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LiveWebTutors 15 Oct, 2014


 The shiny newness of the school has worn off. The parents started sensing the things that something is wrong with their child. It is difficult for the child as well as for their parents to put a finger on it because they don’t tackle their studies with any enthusiasm or they give one word answers to the questions. Sometimes the students also don’t fit in the surroundings of the class which also leads to rough start of the school. They come home with their confused minds every day because of the poor marks they receive in the exams. Even when teachers get angry on the students they also get depressed as they don’t like their insult in front of the other students. The other students will create an issue and laugh upon the new ones. Before the molehill becomes a mountain, now is it time to nip these issues in the bud otherwise they will create big problem to the students as well as to their parents also.


 CALM MOMENT: Try to catch your children at the time when they are fully relaxed or calm. Don’t talk with them when they reach home or trying to study regarding their problems as it will distract their mind and they will not be able to study with full dedication and admiration. Many of the students are confused with the problem whether it is right or wrong which lead to the bad starting of the school. It could be as nebulous as a feeling that the teacher doesn’t like them, or as concrete as the fact that they’re the youngest kid in a class and they feel uncomfortable being called on.

GOOD SOLUTION: Typically the students don’t like the interference of the parents in their problem. So, parents may try to get the solution of the problem from their child because of which they will get to know what’s going in their child’s mind. The parents will get help from their child and could tell them what’s right and what’s wrong. If they truly have no solutions, then you can suggest some. They need to be more assertive in the class and try to focus on their studies without cramming.

MAINTAIN A DIARY AND SCHEDULE: It’s a great tactic that whether the students should maintain a diary or not. Some parents agree to it but some don’t. The diary helps a student to write the entire thing that they don’t want to share with someone. Maintaining a schedule also helps in the management of the work of the children as they get to know that at which time what work they have to do. They must find those pockets which are full of knowledge. Getting angry on the children depress the children and leads in loosing of confidence which is the first step for studying. Parents must not tell household works to their children as it distracts the mind of the child from the studies which results in bad grades of their child in the examinations.

 ENLIST A TUTOR: The best way to get out from this problem is to enlist a tutor for your child. This thing only works for this problem as a tutor knows the problem of each and every child whether the problem is related to their study or to their personal lives. Parents love their children but sometimes they don’t understand the problem of their child but the tutor is the one which will help them to solve their problem. It’s a wonderful support that can really give your child confidence in a class they might be wrestling with.

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