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The SAMR Model: Effective Technology Integration in Classrooms

The SAMR Model: Effective Technology Integration in Classrooms
cal LiveWebTutors cal 24 Sep, 2018

When it comes to education or learning, the students will always state that it is very much boring and not at all fun. But when you combine education and all learning with the advancement of technology, the times will surely change and the student will start getting engaged in the respective process. Well, the time has gone when you will shockingly find an iPad and the hands of a student. Nowadays, students are casually bringing their respective smartphones and their classes. In fact, it has also been found that a number of teachers are also recommending to use of highly advanced technology in the respective learning system with which the students will feel involved and will surely not get bored while the classes are going on.

It only sounds good but bringing the use of technology in educational classes is certainly not possible within a span of a few days. It requires a lot of dedication and commitment from the educational authorities and also proper planning with which the change can be achieved with complete perfection. For bringing in the use of technology one requires a proper process, system, and even a good model with which the technology can exclusively get connected with the educational learning process. Here we will discuss the respective model with which the chances of the educational system being connected to technology can certainly enhance the process of learning: the SAMR model!

What is it?

It is the model which is exclusively crafted to design the measures which can be taken into consideration to enhance the educational system immensely with the help of technology. The respective model is an abbreviation that defines the steps which can be taken into use by the respective teachers and professors or tutors to bring in the change with complete perfection. Let’s take a good look at the respective model and how it can help to bring change in their respective educational field:

S for Substitution-

When it comes to opting for advancement in the field of education one must first go for substitution. It’s the first tab that can literally bring in the change with complete success. It means using technology with good use of different kinds of computing tools that can be used for a wide range of activities in the classes. For example, rather than the teachers printing out the notes for the students, the students can print them by themselves. This will make them feel engaged and it not be boring for them anymore.

A for Augmentation-

Well when the different kinds of activities are replaced by computing tools with the help of substitution, augmentation comes in when the students take these tools into usage during the time of requirement. During the time of quizzes, rather than using a pencil and paper, students can use Google Forms and answer their respective questions with ease. This will surely make a difference in the minds of students and they will be much more technical repolished when it comes to using computing skills.

M for Modification-

This process exactly goes with the respective name itself. It literally focuses on bringing change in the way the process of classroom teaching goes. The entire process needs to be changed and compiled with the use of technology with which the students can get involved and learn faster. Using computers and projector screens will certainly help the students concentrate much more because not only it will be fun for them but also an overall new experience which can certainly enhance their overall learning experience. It needs to be done with proper planning and the prime source to bring in the change has to be the teachers and the tutors which can literally change the life of the students with the advent of technology.

R for Redefinition-

Well, it’s the final stage of the respective model where we can expect the classroom to bring in the possibility of innovation and creativity with which the students can certainly enhance their skills to completely another level. This will certainly make their chances to understand the subject with much more precision and clarity. This will certainly help students not only score exceptional grades but also be confident about what they are studying.

This is how the respective model will help students succeed in their respective educational life and get better grades with ease. So, going to school and attending classes will never be dull and boring anymore with the use of technology in it.

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