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Top 10 New Year Resolutions for Students' Academic Achievement

Top 10 New Year Resolutions for Students' Academic Achievement
cal LiveWebTutors cal 29 Dec, 2020

New Year's Resolution for Students

New Year is on the doorstep at it is time to make new resolutions that will make them a better person. Starting a new academic year with a new resolution can make a big difference compared to last year. Let us gear up with 10 new year resolutions for student’s academic achievement.

Eating healthy

It might sound more like a personal or health goal but it has an indirect relation to the school year. Students tend to eat badly while going to classes or during the hours. Candy bars, soda cans, and burgers are some of the junk food which students easily like to eat. The researches on rats have suggested that poor eating habits can become an addiction. A new study by CNN suggested that high fat, high calories foods affect the brain just like drug and related addiction. Eating junk food involves compulsive eating habits that are similar to any drug addiction cases. Food must be something that gives the individual strength and energy which will improve brainpower and improve its functioning. So, let’s make the promise of eating healthy and refrain from eating junk food.


This is an automatic choice of resolution which will follow healthy eating. Exercise can enhance the clear and positive thought process, improves brain function, and enable the athletes among the students to exhale. Besides healthy exercise improves immunity and enhances brain functioning. Group activities held on campuses are a good way to meet friends, practice stress management, and develop teamwork. So, let’s make a promise to include at least 30 minutes of daily exercise. It will get you moving throughout the day and you can involve in any free exercise involved at the campus. You don’t need to invest in costly gym or high fi training regimes. Mere daily jog, cycling, or run on the beach can do wonders. Keeping the brain well functioned through exercise is a worthwhile resolution.


Let’s try to be a bit more organized this new year. It is beneficial to be disciplined in going through the semester and prepare yourself for a professional career. Whether you are a student, a professional organization will be a competitive advantage. Your assignments will need proper organization if you do not plan to overload your pending list. Organizational skills are considered one of the most important aspects of professional life. It will help you excel in academic life as well as personal life. You can use cloud-based apps that will not keep you without the class notes, essays, syllabuses. Keep reminders with start and end date so that you are never missed on your assignment works.  You will suddenly find yourself a reliable person among your peers who would love to get help from you.

Forget about procrastination

It is perhaps the biggest enemy that you can acquire as a student in academic life. Students have a better tendency of procrastination and you need to break the practice. Paying attention to the time taken by the assignments to complete and planning properly will eventually lose the practice of procrastination. You will be much more stress-free when it comes to daily life. Let’s make this promise to overlook the practice of procrastination as it will hamper the learning and development of the academics. If you are too addicted to social media or so, use apps that will stop access to the sites and you can focus on your job. Using a group approach to assignments is a good strategy that will keep each other accountable and maintain time in the context.


Let’s keep the goal of prioritization. Always focus on the important tasks and try to finish them early. It can be any assignment or preparation of study or finalizing your topic, priority will be given to any important task. It is a practice that will improve your professional and personal life too. Try to stick to a timely schedule and identify where it matters the most in the context. Try this and see stress and any annoyance disappear. When you are listening in class pay attention to what the tutor is sharing. You won’t be losing the smallest details.

Reduce social media

Yes, promise yourself to reduce this distraction more than anything else. Rather utilize social media to create the brand for your image so that it can be presented to a potential employer. Instead of doing a silly comparison or cracking up an argument, create a genuine honest account. As a student, it will help to maintain your image and ensure that you get a good scope in the future from a potential employer.

Deal with stress, anxiety, and assess mental health

Academic life can be highly challenging. Especially when you are in degree course stresses of piling assignments, tests, research paper, financials, responsibilities can take their toll on you. So, we will vouch to manage and deal with stress and utilize preventive measures. You can indulge in meditation, join a yoga session. Mental well-being is of utmost needed to keep your academic life running and make it successful. Address the problem so that stress, anxiety does not touch you under any situation. Mental health is an important issue and causes most of the problems during life as a student.

Consult professors

You might have missed the chance your tutor gave for a one-on-one interview regarding the subject or assignment help. Make a vow this year not to skip any such instance or chance. It has two reasons. First, you need to show your teacher that you are serious about what you are doing and developed the skill of attendance. The other reason is that consultation with the professor will help you clear doubts, confusion, or any other ambiguities you might face during the assignment. Do not back down thinking the professor is too strict. Remember it is their support and assistance, you can complete the assignment with good grades. Besides developing a rapport with a tutor can help you get important information that would be have been otherwise hard to get or you might miss.

Get engaged in class

If you had spent the last year snoring in the back seat of class, make a promise to end this practice. From this new year, we will be more focused and engaged in class. We will be communicative, interactive, and involved with the interaction in class. Being vocal helps to learn a lot of things that might not come across during studying. Do not be afraid about a mistake and consider it as a scope to learning and development.

Assignment Support

We focus on providing help whenever any complex assignment comes in. Assignment services experts are present to deal with the hardest of the assignment. The expert writers can easily deal with the complex assignment within the given time. It will help to reduce stress, deal with anxiety during overcrowding assignments. It is a good way to remain stress-free and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is good for academic life wherein a few cases the assistance will help you to achieve good grades and take off the extra pressure.

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