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Useful tips for referencing your academic assignment

Useful tips for referencing your academic assignment
cal LiveWebTutors cal 04 Feb, 2020

For students the toughest part of an assignment can sometimes be the citing and referencing part if they don’t understand the principles. There are number of ways to do this task and different institutions teachers or departments can ask for different styles. If you are not sure about the style, then you should ask your teacher.

Improper referencing can cause you to lose marks on an otherwise good assignment. This is why it is necessary to invest time and effort in doing this properly. If you are unable to understand how to do the citing and referencing of your assignment then it is better to take my assignment help.

Why citing and referencing is done-

The main purpose of citing and referencing is to give the credit to the original author. This information also allows the readers to check up on the original writing if interested. Citing and referencing also gives you an opportunity to validate your arguments. It enables the readers to see how old or new the information that you are providing is.

It will also be a proof for your teachers to make them believe that you have read the topic and understand the subject. It also helps in avoiding plagiarism which is very important in an assignment.

This is why some students choose to opt for online assignment help. Such help becomes necessary for students who may understand the topic but are unable to articulate it in their own words. You also need to understand that there are different styles of citing and referencing and the most popular among these is the Harvard style. This style is especially popular in the UK and some other advanced countries.

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the presenting of other author’s ideas or words as your own whether you do it indirectly or in an indirect manner. Copying images or text without disclosing where you got them from. If you are taking another person’s ideas then you should give the credit to that person, in the citing and referencing.

If you are using a quote then you need to specify that it is a quote. Making a summary of information and not disclosing the source of the information.

You should remember that plagiarism is considered to be a serious offence in the academic field. You may end up getting zero marks in your assignment if the teacher finds plagiarism of any kind. To avoid this the referencing and citing should be done with care. Most universities ask for a signed declaration with your assignment that you have not plagiarized.

Universities use anti-plagiarism software to find the plagiarized work. Such software compares your assignment with a huge database of books, journals, web sources, and all the assignments submitted by students previously. This is the reason that if you indulge in plagiarism then you will be caught. This is why many students opt for assignment help because the professionals know how to prevent plagiarism.

How to begin with the referencing-

You should start preparing for the referencing part from the very beginning of writing your assignment although the task of referencing is to be done later. Keep a note of all the journal articles, books etc. that you have read and the websites you have visited when you writing an essay, dissertation, report or other piece of academic work.

This will ensure that you do not miss out any of the references. You can make use of any one of the software available for this purpose. Most universities will readily give you a high end software for this purpose.

What you should record-

Record as much information as you possibly can so that it becomes easy for the reader to find the original work. Include the name of the author where possible. This should be done, by writing the surname first and followed by initials in the Harvard system of referencing.

If there are more than three authors that you are presenting, then simply mention the name of the first author and add et all which means and all. In some cases, especially when you take the reference from a website, you may not be able to find the name of the author. In these cases you should use the name of the organization or the title of the webpage or document.

Apart from the name of the author you should also record the exact date if possible or at least the year that work was published. This is easily possible in journal or articles from a newspaper. With webpages, check the time when the page was last updated. After the information about the author, you should put the date in brackets.

If you are unable to establish a date then mention ‘no date’. Often students find referencing to be the most difficult part of the assignment because of all the information that needs to be provided and here is where assignment writing services  assignment comes into picture.

If you are also seeking the same or want to reach the experts assignment help, you will find livewebtutors services without any stop. By taking professional help, you get the assignments done within the deadline. Also, the service providers serve you with in-depth knowledge of the subject.

It is also necessary to mention the title of the written piece which may be the name of the book, or the title of the webpage or journal. Usually titles should be written in Italics. If the edition of the book is not the first one then you should include the information of the edition as well. Then again if you are taking the information from a book then you need to provide the name of the publisher.

If you are referencing a specific portion of any book then you should mention the page numbers. With webpages you should mention the URLs along with the date of accessing the page. Matter on the internet keeps changing which is why webpages change from time to time. They may also be removed or updated.

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