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Tips for Using Document Proofreading and Editing Services online

Tips for Using Document Proofreading and Editing Services online
cal LiveWebTutors cal 25 Feb, 2019

Editing and proofreading plays an important role in producing top-quality work. The editing includes practices, beginning from reorganization whole document to recasting sentences. Proofreading ensures that the document is flawless.

The Following Tips are Useful in Proofreading and Editing-

  • Start with a fresh mind:- If you do the proofreading and editing immediately after writing, your objective will not be achieved. Both of these services require a clear and fresh mind. You should take adequate sleep before doing the proofreading and editing. Even if the document is small, do it after a few hours or next day.
  • Read your work loud:- You may skip words, if you read silently. This means that you may skip errors at the time of proofreading. You should read the document loudly and observe whether it sound correctly. Your ears can find the mistakes easily and you can fix them easily.
  • Maintain an error list: It may be possible that you do some errors on the regular basis. For example, you may be unable to make the difference between ‘affect’ and ‘effect’ or ‘its’ and ‘it’s’. You should write down such mistakes on a paper and consider them at the time of proofreading.
  • Make use of style guide: Each research paper or My Assignment Help is written in a specific style. This style can be the APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago etc. The style that you choose for your Assignment Help should be consistent throughout the document. Using a style guide helps in saving the time that you spend otherwise.
  • Print it with a separate layout: Proofreading in a double spaced or single column layout is not an effective one. You should print your document using the double columns to make the width shorter. It will help you in observing the error in a better way and you can make the necessary amendments.
  • Eliminate distractions: Distractions destroy the purpose of the proofreading and editing services. If you are involved in any kind of conservation or there are sounds around you, you will not able to concentrate. Do the proofreading and editing part in a quiet room that allows you to concentrate.
  • Take assistance from others: Some people believe that the writing is a solitary act. However, this not true. You can ask your friends, relatives or family to do the proofreading for you and give opinions and suggestion to you. The multiple level of proofreading will help you in delivering the quality work.
  • Be constant in the changes: You should proofread and edit the entire, rather than making changes in some part. For example, if you are using short dash instead of long dash, then you should use the same in the entire document. In other words, if you are making any change in the first page, then you should change it till the last change of your document.
  • Hire professionals: If you are busy or lack the proofreading skills, then hire a professional that can do proofreading and editing for you. There are several companies that provide proofreading and editing services at the reasonable prices. They can also give you the tips regarding the same.
  • Make use of Track Changes feature: In Microsoft word, there is a feature called Track Changes that you can use in your document. This will preserve your original text and you can change it, if your mind wants. Always turn on this feature in your computers to avoid large number of errors in your document.
  • Read grammar book: Grammar book is an effectual way to build knowledge about the punctuation, grammatical and spelling errors that you make in your writing. Read grammar books in your free time to gain knowledge. They will also keep your mind fresh.
  • Read other’s work: Reading great work is a great way to improve your proofreading and editing skills. You can read good articles, research papers, essays, blogs and magazines to improve your vocabulary and writing skills. This will help you in getting new ideas and options for sentence formation.
  • Read the text in reverse order: Catching error is a difficult task if you are reading the document in sequential order as your brain knows the things coming next. You should read the sentences in the reverse order, i.e. begin with the last sentence, followed by middle and the starting.
  • Make a checklist: Making a checklist is a time-consuming task, but is helpful in the proofreading process. You should make the list of important elements that you should consider at the time of proofreading and editing. You can mark a tick, once you have considered them at the time of proofreading.
  • Use a ruler: The chance of detecting the errors is reduced when you are focusing on the entire page as you may also lose the track. Thus, place your rule just below the line you are reading. This will allow you to concentrate on the line you are reading and will detect errors easily.
  • Re-read the changes: It is also possible that that the new errors may occur after you are done with the editing and proofreading. These are due to the typos when our fingers press the incorrect keys. To avoid any chance of errors, you should do the proofreading till the time it is completely flawless.
  • Cut out the unnecessary parts: In your document, it may be possible that you have written the things that are irrelevant to the topic. Remove such things from your document as the readers may lose their interest in reading and this will give you a new work.

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