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Social Health and its Determinants

Social Health and its Determinants
cal LiveWebTutors cal 01 Nov, 2019

What is a healthy society?

A society is considered a healthy one when the people living in it can meet their basic needs daily. They can satisfy themselves both physically and physiologically. Now, what exactly contributes to being a healthy society? The answer lies in the ways you interact with some other person, and how you treat another person. The better the interaction, the better the treatment, the better will be a society healthy.

Why building a relationship is important?

Building a good relationship is very important. A good relationship includes a meaningful conversation between two people. When you start having a good and healthy conversation, you will automatically become less stressed and stay emotionally healthy. In society nowadays, you will notice that people are not socially active. Is being socially active important? How will a person be benefited if he/she is socially active? Well, being socially active will lead you to know about people living in your society. Being socially active will lead to building up a better relationship with people. A recent study has proved that socially active people tend to have more health benefits and have lived long life. 

What are the determinants of social health?

However, there are many determinants of social health. These determinants arise due to many conditions prevalent in society. Many economic and social conditions cause a negative effect on maintaining the health of an individual in society. With time and due to the undergoing circumstances, many policies and ideologies start taking birth in society.

These determinants can be classified in the following way:

  1. Social Gradient: Social Gradient is said to occur when one person feels to be less superior than the other due to their worse health in comparison to the other people in society.
  2. Stress: Stress is said to occur when a person feels pain and pressure in his/her mind.
  3. Social Exclusion: It is said to occur when one person is being ignored in society. They are not allowed to participate or have the same right and opportunities available to other persons in society.
  4. Addiction: It is said to occur when a person is exposed to harmful addictive products. These are some of the main reasons for causing the degradation of the health of a person. 
  5. Unemployment: It is a phase where people cannot find a job for themselves to meet their daily needs in society.

How a person can attain basic social requirements?

Every person has some or other needs in society. But, one needs to fulfill his necessities. These necessities consist of having a home to live in, food to eat, and clothes to wear. To have their basic needs fulfilled, people are required to develop some basic attributes within themselves. These attributes can be summarized in the following points:

First, a person needs to be competent enough to make oneself self-dependent. To be competent, one needs to acquire specific skills within themselves. The skills that a person may acquire depend upon the field he/she is choosing. They may either choose to be well educated by pursuing higher studies or they may acquire a specific talent in fields such as sports or arts.

Second, a person must develop his/her thinking style. Their thoughts would depend upon the physiology they possess. Generally, the physiology of a person is inherited from his/her parents. However, society plays a big role in developing one’s physiology. A person must not be restricted in accepting just his/her thinking. This will make him/her socially deprived if their physiology does not meet with the physiology of society.

Third, every person, over some time, builds his circle. A person will be willing to stay in a group that has a similar mindset and thinking as their own. Staying within that circle, a person feels safe and happy. They will develop robust physiological and emotional strength by staying in their circle.

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