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Unique Nature of leadership and Management in Nursing

Unique Nature of leadership and Management in Nursing
cal LiveWebTutors cal 06 Nov, 2019

Nursing is a profession associated with the treatment of patients in a hospital and the study of medicines. It requires a person to be very patient enough to treat the person properly. The profession of nursing is very responsible. After all, you are dealing with patients and their health issues.

A person is said to be responsible when he has both the qualities of a leader and a manager.

In this blog, we will discuss the nature of both qualities in nursing.

A manager is a person whose prime responsibility is to manage their subordinates and the work done by them. It is being observed that managers tend to show their bossy nature to their subordinates concerning the work allotted to them.

But do you think it's appropriate?

Absolutely, Not.

An attitude of a manager must be such that the people working under them feels encouraged in revealing any of their mistakes in the work allotted by them. They must be able to build up a system of teamwork.

The nature of management in nursing can be summarized as follows:

Motivating the employees:

A good nursing manager never fails to motivate their employees. There are times when an employee feels stressed due to the heavy burden of work. In such times, rather than giving more stress on them, a manager must try to make the employees feel more confident in themselves. This will help them in dealing with their work very easily. This will also help the employees in staying healthy and less stress-free.

Achieving Goals:

Rather than just concentrating on personal achievements, a good nursing manager concentrates on the benefits of the employees as a whole. He has to take care of whether each of their employees can reach their targets or not. After all, the objective of any company is to reach a common goal. It can be only accomplished only when the employees work in a similar direction with the same objective in their minds.

The firm set of Rules:

Being a nursing manager, you must follow all the rules and regulations of the entity. You are also to ensure that these rules and regulations are followed in entirety within the organization. Following the rules is very important. Every organization works within the gambit of its rules and regulations. They can achieve success only when these are being followed in the manner prescribed.

Tackling Obstacles:

Being in the nursing profession, you will observe that there are many obstacles that you will encounter on a daily basis. However, the important part is how you can tackle it. You need to keep a very firm and stable mind while tackling your obstacles. After all, you need to achieve the goals of your entity. Not only yours but must you also be responsible for helping your sub-ordinates in dealing with their obstacles smoothly. Every obstacle you deal with will be a part of your learning in your profession.

Along with it, there comes great responsibility as a leader in the nursing profession. At times, you will notice that the entire responsibility is on your shoulders. This will be the time when you have to show your leadership skills and deal with the problem efficiently.

The nature of leadership in nursing can be summarized as follows:

Educating Subordinates:

The most important task in the nursing profession is to educate your subordinates with your experience. It is you who have to teach them how to face a particular situation. Thus, you must be responsible for educating them on every task assigned to them. Your experience in the profession will prove to be very beneficial to them.

Good Communication:

Being in the nursing profession, you must have very good communication skills. Your success revolves around the ways you communicate with the staff and your patients. Thus, your communication must be adequate and proper.

How will you expect your subordinates to meet their requirements, if you are not able to communicate with them properly?

You need to communicate with your patients and at the same time, you also need to direct your subordinates on how they can be treated. Thus, communication skill is very important in this profession.

Commitment Skills:

The nursing profession is very serious. You need to be committed to your work, day and night. You just cannot afford any silly mistakes in your profession. Commitment to any work depends upon the depth of your effort and respect for that particular task. Thus, you must make sure that you are fully committed to the profession of nursing.

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