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Top Secrets - How Daily Reading and Writing Habits Can Improve Essay Writing

Top Secrets - How Daily Reading and Writing Habits Can Improve Essay Writing
cal LiveWebTutors cal 15 Jun, 2017

With further progress in your education, the learning style gets replaced by a high grade of analysis, and the analysis of a topic is usually best exhibited in essay writing. As the subjects of study get more advanced, there is an increasing need for a student to think, evaluate, and develop his own outlook or opinions, where he might have scored quite well by simply cramming definitions or doing small calculations. Suppose you could manage to avoid writing something substantial at the school level but scored well. In that case, you are almost certain to encounter a university-level problem, no matter what subject area you choose to specialize in. One way or another, essay writing comes to us all. Even if it is science, you will have to prepare an essay or an assignment on a specific topic. Practice makes you perfect in essay writing.

You are more likely to write an essay at some point in time in the near future, either in your examinations or as an assignment given by your professor that will count towards a final academic grade in some way. To improve your essay writing skill, you need to find out what was not working right in your case, or what exactly is not working, and why. You have to learn and then learn to apply a new approach to do things. It is a suggestion by the experts in English creative writing that one must pay attention to enhance his writing and reading aptitudes. Both reading and writing improvement are interconnected forms of learning. The physical demonstration of writing letters and words improves our capacity to read.

Importance of Reading and Writing for Essay Writing

Here are some reasons that can help you understand the importance of reading and writing in your essay writing skills and improve your overall essay writing skills, academic writing skills, and general content writing. Let’s go through the points given below:

  • Ability to convey your thoughts: Reading and writing hold vital importance not just because they lead you to the academic community, but also because they permit you to speak your thoughts with other people; you can get more amiable with regular practice of reading and writing; you can develop a more intuitive way of life. Reading and writing are the two critical aspects of learning that continue throughout your life and help to decide at each step how well have you enhanced your ability to speak with others and achieved success with regard to your education. When you interact well, you will be able to express your thoughts in your essay.
  • Good vocabulary for effective essay writing: The best way to expand your information of words is to read better and read more. You have to inculcate the habit of reading more books and articles and discovering the meaning and usage of the words you are not acquainted with. Working with synonyms or playing games like word diversions or even scrabble can help you augment your word stock. Check your homework for spelling errors and mistakes in sentence construction can also be helpful- it will enable you to understand the mistakes in your written work and strengthen the weak points in your writing.
  • Upgraded paper reading for better writing: Reading all the time builds up your approach to developing your writing ability. Upgrade your reading material with every new article you choose. Extend your points of view to a higher level of difficulty in the reading stuff than you normally read, and considerable attention to sentence construction, selection of words, and correct flows of the text material.
  • Discover the awesomeness of your hidden talent: It is the best motivation to do essay writing. You have the power and ability to write, and that has remained concealed for a long time. Now is the right time to discover your hidden talent and nurture it. Putting your thoughts across to another individual intelligently is done by writing an essay in an intriguing that connects to your reader. It takes a lot of practice to get things across correctly. Yet, once you get that experience of accomplishment in this field, you will feel successful in some way.
  • Read and write to explore the language: Reading and writing is the best way to explore and find out more about the English dialect, whether or not you require that. Every time you will learn more words and their usage at specific points. You start having a collection of your best words and expressions that you can use whenever you are writing an essay. This allows you to create a greater effect with your words, in essay, or while you are speaking too.

Importance of Routine writing 

Writing is not a habit or an obligation; writing is necessary. While some people can every day because they need to write every day, others have to struggle to develop a daily writing routine. They start with preparing manuscripts, blogs, and diaries and promise to make daily entries. After a few months, they are fed up with the routine and mostly give up. Routines don’t work for everyone, but they may change the writing skills of most people.

Almost all writers have to write every day to be in the practice of writing. Students pursuing advanced studies are facing a time crunch most of the time. The single best way to develop a routine is to make something a habit of doing it every day. Even if you fail to write every day, you should get in a good twenty-minute reading-writing session after a reading session at least five days a week. That is the absolute minimum to develop your skill set. If you can devote a full hour to writing, all the better. Remember to spend time writing and reading daily. When you read and compose a write-up, you develop a greater sense of self. Even when you’re not doing any research or pondering over an issue, you start having your outlook on things; you have your opinion on some subjects, which is extremely beneficial for your essay writing or writing college and university assignments. 

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