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10 NYU (New York University) Study Courses You Must Enroll Yourself

10 NYU (New York University) Study Courses You Must Enroll Yourself
cal LiveWebTutors cal 14 Aug, 2017

Are you bored with typical courses and the heavy academic sessions taken up in colleges? Take a fresh breath of air! Most of the classes at New York University (NYU) take interesting topics to teach the students instead of a traditional course that involves heavy coursework and home assignments. Take a look at the ten NYU courses you must enroll yourself in to explore your talent. You might find one of your choices!

10 NYU Classes in Which You Must Get Enrolled

1. Twenty-Something: No matter how exciting and intriguing it may sound, this course gives you an insight into the years from adolescence through adulthood, discovering how the foundation of the behavior is laid in people in their 20s. Amazingly, you are able to discover yourself.

2. Couture/Culture: Fashion and Globalization: For the fashion-lovers and the shopaholics, it will be a great study course. NYU offers this course to make up for the absence of fashion majors in its curriculum. It offers several classes on the evergreen concept of fashion.

3. Clive Davis Masterclass Series: Here, you will get the real picture of how the music industry works, right from production and mixing to designing album art covers and photography. This music class is named after the famous American record producer, Clive Davis, which can help to grow the passion for music inside you.

4. Journalism and Society: This class might be compulsory for students of journalism. You will come across debates and discussions on the issues of gender, race, and sexuality. Students are encouraged by the teachers to actively bring up ideas that can help in combating the prejudices that have existed ever since.

5. Blaxploitation: Blaxploitation is a Cinema Studies course that explores the rise and fall of the Hollywood movie genre that goes by the same name. This course encircles a sensitive territory by diverting its attention to the exploitation of Blacks in the media in the name of ‘Black identity and liberation.

6. German Cinema: For those who want to explore more Cinema, an additional course on German Cinema is offered at NYU. Based on the themes and portrayal of German culture, the class deals with the origin, evolution, and analysis of German Cinema. Take a short ‘Eurotrip’ to a place and collect some knowledge about the ‘culture.’

7. Graphic Storytelling: It is an introduction to Comics Writing for comic-loving youngsters! Grab the chance to explore and open your inner comic artist in this class! Here, you will learn how to draw your original cartoons and learn about storytelling with the help of cartoon designing.

8. Monsters in Popular Culture: This exciting course is offered by the Gallatin College of NYU to give an introduction to all sorts of monsters, from Frankenstein to Godzilla. From folklore to popular literature and movies, a lot is covered to describe the evolution of monsters over the years. Exciting, isn’t it?

9. Food Photography: This Food Studies course tells you the techniques and the tricks of the trade that will help you to click that perfect shot of delicious treats every time. You will learn all the basic steps to move on to the advanced levels of an accomplished food photographer professionally. So, if you love food and love to present it, go ahead!

10. Human Sexuality: The class on Human Sexuality gives you a deeper insight into how and why sexuality is one of the core elements of humanity. The class may change your entire perception of sex, although in a good way. Surpassing the hollow physical aspect of sex, the class dares to remove the taboo surrounding sexuality by discussing the ideas that society has always used to put a thick veil over sexuality. It also explores the theories related to sex, the benefits of sex, sexual dysfunction, and the like. So, break the reservations and confinements, and get enlightened in this class.

Benefits of Taking These Courses

Setting apart from the typical academic courses, you come to learn a lot more in these courses. In all these courses in NYC, you can find something exciting! They will give wings to your imagination. And, there’s a lot more! You will also explore your hidden talent and love for things that are usually considered unconventional. No matter which of these courses you choose, you will have tremendous fun while learning! It also adds new points to your CV.

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