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Retaining Students and Learning in Lockdown: A Student Perspective

Retaining Students and Learning in Lockdown: A Student Perspective
cal LiveWebTutors cal 31 Jan, 2022


The COVID 19 pandemic is a rare and rapidly spreading worldwide disaster that has devastated the world. Education has been impacted severely by shifting from traditional learning to the concept of online and distance learning. The evolution of remote learning has caused prompt distress among students requiring certain digital resources. This has exceptionally marked the initiation of the digital era around the globe.

The Covid-19 pandemic has fueled a new way of educating students. So, being a student what is your experience of learning in lockdown? Do you find it good? Do you feel, it’s better than physical learning? This is our topic of discussion today! Let’s begin.

The Online Learning

The switch from the physical classroom to digital resource learning has categorized students into different types. Talking about the types, five student categories have been described who have responded to online learning in different ways. These are the enthusiast, visionaries, pragmatists, conservatives, and skeptics. Let's have a look statically:

The Online Learning

  • Enthusiastic students formulate the category who is excited to learn digitally and are confident enough to have fun while studying.
  • The visionaries fall in the subtype who is of creative thinker and find new ways to implement learning.
  • Pragmatists compose the category of practical students who are involved in finding solutions of why should they use certain technology platforms and why not others.
  • The reaction of some conservatives has been known that they regret staying away from digital learning before.
  • Sceptics who fall in the category of doubting themselves also believe that they will go easily but may need some help.

Implications of E-learning   

The replacement of conventional learning with e-learning methods has drastically impacted students of each age group. Travel restrictions, closure of educational institutions, different learning techniques have caused health implications. It has imposed a challenge on students impacting their mental health conditions severely. It takes a lot of effort for the teachers to make sure that students understand the concepts clearly as it is impeccable to give attention to each student as can be done in face-to-face learning.

In such cases, completing assignments and homework is a task when the concept is not clear but we have a solution! No need to worry about your assignments, you can always rely on assignment writing services for assistance. If you are having any issues in interpreting you’re your learning requirements or stuck at any point, you can contact Assignment Help Australia.  

The learning stress

When comparing face–to–face with online learning, it is clear that the latter has significant drawbacks. Both teachers and students are under a lot of stress as a result of the Internet, electronics, learning environment, and nonstop classes. In most cases, the computer isolates the teacher from the pupil. Uncertainty arises from the teacher's inability to provide a ready response. The Internet, cell phones, and networks are the primary channels via which you can communicate with your teacher.

However, the issue with this is that it is much more stressful. Students can sit at a computer for hours seeking facts to clear up their doubts. As a result, it's critical to provide students with material that can be reviewed at any time, as well as textbooks pertinent to the course and relevant information in response to clarified queries. It strains the eyes affecting the mind and the body as well.

Students also have a network challenge in addition to these issues. Stress is exacerbated by unexpected power outages and network problems. There are numerous issues with this network and electricity, particularly for pupils in remote locations. These issues are the primary causes of stress. Students must have advanced knowledge of the weather, the Internet, and the items they will need to get to class in this regard. It will be able to prevent tension from escalating.

Health effects of lockdown learning


Not being able to complete your schoolwork, not comprehending, or not having enough information and time management, and not being able to stay up all night and complete everything on time can all generate stress. Fatigue, stress, and a lack of information can all be symptoms of insomnia. Depression is one of the symptoms of insomnia. Did you realize that sleep deprivation has wreaked havoc on humanity throughout history?

Due to numerous pending assignments, it gets piled up and the submission date is near. In this case, the student spends sleepless nights completing assignments. This is the major reason behind the decline in student health due to the overburden. If you also have your assignments due with a near deadline, be free to reach Assignment Writing Services for any kind of help.

Certain issues pasture the learning process; be it a technological issue or health issue. The lifestyle change: differed sleep hours, time spent in fitness routines, and time utilized in sitting in front of a computer for hours has disturbed the timetable creating an imbalance in lives.     

The Transition to New Teaching Methods

The Transition to new teaching methods

Familiarizing with new methods of learning takes time which eventually impacts the learning outcomes among students. Lack of social interaction with an implicit use of different online platforms like Google meet, zoom, Microsoft team meets has different features that took time to explore. The virtual ways of learning have aggravated differences in communicating skills between students and teachers. This is usually a cause of discontent for the mentors.

However, an optimistic change in the learning outcomes has been observed throughout. The students have portrayed resilience in adapting themselves to these learning methods. The lockdown period was a golden opportunity for a student to explore the internet to expand their domain of knowledge.

Many students utilized this time to master their existing skills as well as build new skills. Polishing skills opened doors to many new opportunities for them as well. Whatever students once thought was difficult and were hesitant to do, they got time to face it and overcome it which had a positive impact. Students got time to look after things that they lacked and paid attention to them. But it was not all positive as in this concept of learning online, students lacked one form that is peer learning. 

Apart from the challenges faced, this concept has embedded the understanding of technical skills among students. It has provided them with a choice of learning different courses in a period. It has integrated specificity and zeal to discover their skills and train them aptly. Moreover, many of them have found their interest in different learning apps which allows them to learn easily.

Ways to make learning easier

Ways to make learning easier

Taking breaks is mandatory! So to avoid stress and chaos, students have formulated their ways to deal with such situations.

  • Social Media

The haul of social media these days has benefited students in several ways. Several platforms let them stay updated and learn something new each day. It is a good choice for knowledge acquisition and disseminating important information globally.

  • Music therapy

This is true that many of us listen to music to calm ourselves so that we can concentrate on what we want to do. Music is a good source that has some positive effects on the mind of an individual. It acts as a catalyst that activates the brain embedding space for maximized learning. This therapy aids in improving mood and motivating individuals to learn more.

  • It’s better with learning apps

Tons of education apps are used by students globally. This makes learning fun and easier. These learning apps offer different types of quizzes, animated videos, and learning course material which expands the learning horizon acting optimistically for different age groups.   

  • Hunting and learning new skills

An advantage that lockdown learning has offered is that students have explored their hidden talents and their enthusiasm to learn different skills. Currently, many of them are involved in learning different digital skills as well as enhancing their knowledge that will also benefit them in the future.


The way of education has changed a lot due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Each one has different perceptions of how the new ways of lockdown learning have impacted the lives of students and teachers. Along with the benefits, there are health implications that may affect the students. Stress and anxiety haunt them during online learning unless they have the flexibility of learning.

Completing assignments before deadlines is a task for many that may impact the sleeping pattern leading to mental health issues. If you have anything pending for your homework or assignments in any of your subjects, we are here for your service. We, at LiveWebTutors, offer professional and reputed Assignment help Australia service. Adapting to difficult situations, learning new skills, and jumping to e-learning are certain advantageous aspects that this pandemic has assisted us with.

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