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Resentment of COVID-19 on the World Economy and Health

Resentment of COVID-19 on the World Economy and Health
cal LiveWebTutors cal 27 May, 2020

The outbreak of corona has unleashed the effect of the world economy and health in quite a devastating way. The deaths and COVID 19 cases are haunting every human being like anything. If you talk about the world economy and its effect on COVID 19 then this virus has ruined the world economy. Also, the human race health is at the stake due to this pandemic. We are discussing the effect of COVID 19 on economy and health.

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COVID 19 had brought down the world economy to a tragic level

This pandemic has resulted in the degradation of economies across the world. As per the latest May 2020 report, the growth has degraded and nearly has come in negative for many countries across the world. The current global economy rate is quite low as compared to the projections. The manufacturing companies’ across the world are the hardest hit due to this corona outbreak. The survey of companies has shown that there is a drastic contraction in the world economy. Many service sector industries in the United States are also worse hit. Also, the demand for oil has reduced to a great extent. Global prices have gone low in many years.

The world economy is at risk due to many other factors that are contributed by the coronavirus effect. The stock prices have gone down in markets of major countries. So, we have studied the statistical data worldwide that is showing that there is a devastating effect of coronavirus on the world economy. It has also resulted in panic worldwide. It has also affected the confidence of investors.

Also, the war associated with crude oil between countries such as Russia and Saudi Arabia has led to worldwide panic. The enhancing oil production during this crisis is low due to this epidemic. This scenario is bad for crude oil market potential and growth.

How Coronavirus has impacted human bodies?

The coronavirus has emerged in December month 2019. It is spreading widely in the entire world. Also, this pandemic will stay for more months. Now the key question is that the disease is fatal or not. These questions remain unanswerable as no scientific research has been invented to date. Many people worldwide are scared and skeptical due to the COVID-19 outbreak. It leads to a negative effect on health.

So, we are discussing certain preventive measures and other home remedies that you must implement.

Let us discuss various stages of viruses that attack our bodies.


This is the stage of the building of the virus. It enters inside the body cells and hijacks them. It gets spread in every part of the body. This virus is also known by the name of Sars – CoV-2 that enters into your body when you breathe or if you touch a contaminated surface and then the face. As per the doctor the virus infect the cells, throat lining, airways, and lungs. It turns the throat, lungs, and airways in the breeding ground. It increases the number of viruses that infect more cells. In the first stage, the victim has a mild fever with throat irritations. Then, it leads to headache, body ache and sore in the throat

Mild or additional diseases

every 8 out of 10 people who get infected with coronavirus develop the symptoms of fever and consistent cough. If you encounter grotty feeling with fever then it is the sign that your body is responding to the infection caused by a virus. The cough is dry but the people end coughing sputum. This sputum contains thick mucus of dead cells terminated by viruses. This stage lasts for a week. If you have a weak immune function then you might develop the critical form of the disease.


This is the most frightening stage of the disease. If the immune system is weak and permits the disease to spread then it leads to inflammatory effects on the body. Excessive inflammation can result in collateral damage. The virus stimulates an imbalance in the immunity of the body. If the inflammation affects the lungs, then people with asthma and related disorders will come on ventilators for breathing properly.

Critical stage

It has been seen that around 6 percent of cases are critically ill. The critical stage comes when the body fails to respond which results in increased chances of death. It can also result in septic shock if the blood pressure drops drastically. It stops the kidney to clean the blood that damages the intestinal lining. So, the body comes at a stage when organs fail to keep you alive.

Measures to combat COVID

So, you are aware of the negative impact of the disease. You are also aware of the negative consequences it can bring to humanity. So, you can follow these preventive measures for the safety of society.

You must wash your hands regularly with sanitizers, soaps, and other alcohol-based solutions. Also, cover your mouth and nose with masks and disposable tissue. Avoid close contact with sick people. It is advised to maintain a distance of 1- 3 meters. If you are not feeling well then you can stay at home and be isolated for a few days. You are advised not to touch your nose, mouths, and hands if you are not well. You must follow good respiratory hygiene and educate other people for the same. You must stay strong and don’t be panic. 

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