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In today’s hectic schedule, if you have to stand in front of others, you should know that a good and healthy brain is required for knowledge.

Some of the questions like—what is four times nine, plus two, minus seven? Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? Which molecule is required for photosynthesis? 

You have got five seconds. 4, 3, 2, 1… 

OK, time is up accelerated your mind, but your time is gone. 

You have to make your mind as sharp as a knife. Then only you beat the world with your knowledge. Your mind plays an essential role in your body as it controls your working habit and tells what is to be done at a time. If you have to do better in your life, you must have a good and healthy brain. Here are a few tips to get your brain back into shape by the end of the summer:

Refreshing Math Memory

Any math class builds on what you’ve learned before, so most teachers use the first week or two to make sure you understand essential concepts from last year.

It would help if you also tried to do the questions at your home or school before the teacher does it in the class as it helps you gain knowledge and a good reputation in front of the teacher.

Whatever math subject you took last, try to solve the questions whether you take help from your elders or the internet. The easiest way of solving math is to learn formulas and go for the questions. And one more tip you can also accelerate your Assignment work by hiring Student Assignment Help at LiveWebTutors.

Reading time 

If you don’t have a textbook, just try to develop a daily reading habit. If you are not getting time for reading, try to read one page daily, as it will help you improve your reading skills.

It doesn’t require being great in literature. For now, you have to develop this habit in yourself. Otherwise, you will stand at the back of the crowd, which will make a bad reputation for you in front of society.

From an early age, the parents must develop this habit of reading in their children because it will help their ward in the future.

Schedule your day 

Staying up late, sleeping in, and lounging around the house are what make summer vacation great. While roaming with your friends and wasting time doing parties will not help you in your examinations.

Unfortunately, these habits don’t work as well during the school year—and stopping them overnight can be tricky. 

This summer, take your alarm clock out of storage a few weeks early and get used to going to sleep at a reasonable hour. Whether you like it or not, you’ll be waking up when it’s still dark outside in just a few weeks.

Get organized 

No matter how you keep track of your schoolwork, get your system up and running now. If your teacher releases a syllabus or reading list before your first class, find yourself a copy and look it over.

This can give you a head start on the year’s assignments, but even if you don’t do your readings early, you’ll save yourself time and aggravation later by finding the materials you’ll need in class now.

This makes you organized, and if you do so, you can do better in your classes and your examinations. For further help you can read the Student Stress management guide.

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