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Transition Words and Phrases – List to write the Perfect Conclusion

Transition Words and Phrases – List to write the Perfect Conclusion
cal LiveWebTutors cal 14 Nov, 2018

Content is the most important source of marketing online. As you notice, there is content everywhere online. From web content to press releases, you get to know about a business only by going through a website or reading a press release or a product description. The success of an online business wholly rests on publishing quality content. Therefore you need to use different words and phrases that would catch the reader’s eye. Writing some words on a piece of paper is the easiest thing to do, but arranging those words so that it's worth something meaningful is entirely different. You need to know how to write an essay and make it unique, and noticeable by writing extra notes at the end of the essay. A great conclusion should include certain points that it would make your essay stand out and will show the reader that the writer has given his efforts and knows how to end an assignment, which always leaves a good impression.

What is quality content?

Content that is easily understandable, simple, and properly organized enables readers to quickly follow and take benefit. It not only solves a problem but also provides various working solutions that help readers with easy and simple-to-follow tips.

  •  From the point of view of writers, content needs to be free from complex sentences, grammar errors, typos, and difficult-to-understand paragraphs.
  • It should be like an easy walk-through entertaining and engaging readers. The success rate of quality content is definitely skyrocketing. It invites the interest of many readers and gets a lot of traffic, likes, comments, and shares.
  • When there is no activity on your published works, it's time to check the quality of your content and start reworking.

Selecting the title is extremely important:-

Consider taking just one point of discussion of a topic in a niche and choose a title. The success of an article largely depends on the title by nearly 200%. Work on giving the best title with the help of headline checkers available online. The title needs to have emotion, profitability, interest, problem, and solution.

How to select an outline for writing?

First, list out some of the top questions you wish to answer in your article. Provide subheads and keep the paragraph up to 4-5 lines.

Add a few Resource Links:-

The topic of your discussion can be extended by adding another resource link for the readers to click and know more. In fact, you engage the interest of readers by providing more resources.

Proofread and check before final submission:-

While it takes 2-4 hours for long-form of article writing, proofreading is a must. It solves and fixes not only errors, but it will give you complete satisfaction to read your work. As your best critic, you would analyze and rate your writing before your readers do.


The fact is that everyone goes through a hard time while writing conclusions or they get confused when they are asked to end an essay. But one does not need to worry, as below there are various kinds of suggestions that would help you polish your essay writing skills.

  • ALWAYS GET BACK TO THE MAIN POINT:- Getting back to the main point from where you started the essay is the best way to start your conclusion. This may not be creative but it is a very logical step and it would always work. The reader would remember what you have written, so one should not try too many things, and keeping it simple would always help.
  • SUMMARIZE IT:- Instead of going into details one can keep it short and summarize it. The ending should be short and one should not add any new information. Write a few sentences and break them down into a few paragraphs.
  • BE REAL:- A conclusion is a stage where you get a chance to relate to your audience and you can achieve this by mentioning that how you have dealt with the problems all by yourself. This can be applied when you have just finished writing a technical post.
  • DONT PUT IMAGES:- Adding pictures or images at the end of your essay would make the conclusion look large which can bore the reader and can have a negative impact.
  • PROVIDE VARIOUS SOLUTIONS:- If you end your article by giving the audience various suggestions it can be the best thing. The readers will read your essay and would know exactly what they should do. It’s kind of giving encouragement to someone.
  • ASK A QUESTION:- At the end, ask your readers a question, because a question would demand responses or answers. This would attract more people and would force them to think and keep their minds moving.

The conclusion is where you summarize the main findings of your research. Without a conclusion, you won’t get any marks. Draw together the components of your arguments and make sure you spell out how any weaknesses have been dealt with. The reader should be convinced of your conclusion but this is not the place to include new material. It should only draw on what you have already said. This structure will not, of course, fit every assignment essay project but it gives you an idea of how you can plan your assignment in advance for a good result. After finishing your assignment, make sure you read - reread and reread it again. Read it out loud to make sure it flows well. Check the spelling and grammar using various tools on your PC.

Just as an introduction, have a conclusion to your article. Though it is written at the end of an article, it is most sought after by readers to finally know what you wish to state as a conclusion.

For more guidelines on how to write the perfect conclusion, one can contact Livewebtutors. We provide various tips on conclusion writing in a way that would help your essay get good compliments. We provide overall learning of a project and various facts on how you can conclude your essay. We also provide online help through assignment help, online assignment help, my assignment help, assignment writing help, assignment help Australia. For more subtle elements one can get in touch with the official site.

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