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Top 5 Pocket-Friendly Accommodation Options for the Students in the USA

Top 5 Pocket-Friendly Accommodation Options for the Students in the USA
cal LiveWebTutors cal 30 Nov, 2020

Are you planning to study in the USA? Are you worried about how to avail the best accommodation facilities within your budget? You have certainly landed yourself on the right page. We are here to help you with the best options for student accommodation in the USA so that you can pursue your course without any hassle whatsoever.

When it comes to choosing accommodation facilities, students might like to keep things flexible and select the one that fits their needs perfectly. But, the decision can only be taken after proper research, comparison, and analysis of the student accommodation facilities available. There are several pros and cons attached to all the options so, you need to be careful and check with it precisely to make your decision with clarity.

Here are a few of the options that provide effective yet Cheaper Student Accommodation in the USA:

Lodging houses:

One of the best options that you can consider for your accommodation needs is boarding or lodging houses.  Here the tenant has more rights over the one who is boarding. So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly accommodation facility in the USA, it can be a perfect option for you to consider. You can look for lodging houses near your applied university and accordingly select one within your budget. 


  1. As per law, the rent of the lodging house cannot be increased without the boarder’s consent.
  2. Budget-friendly pricing.


  1. The owner may ask you to leave without any reason.
  2. The border might get the right to occupy only a room and share the bathroom and kitchen.

Shared Rental Properties:

Another option that you can consider opting for is going for a shared apartment or rental property with other mates. When you opt for shared apartments, you will have a house with more than one person. This can work well in saving expenses quite a big time as the rent can be divided among the ones sharing the private facilities. It is one of the most convenient options to consider as you can have the rental fees reduced by a big margin.


  1. You can share your place with your friends.
  2. Affordable as the rent gets divided
  3. Get all the housing facilities


  1. These are properties that are generally not furnished properly.
  2. Security deposit and advance rental charges can be high.


When it comes to going to a homestay, you will get a chance to stay with a local family just like being a part of it. You will find a lot of approved homestay options in the university itself. So, you can choose according to your convenience and get a chance to learn more about the local culture. It will help you get accustomed and live a lot more comfortable life.


  1. Live with local USA family
  2. You can have your room shared as well
  3. Get meals included with the accommodation facilities


  1. You might not get the location benefit with a homestay.
  2. You might not have the privacy as per your expectations.

Off-campus Hostel

If you are finding it difficult to get an appropriate private student accommodation facility then you can always consider opting for a hostel and guest house. It is certainly one of the most affordable options to explore. The best part is there will be no travel hurdles coming your way. You can easily find a number of off-campus hostel facilities near your university itself.


  1. An affordable option to have
  2. You will be able to cook all yourself
  3. You will be able to interact with a number of international students.


  1. You will have a shared bathroom and other attributes.

On-campus Accommodation:

Another popular choice for you to go for while looking for cheaper student accommodation in USA is on-campus facilities. It is one of the popular choices among students to get started. You can start living on-campus and look for better facilities around. You will have options to choose from like housing, hostel, dormitories, and more.


  1. Saves transportation expenses and time
  2. Get to interact with fellow mates with ease.
  3. Be part of several university parties.
  4. You can use facilities like swimming pools and a gym.
  5. You can engage in activities like music, sport, and many more.


  1. Charges can be high.
  2. Need to abide by university rules for your stay.

So, these are the best options for you to go for while looking for top pocket-friendly accommodation facilities in the USA. As per your university location and budget, you can decide which option suits you the best. You can also take the assistance of LiveWebTutors and let the experts help you find your ideal accommodation facility. Connect now!

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