.W.U.

Western University has also floated its position in the world university ranking from Q.SQ.S. It has persistently ranked the university among the top 200 universities in the world since 2017. The university has maintained its global and regional research reputation and the number of publications cited. This we can observe in the U.S.U.S. News & World Report - Global Universities ranking that has ranked it at #276 position from 2016 till 2020 and at #287 position in 20201. Similarly, THE has persistently ranked the institute between #201 to #250 four times in the last 5 rankings.

Ranked By 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
A.R.W.U.A.R.W.U. (Shanghai Ranking) - Universities Rankings 201 to 300 20 to 300 201-300 201 to 300 201 to 300 NA
Q.S.Q.S. - World University Ranking NA 198 210 214 211 203
THE (Times Higher Education) - University Ranking  NA 201 to 250 201 to 250 190 201 to 250 201 to 250
US News & World Report  NA NA 276 276 276 287

Fees & Living Expenses

Program Fees
M.B.AM.B.A. $99,950 /Yr
M.Sc. Management $56,000 /Yr
B.Sc. Computer Science $25,200 /Yr
B.Eng. Computer Engineering $34,700 /Yr
Ph.D. Business Administration $1,600 /Yr
Ph.D. Computer Science $1,600 /Yr
Diploma Public Relations $10,600 /Yr
Certificate Clinical Trials Management $5,200 /Yr

Living Expenses

All figures are approximate, and living costs may differ depending on one’s lifestyle, personal preferences, and requirements.

  Living in Residence Living Off-Campus
Residence & Meal Plan (8 months) C$14,250 to C$16,900 C$0
Off-Campus Rent (8 months, although you may have a 12-month lease) C$0 C$4,900 to C$10,500
Food (without Meal Plan) C$0 C$2,900 to C$4,900
Utilities C$0 C$400
Internet C$395 C$125 to C$575
Phone C$450 to C$650 C$450 to C$650
Personal Items C$850 C$850
Local Transportation (bus pass included in tuition and fees) $0 C$0
Clothing C$1000 to C$2,000 C$1000 to C$2,000
Entertainment C$1000 C$1000
Laundry C$275 C$275
Books & Supplies C$1,550 to C$3,500 C$1,550 to C$3,500

Fees & Refunds

Fees & Refunds

Due Dates: For non-graduate, full-time students enrolled in the Fall/Winter academic year, the university offers 2 fee installment due dates in August and December.

Generally, 1st-year students in a first-entry program can anticipate a first installment deadline date on the first working day of August, and upper-year students can anticipate a first installment deadline date in mid-August. The 2nd installment deadline date is the 1st working day in December for all non-graduate students.

Fee due dates differ by academic level and enrolment activity. However, there are some exceptional cases. Please consult the Online Statement of Account to view one's fee deadline/due dates.

Note: Western University does not accept credit card payments for tuition or residence fees. Any company or organization which offers the option to remit fees by credit card is not an associated with Western University. If one opts to use such a mode of payment, you should be aware that:

  • Him/Her will remain liable for all fees should for any reason if the payment of the fee is not processed;
  • One will be paying the amount to the company over and above the university’s fees;
  • One will be required to present personal information, including one’s student number, to the company.

Western University does not encourage & advise the use of 3rd party payment services.

Admission & Selection

Review Admission Requirements

In general, this is the information university considers evaluating one’s application:

  • One’s overall performance in the most recent curriculum
  • How one performed in courses required for their program
  • Any optional or required supplementary forms
  • One’s level of English language proficiency


  • Identify one’s applicant type
  • Narrow down the program choices
  • Apply O.U.A.C.O.U.A.C.
  • Create a Student Centre account
  • Mark all deadlines on your calendar
  • Submit grades
  • Submit supplementary forms
  • Wait to receive your admission decision

Review Costs & Aid

Get an estimate of how much everything will cost and understand your options to finance your degrees, like scholarships, bursaries, and provincial loans.

The tuition Fee is what you pay for your classes at Western.

Your tuition depends on the program you want to study and whether you are a Canadian or an international student. One also pays student fees every year—some are obligatory, and someone can opt-out of them.

Below are approximate figures based on 2021-22 tuition. One won't get the exact tuition and fees cost until one gets registered in courses.

  • Estimated year 1 domestic tuition and fees: C$7,780 to C$14,125
  • Estimated year 1 international tuition and fees: C$38,700 to C$52,555

Accept Your Offer

The very first thing one needs to do is log in to the Choose Western Offer Portal. University will send a link in one’s offer of admission email.

  • Details of one’s offer, including one’s official letters
  • One’s admission conditions
  • A welcome to one’s faculty
  • Next steps one can use as a checklist

All the links and resources one will need to fulfill one’s enrollment at the Western:

  • Accept the offer on O.U.A.CO.U.A.C.
  • Receive confirmation
  • Meet the conditions
  • Don't miss the deadline


Western Housing is dedicated to providing a superior standard of excellence in its facilities, programs, and services. They strive to provide a unique experience for students, staff, and visitors staying with them. Undergraduate and graduate students, visitors, faculty, and staff are accessible to comfortable and quality accommodation facilities with a variety of short- and long-term housing options.

  • Delaware Hall
  • Medway-Sydenham Hall
  • Saugeen-maitland Hall
  • Alumni House
  • Elgin Hall
  • Essex Hall
  • Lambton Hall
  • London Hall
  • Ontario Hall
  • Perth Hall

Off-Campus Housing Services

The Off-Campus Housing Service endeavours to provide students and staff with a variety of housing options with over 5,000+ listings annually.

Off-Campus Rental Listings

Receive personal assistance from university staff members regarding Rental Listings. A computer-centered in the lobby of Ontario Hall is also accessible for searching off-campus listings.

Housing Mediation Services: The Mediation Service is a free private resource that seeks to help in the speedy resolution of problems that may arise between students and landlords. One can find more information about the Housing Mediation Service online.

Off-Campus Advisors

The Off-Campus Advisor (O.C.A.) program is allied with the Housing Mediation Service. O.C.A.s is the students who help students with off-campus housing issues. Check out more info about Off-Campus Advisors online.

Placements & Employment Rates

Placements & Employment Rates

Data are provided by Western University’s faculty/program and by M.C.U.M.C.U. program categories. The MCU categories are wide but necessary to ensure comparability throughout the Ontario university system.

To maintain reasonable confidentiality in light of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, information has not been projected in instances where the number of students is 4 or less.

Graduation Rates and Employment Rates by Western's Faculty/Program as per March 2021

Faculty/Program Graduation Rates Employment Rates
6 Months After Graduation 2 Years After Graduation
Management and Organizational Studies 87.80% 89.60% 97.30%
Arts, Soc Sci, Kinesiology, FIMS 83.70% 90.60% 94.50%
Engineering 87.40% 91.00% 98.00%
Music 71.40% 92.00% 90.30%
Nursing 92.00% 94.30% 98.10%
Science, B Med Sci, BHSc 83.90% 88.90% 95.60%
Business   93.60% 97.10%
Dentistry 92.90% 100% 100%
Education 98.80% 97.10% 98.50%
Law 96.40% 100% 98.00%
Medicine 98.80% 100% 98.40%


1. Program-level data excludes Western University’s Affiliated Colleges.

2. Graduation rates = Percentage of the 2012-2013 incoming accomplice (full-time, 1styear, 1sttime) who graduated in any program between 2013 and 2019 (inclusive).

3. Employment rates = Percent of the 2017 graduates who were employed six months and two years after graduation.

Employment Rates Graduation Rates Employment Rates OSAP Default Rates
6 Months After Graduation 2 Years After Graduation
Agriculture/Biological Sciences   85.10% 94.70%  
Business and Commerce 87.80% 92.10% 97.30% 0.60%
Computer Science   90.50% 100%  
Dentistry 92.90% 100% 100% 0.00%
Education (Teacher Training) 98.80% 97.40% 98.70% 0.00%
Engineering 87.40% 91.00% 98.00% 1.40%
Fine and Applied Arts 72.70% 86.40% 89.30% 5.00%
Food Sciences and Nutrition 85.20% 100% 75.00% 1.20%
Humanities 86.40% 86.80% 92.80% 0.00%
Kinesiology 83.40% 90.90% 92.80% 1.40%
Law 96.40% 100% 98.00% 0.90%
Mathematics   66.70% 100%  
Medicine 98.80% 100% 98.40% 0.0%
Nursing 92.00% 94.30% 98.10% 0.0%
Other Arts and Science 82.90% 100% 100% 3.20%
Other Health Professions 84.50% 91.70% 93.10%  
Physical Sciences   91.70% 90.60%  
Social Sciences   91.30% 96.20% 0.70%
Therapy and Rehabilitation

Graduation Rates, Employment Rates, and OSAP Default Rates by MCU Category - March 2021



National Scholarship Program

National Scholarships are designed to recognize all-around excellence. They are awarded based on outstanding academic performance to candidates who demonstrate the ability for creative and innovative thought and a passion for the pursuit of learning. National Scholarships also consider extraordinary achievement in extracurricular activities such as the arts and athletics.

President’s Entrance Scholarships

1 at C$70,000 (C$25,000 for year one, C$15,000 annually for years 2 to 4)

4 at C$65,000 (C$20,000 for year one, C$15,000 annually for years 2 to 4) and;

Up to 15 at C$50,000 (C$20,000 for year 1, C$10,000 annually for years 2 to 4)

Beryl Ivey Continuing Entrance Scholarship

1 at C$72,000; payable C$18,000 per academic year for a period of 4 years.

International President's Entrance Scholarships

3 at C$50,000 (C$20,000 for year 1, C$10,000 annually for years 2 to 4)

Faculty Entrance Scholarships

Up to 15 at C$30,000 (C$12,000 for year 1, C$6,000 annually for years 2 to 4)

National Scholarship Study Abroad Awards

Up to 39 at C$2,500 for up to 4 months (1 term), C$5,000 for over 4 months (more than 1 term)

National Merit Awards

Those aspirants who are interviewed for a “National Scholarship” but not offered a National Scholarship or a “Schulich Leader Scholarship” and accept an offer of admission to the main campus will receive a 1 year National Merit Award valued at C$2,000. Recipients will also retain eligibility for an Admission Scholarship ranging in value from C$2,500 to C$8,000.

Schulich Leader Scholarship

Applicants should be entrepreneurial-minded and should be determined to pursue a career in 1 or more of the following areas:  Technology, engineering, entrepreneurship, and business enterprise, applied scientific research.

C$100,000 to a student pursuing an Engineering degree

C$80,000 to a student pursuing a Science, Technology, or Mathematics degree

Project Hero Scholarship

The “Project Hero Scholarship” is awarded on an annual basis to full-time undergraduate students in a 1stentry degree program who are the sons and daughters of Canadian military men/women killed while serving in an active mission.

Effective: 2014-15 and onward.

Medicine & Dentistry Schulich Scholarships

These scholarships were established by Seymour Schulich to help ensure that students who want to enter Western's Doctor of Medicine (M.D.M.D.) and Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.D.D.S.) programs receive the financial assistance they need.

Medical Scholarships

Value- C$56,000.

Dentistry Scholarships

Value - C$44,800.

4 scholarships available

Students must meet Ontario residency requirements

National Indigenous Scholarship Program

2 awards at C$50,000 each to Indigenous students applying from Canadian high schools (C$20,000 for a year- one, C$10,000 for years two to four based on ongoing registration)

1 award at C$50,000 to an Indigenous student applying from a post-secondary institution (C$20,000 for year one, C$10,000 for years 2 to 4 based on ongoing registration)

External Scholarships & Awards

Loran Award

Value:  Each Loran award is valued at C$100,000, including an annual stipend of C$10,000 and a tuition waive-off from Western University.

D.S.L.G.D.S.L.G. Student Awards

Value: C$1000

Surex Scholarship Program

Value: C$10

BeMo Diversity Advocacy Scholarship

Value: C$5000

Learners Bursary & Mentorship Program

Value: 1 bursary valued at C$5000 and 12 months of mentorship with Lerner’s lawyer.

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