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Top 10 Longest English Word in The English Language

Top 10 Longest English Word in The English Language
cal LiveWebTutors cal 19 Oct, 2020

English is one of the most creative and enriching languages with a zillion word inventions under its hat. This extremely rich language is filled with a multitude of words, spellings, formats, style and much more. As interesting as the language gets, it comes forward with a few of the shortest and the longest words that are indeed an exemplary experience to learn and explore.

In this article today, we shall discuss the top 10 longest words in the English language.

One : Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis: (A forty five letter word)

This is the longest word in English language, and by the look of it, one can even tremble at its sight. It is a forty five letter long word and is referred to a disease caused by inhalation of quartz dust or silica. It is an obscure term which is ostensibly referred to a lung disease and is caused due to silica dust. This is the longest invented word and included in dictionaries worldwide.

Two : Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia: (A 36 letter word)

Ironically, this word refers to the fear of long words. This is a 35 letter word which is also one of the longest words in the English language and means something which is not ironic of its own nature.

Three : Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (34 letters)

Popular from the film Mary Poppins, this 34 long word ranks third in the list of the longest words in the English language. The word refers to something to say when you simply have nothing to say. The word has been invented and included in English dictionaries.

Four : Pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism: (30 letter word)

The fourth ranked long letter refers to a mild form of an inherited pseudohypoparathyroidism which is further characterized by a normal level of phosphorus and calcium in the blood. It is not associated with an abnormal level of calcium or phosphorus in the blood, and stimulated symptoms of the disorder caused.

Five : Floccinaucinihilipilification (A twenty-nine letter word)

This refers to the estimation of something which is completely valueless. Moreover, it is a lot ironic as a word as big as this means something being valueless. It is moreover never utilized as an example of a long word. This is unchallenged non-technical words which are not available across all directories, even not in Merriam-Webster. In accordance to alternative sources, the word also means the habit and act of describing something completely unimportant and having no worth. Quite often, it is usually used in a rather humorous manner.

Six : Antidisestablishmentarianism (A twenty eight letter word)

Ranking sixth in the list of the longest words of the English language, the term refers to a political movement in 19th century Britain which separated state and church. The political movement in such a scenario intended to disestablish the Church of England as the official church of Ireland, England and also of Wales. Although it is used to refer to any opposition to the disestablishment of the Church, however now it might even be referred to any opposition pertaining to the withdrawal of government support of a specific religion or a church.

Seven : Honorificabilitudinitatibus ( A 27 letter word)

This is the longest word in the work of Shakespeare that features alternating consonants along with vowels. It significantly means an ablative and dative plural of the Medieval Latin word. It can easily be translated into the phrase, the state of being able to achieve significant honour. The word was found in the popular play of Shakespeare, Love’s Labour Lost.

Eight : Thyroparathyroidectomized (A 25 letter word)

This again is a medieval term which consequently defines the excision of parathyroid along with the thyroid glands. Ranking 8th in the list of the 10 longest words in the English dictionary, this 25 letter long word is definitely an ideal fit.

Nine : Dichlorodifluoromethane (A 23 letter long word)

The term refers to a colourless gas which is usually sold under the brand name Freon-12 in addition to chlorofluorocarbon halomethane (CFC). This is utilized as a refrigerant along with an aerosol spray propellant. Its manufacture however was banned in several developed countries back in the year 1996 along with a number of developing countries back in the year 2010, because of its ability to cause a dampening impact on the ozone layer. The component is soluble in a number of organic solvents and is also one of the original propellants that were ever used for Silly String.

Ten : Incomprehensibilities (A 12 letter long word)

As the term suggests, it refers to the impossibility to comprehend an understanding of anything in particular. It also is the longest word that is in usage in the present times, as it is quite a popular word in the English language. It is an inability and also an impossibility to comprehend, and understand anything. The ideal synonym for the world would be unintelligible, unclear, baffling and more.

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