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Types Of Skin Cancer A Nursing Student Should Know

Types Of Skin Cancer A Nursing Student Should Know
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Skin Cancer: All That You Ever Want to Know!

As a nursing student you will be taught about the basic concepts of nursing and medicine etc. But, being a primary caretaker you need to be aware about the different types of diseases and ailments that you would come across all through your careers. Given here are the top three types of skin cancer a nursing student should know. If you are aspiring to take nursing as a profession, you need to be aware of all these 3 types.

Let us start with the basics first:

What is Skin Cancer?

It is one of the most commonly occurring human cancers and millions of people all across the world get affected by it. Cancer occurs when the normal cells of the human body begin to undergo transformation and start multiplying beyond control. Here are the basics:

  • As cancer cells begin to multiply they form a bulk which is known as tumor. Tumors can be very dangerous when they become cancerous. When cells invade the neighboring tissues or the lymph nodes their growth becomes uncontrollable.
  • They begin to invade and spread to other organs and the process is known as metastasis.
  • Tumor takes up the space of other cells. It takes oxygen and nutrients off from them and hence healthy cells stop functioning because of which they die eventually.

Knowing about skin cancer and its various types helps you carry out your nursing assignment given on the same topic. If you are not hiring any nursing online assignment help service, given here is a complete detail about the topic for your guidance.

There are three main types of Skin Cancers:

  • Basal Cells Carcinoma or BCC
  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma or SCC
  • Melanoma

BCC or Basal Cell Carcinoma:

These cells lie just beneath the squamous cells and they are in the process of dividing constantly to produce new cells. This is the most commonly occurring skin cancer and nursing assignment help can guide you about writing on the same this topic is given to you. BCC develops primarily on the areas exposed to UV rays, particularly on neck and face. It can spread to other parts as well and turn out be dangerous if not treated on time. BCC can spread to tissues or bones as well.

Normally, this type of cancer is the least dangerous ones as they rarely metastasis or spread and has the least possibility of become life-threatening.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma:

Squamous cells are thin, flat cells that make up the epidermis of skin. Cancer occurring in these cells is known as SCC or Squamous Cell Carcinoma. These cells are developed on those areas of the body which are exposed to the direct sun and harmful radiation of the sun. It occurs on the skin of hands, ears and face. It can rarely occur on the other parts.

Patients with SCC begin to develop red patches, open sores or even warts on the skin. These abnormal growths can turn abnormal and if no treatment is given on time, they can prove to be very risky.


This is a highly risky skin cancer. It looks different from the commonly occurring melanomas. It is raised right from the beginning and appears to be colored like pink or red or even black. It occurs when pigment producing cells known as melanocytes mutate and begin to divide beyond control.

This skin cancer can take its first appearance anywhere in the skin but certain areas are more vulnerable than the others. It appears as a spot on the skin and needs to be treated as early as possible because it is highly risky. If any change in shape or size of the existing mole is noticed, it can be a melanoma.’

The first types are non-malignant and are together known as non-melanoma skin cancers. There is another unusual type of skin cell cancer called Merkel Cell tumor. There are other skin eruptions that can turn out to be cancerous hence apart from different types of Skin Cancer a Nursing Student Should Know, these skin eruptions should also be studied. hire nursing assignment help services

  • Actinic Keratosis where an area of the skin turns brown or red and become scaly and rough. It can develop into squamous cell carcinoma.
  • A Nevus is also a kind of skin eruption that can be categorised as skin cancer. But, it is somewhat mole like in appearance. It is harmless and when these types of moles become abnormal the condition is known as dysplastic nevi. These can become Melanoma if neglected for a long time and prove to be risky.
  • Moles are simple growths on the skin that rarely develop into cancer. Most of the people can have as many as 30 moles in their bodies that appear either brown or black or tanned. If a mole on a skin looks different, dermatologists need to be consulted.
  • Dysplastic Nevi is an abnormal mole which is not cancerous but can become risky and cancerous. People can sometimes have hundreds of dysplastic nevi that can become irregular in shape with fading or notched borders. There are some that appear to be flat or raised.

There is an alarming increase in skin cancer cases and hence any spot on the skin that appears simply an odd one should be checked. Any spots, freckles, blemishes can be an early sign of a skin cancer. If being a nursing student you are given an assignment to write an essay on types of skin cancers. Apart from the three main types, you need to mention the skin eruptions also that can be cancerous. You can take an expert nursing essay writing help also to get the essay written more elaborately.

Nursing assignment help becomes all the more necessary when the concept is unclear to you or when you lack time or adequate research material etc. Apart from nursing assignment, the professional writing service can render you Economics Assignment help or can help you with other academic or vocational subjects.

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