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Strategies to Effectively Plan Studies

Strategies to Effectively Plan Studies
LiveWebTutors 22 May, 2017

The magic equation to strike successin the annual examinations has always been studying +time management. And we will teach you how to make effective study plan that will help you climb to the top of the ladder of academic success. Here, are some of the strategies you must know to design an effective study schedule.

  • Know the exam schedule properly: To begin effective planning of your studies is to know the due date of your exam.It not surprising that students mix up their exam dates at the end moment. Consequently, they get into preparation and practice of the wrong examination. Many universities also tend to set up widely spaced out exam dates in different rooms and halls throughout the campus, which can confuse the students. So get a print out of your schedule before starting.
  • Find your own study pattern: Try to find your own unique pattern of study. It can greatly influence your grades what your study plan looks like. It can shift your schedule from a morning-centric to an evening or night-centric function, whichever suits you for giving better performance. It has an added advantage of identifying your study pattern it helps you to determine how to use all that time when you can be the most productive in output but which is normally wasted in doing nothing.
  • Analyze your daily routine: To include a new timetable of studying into the existing daily schedule means you have to analyze how you spend the entire day, your studies, and your daily activities apart from studies. You have to analyze the routine of the entire day. While evaluating your current schedule, you will know what is more important and how to prioritize your daily activities, and which activities to need to be avoided to make time for studying so that you can utilize the time you have efficiently. You can reschedule all of your social activities for some other date.
  • Enlist of the subjects and the chapters you have to study: The first step of to set your timetable is to prepare a list of all the subjects you need to study for the upcoming exams. Writing them down point wise will give you a clearer picture of the what all you need to focus and what exactly you have to deal with.The next step is to find out what all you need to cover for each subject. Even if the number of chapters is set for each subject, you may need to study some additional notes in some topics which you find difficult.You may have to discuss some topics with your mentor and take notes. You may need to concentrate on some chapters which are more important than others. Therefore, all these points have to be enlisted in your planner of study so that you can devote sufficient time to cover all these issues and prepare well.
  • Prioritize the points written down: Prioritize your preparation and rank your subjects as per the difficulty level of your subjects. If your math exam is due before your English one, you may want to prepare for it before you start with anything else. Prioritizing can help you distribute your time properly for preparing thoroughly for each examination. Consider the difficulty level of each subject as well as the chapters so that you can devote more time to them.
  • Divide the total time you have as per priority block: If any subject and/or chapters are in the priority list as a single chunk that has to be covered at one time, you have to divide the time into different slots on basis of hours and time, say 10:30 am to 11:30 am etc.Assign one subject to one time slot and take them together as a block. Remember, you have to maintain the order of priority that you set at the beginning of drafting your planner. But be sure to put up the planner in a place where it is easily visible. Else, there isn’t any point of having a planner. However, keep enough space in the final print of your planner to have room for adjustments in time slots, if required. Make sure that there is enough space on both sides of each block so as to make necessary adjustments whenever required.
  • Keep your goals realistic: Set out a specific task for yourself and keep within a specific time-frame which need to complete. Set such a goal, which has a realistic outlook. Do not unnecessarily try to fit in two chapters in a single-hour slot. Keep your goals manageable and know the limits up to which you can exert yourself.
  • Include breaks and intervals into your timetable: Since you are not a machine that can continue to work for 24 X7, you need to take short breaks in between your study time to keep your mind fresh. Once you finish your one-time slot, allow breaks to yourself. You should give yourself at least a 15-minute break between each one-hour long study block.  And this should not include activities such as eating, bathing etc.Instead of studying all the blocks of one subject on the same day, mix it up with two or three different subjects (depending on what you’re comfortable with). This will help you keep away boredom and exhaustion.
  • Don’t be too rigid in following the time-table: If you could not achieve your pre-set goal for the day for some reason, do not get upset and change your schedule for the remainder of the days. Try to make minor adjustments in the next day’s schedule to fit in the portion of your chapter that you couldn’t complete the previous day. Have some scope of flexibility in your timetable which you can mould according to what your situation calls for.
  • Enjoy making your timetable: Though it seems to be a boring activity, yet you can have fun making a customized timetable for yourself. Create your daily routine on an excel sheet and try the endless variations in creativity available on the internet and apps. Apps like Evernote, Timeful, Any.Do, etc. can help you expand your horizon of creativity. Use different colors, fonts, and patterns to denote different blocks and subjects and make your timetable interesting. You can also insert a motivational quote which will inspire you.

  You can create an effective study plan that will help you complete your syllabus successfully. With a timetable in hand, your job becomes easier if you stick to it and follow the time-slots religiously. The result of your study strategy will definitely help you in finishing your preparation on time.   Livewebtutors is ready to help in your assignments. Let our professional writers help you When tight deadlines are there and too many things to be done, it is better to outsource your assignments to us and let our skilled professional expert writers help you in your assignments. is there to assist you in all your assignments, coursework, essays and other writing projects that are giving you worry. It is as easy as to order on Livewebtutors to push a button and we get your requirements. We offer amazing benefits within the budget that is affordable by all students. We provide free turnitin report to show you the original content, unlimited clarifications till your satisfaction, 24/7 support, direct contact with expert and on time delivery. You can call us on +61-2-8005-8227 for offers and order your writing work  

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