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Queen's University

Queen's University
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Queen's University, commonly known as “Queen's University” or simply “Queen's”, is a public research university located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Queen's University was an outcome of a protuberance of educational initiatives planned by Presbyterians in the 1830s. A layout plan for the university was presented at a convocation meeting in Kingston in 1839, with a remodeled bill introduced through the 13th Parliament of Upper Canada during a session in 1840.

On 16th October 1841, a royal charter was granted through Queen Victoria establishing Queen's College at Kingston. Queen's University as a result of years of effort by Presbyterians of Upper Canada to establish a college for the education of ministers in the growing colony and to educate youth in various branches of science and literature. They designed the university after the University of Edinburgh and the University of Glasgow.

Classes began on 7th March 1842, in a small wood-frame house on the edge of the city with just 2 professors and 15 students.

In 1880, 3 women were admitted to the Queen's medical degree courses, however, their presence was opposed with such hostility by male students and staff that the university decided to expel the women in 1883. A Women's Medical College was established to enable the 3 students to complete their studies. Theological Hall, constructed in 1880, originally served as Queen's main building throughout the late 19th century.

On 18th August 1938, a year before the start of World War 2nd, U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt came to Queen's to accept an honorary degree. In a broadcast aired around the world, the President voiced the American policy of mutual alliance and friendship with Canada. During World War 2nd, 917 graduates from Queen's served in the armed forces, suffering 164 fatalities.

After the remodeling of legal education in Ontario in the mid-1950s, Queen's Faculty of Law opened in 1957. By the end of the 1960s, like many other Canadian universities, Queen's enrolment was tripled and greatly expanded its faculty, staff, and facilities, as a result of the baby boom and magnanimous support from the public sector.

By the mid-1970s, the Queen’s had 10,000+ full-time students. Among the new facilities were 3 more residences and individual buildings for the Departments of Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Psychology, Social Sciences, and the Humanities.

During this period, Queen's established the Schools of Music, Public Administration, Rehabilitation Therapy, and Urban and Regional Planning were established at the university. The establishment of the Faculty of Education in 1968, about a kilometer west of the university, inaugurated the university's west campus. The first female chancellor of Queen's University, Agnes Richardson Benidickson, was appointed on 23rd October 1980.

Faculties, Schools & Programs

Various Faculties & Schools at Queen’s University are

  • Faculty of Arts and Science
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Education
  • Smith School of Business
  • Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
  • School of Graduate Studies
  • Faculty of Health Sciences
  • School of Policy Studies

Programs Offered :

Aging and Health Graduate Diploma, Master's, Doctoral
Anatomical Sciences Master's
Applied Sustainability Master's
Art Conservation Master's
Art History Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral
Arts Leadership Master's
Astronomy and Astrophysics Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral
Biochemistry Bachelor's
Biology Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral
Biology and Mathematics Bachelor's
Biology and Psychology Bachelor's
Biomedical and Molecular Sciences Master's, Doctoral
Biomedical Computation Bachelor's
Biomedical Engineering Master's, Doctoral
Biostatistics Master's
Biotechnology Bachelor's, Bachelor's + Diploma
Business / Management Master's, Doctoral, Graduate Diploma, Certificate
Business Administration (MBA) Master's
Chemical Engineering Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral
Chemistry Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral
Civil Engineering Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral
Classical Studies Bachelor's, Master's
Cognitive Science Bachelor's
Combined Medicine & Research Doctor of Medicine, Master's, Doctoral
Commerce Bachelor's
Commerce and Law combined Bachelor's, Juris Doctor
Computer Engineering Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral
Computer Science Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral
Computing and Mathematics Bachelor's
Computing and the Creative Arts Bachelor's
Concurrent Education Bachelor's
Cultural Studies Master's, Doctoral
Drama Bachelor's
Earth and Energy Resources Leadership Master's
Economics Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral
Economics and Law combined Master's, Juris Doctor
Education Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral, Graduate Diploma
Electrical Engineering Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral
Engineering Chemistry Bachelor's
Engineering Physics Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral
English Language and Literature Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Master's
Environmental Biology Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral
Environmental Chemistry Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral
Environmental Geography (Earth Systems Sciences) Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral
Environmental Geology Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral
Environmental Life Sciences Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral
Environmental Studies Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral
Environmental Toxicology Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral
Epidemiology Master's, Doctoral
Executive MBA Master's
Film and Media Bachelor's
Finance Master's
Fine Art Bachelor's
French Studies Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral
Gender Studies Bachelor's, Master's
Geo-Engineering Master's, Doctoral
Geography Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral
Geological Engineering Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral
Geological Sciences Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral
Global Development Studies Bachelor's, Master's
Health Sciences Bachelor's
Health Studies Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral
Healthcare Quality Master's
History Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral
Industrial/Employment Relations Master's
Industrial Relations and Law combined Master's
International Business Master's
Kinesiology Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral
Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Bachelor's
Law Master's, Doctoral, Certificate
Liberal Studies Bachelor's
Life Sciences Bachelor's
Management Analytics Master's
Management in Artificial Intelligence Master's
Mathematical Physics Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral
Mathematics and Engineering Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral
Mathematics and Statistics Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral
Mechanical and Materials Engineering Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral
Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering Bachelor's
Media and Performance Production Bachelor's
Medicine Doctor of Medicine, Master's, Doctoral
Mining Engineering Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral
Mining Engineering Technology Bachelor's
Music Bachelor's, Bachelor's + Diploma
Music Theatre Bachelor's
Neuroscience Studies Master's, Doctoral
Nursing Bachelor's, Master's, Graduate Diploma, Doctoral
Occupational Therapy Master's
Pathology and Molecular Medicine Master's, Doctoral
Philosophy Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral
Physical Therapy Master's
Physics Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral
Political and Legal Thought Master's
Political Studies Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral
Psychology Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral
Public Administration Master's
Public Administration and Law combined Master's, Juris Doctor
Public Health Master's
Rehabilitation Science Master's, Doctoral
Religious Studies Bachelor's, Master's
Sociology Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral
Software Design Bachelor's
Statistics Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral
Urban and Regional Planning Master's

Online Courses:

Online Offerings at Queen’s

  • Bachelor of Arts - English
  • Bachelor of Arts – “Global Development Studies”
  • Bachelor of Arts - History
  • Bachelor of Arts - Liberal Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts - in Psychology
  • Bachelor of Science - Life Sciences
  • Graduate Diploma in Education
  • Professional Master of Education
  • S.A.G.E. Program
  • Bachelor of Mining Engineering Technology (BTech)
  • Certificate in Mining Technologies (CMT)
  • Social Performance Management in the Extractive Industries
  • Introduction to Canadian Law
  • Aboriginal Law
  • Workplace Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Public & Constitutional Law
  • Intellectual Property
  • International Law
  • Business Fundamentals
  • Financial Accounting
  • Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Organizational Behavior

Grades & Grading Scale:

Current Grading Scale ( 1st May , 2011 to present)

Letter Grade Grade Points Notes Percentage Conversion
A + 4.30   90.0 - 100%
A 4.00 85.0 - 89.90%
A - 3.70 80.0 - 84.90%
B + 3.30   77.0 - 79.90%
B 3.00   73 - 76.9%
B - 2.70 A minimum passing grade in Graduate Studies 70.0 - 72.90%
C + 2.30   67.0 - 69.90%
63.0 - 66.90%
C - 1.70 A minimum passing grade in Medicine, Nursing 60.0 - 62.90%
D + 1.30 57.0 - 59.90%
D 1.00 53.0 - 56.90%
D - 0.70 50.0 - 52.90%
F 0.00 Failure 0 - 49.90%
P Pass; no grade assigned  
FR   Failure to review, the grade will be revised
CR Credit
IN   ^ Incomplete
GD Grade deferred
NG Not graded; 1st term course of multi-term courses



Transfer credit, no grade assigned
DR Course dropped


Not written (applicable prior to 1st May 2011 only; counts as failure)

Faculty of Education - effective May 1, 2013

Letter Grade Grade Points Notes/Descriptor Percentage Conversion
A + 4.3 Outstanding 90 - 100%
A 4.0 Excellent 80 - 89%
B 3.0 Very Good 70 - 79%
C 2.0 Adequate 60 - 69%
D 1.0 Marginal 50 - 59%
F 0.0 Failure 0 - 49%
P   Pass (no grade assigned)

Continuing Teacher Education

Letter Grade Grade Points Percentage Conversion
(used only for determining grade points for marks prior to 1st May 2011)
A + 4.3 90.0 - 100%
A 4.0 80.0 - 89.90%
B+ 3.3 77.0 - 79.90%
F 0.0 0 - 76.90%

Faculty of Law

Letter Grade Grade Points Notes/Descriptor Percentage Conversion
A 4.00 Exceptional  
A- 3.70 Excellent  
B+ 3.30 Very Good  
B 3.00 Good  
B- 2.70 Satisfactory  
C+ 2.30 Fair  
C 2.00 Adequate  
D 1.00 Marginal  
F 0.00 Failure  
P   Pass  

Ratings & Rankings

Ranked By 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) - Universities Rankings  201 to 300 201 to 300 201 to 300 301 to 400 201 to 300 NA
QS - World University Ranking  NA #223 #224 #239 #239 #246
THE (Times Higher Education) - University Ranking  NA 201 to 250 251 to 300 251 to 300 251 to 300 251 to 300
US News & World Report - Global Universities  NA NA #371 #379 #379 #419

In the 2021 “Academic Ranking” of World Universities rankings, the University ranked #201 to #300 in the world, and #9 to #12 in Canada. The 2022 QS World University Rankings ranked the university #240 in the world and the #11th in Canada; tied with the University of Calgary. The 2022 Times Higher Education World University Rankings placed the university #251 to #300 in the world, and 12th to 14th in Canada. In U.S. News & World Report 2022 global university rankings, Queen's ranked #412th, and #16th in Canada. The Canadian-based news magazine Maclean's ranked the university #5th in its 2022 Medical-Doctoral Canadian university rankings.

Queen's was also positioned in several rankings that assessed the employment prospects of graduates. In QS's 2020 graduate employability rankings, the university ranked #101 to #110 in the world and 5th in Canada.

Fees & Living Expenses



1st Year Tuition Fees

M.Eng(7 Courses) 0.8 to 1 Year C$ 19,500 to 20,500
MBA(3 Courses) 12 to 16 Months C$ 78,500 to 100,000
MS(23 Courses) 12 to 48 Months C$ 12,950 to 45,200
MIM(12 Courses) 0.8 to 3 Years C$ 12,950 to 80,000

BE/Btech(23 Courses)

3 to 4 Years C$ 31,650 to 55,000
MASc(7 Courses)


1 to 2 Years

C$ 12,950 to 24,750

BSc(26 Courses)

4 Years

C$ 33,875 to 51,100

BBA(2 Courses)

4 Years

C$ 53,950

MA(17 Courses)

1 to 2 Years

C$ 12,950 to 15,850

Other Courses(59 Courses)

0.2 to 5 Years

C$ 12,000 to 88,500

Estimated Living Expenses:

Books and Supplies

Engineering & Applied Science C$1,950 - C$2,250
Arts and Science (Including Concurrent Education Programs) C$1,650
Art History C$1,800
Commerce C$2,200 - C$2,850
Computing C$1,620
Education C$4,200
Film Studies  C$1,950 - C$2,200
Fine Art C$2,250 - C$3,200
Kinesiology C$2,120 - C$2,470
Music C$1,748 - C$2,940
Nursing Science  C$2,100 - C$2,900
School of Medicine C$3,675 - C$6,350
 Faculty of Law C$2,350 - C$2,395

Living Expenses

Costs may vary depending on a student's personal preferences.

EXPENSE In Residence* (1 Person, 8 Months) Off-Campus (1 Person, 8 Months)
Rent and Utilities C$15,250 - C$17,350* C$675 - C$1075 per month (Typically a 12 month lease) 
Food Included in "Rent and Utilities" C$300 per month 
Miscellaneous (Cell Phone, Clothing/Laundry, Recreation, Other Personal Expenses etc.) C$2,475 C$2,475
Transportation Varies Varies
UHIP (International Students Only) C$480 C$480

International Undergraduate Student

In Residence on Campus

(September to April - 8 Months)

Tuition and Fees C$50,350 - C$53,000
Books and Supplies C$1,600
Room and Board
C$15,260 - C$17,150
Additional Meals C$725
(Return flight home)
C$2,000 (this amount can vary greatly depending on destination)
(Cell Phone, Clothing/Laundry, Recreation, Other Personal Expenses)
UHIP? $480

Admission and Selection Requirements

Queen's University offers Under Graduate programs in the Fall admissions. Applications are accepted through the O.U.A.C. portal which opens somewhere around October and has the following deadlines:

Graduate programs are offered in the Fall, Winter, and Spring/Summer admissions. One must visit the university website to know which courses are offered in each intake. All departments have internal deadlines; therefore, aspirants are instigated to check the respective program or course page for exact closing dates and deadlines. The university advises international aspirants to allow at least 6 months for their completed applications to be reviewed & considered.

Like other courses, MBA programs are also offered in all 3 intakes; however, some may be presented only in 1 or 2 intakes. The specific dates for the full-time MBA program (Winter Intake) may differ every year. However, the usual deadlines are as follows:

Eligibility Requirements (Undergraduates)

Queen's University has country-specific admission requirements for Under Graduate applicants. Indian applicants should have an All India Senior School Certificate (C.B.S.E.) or the Indian School Certificate (C.I.S.C.E.). Grades required for admission will differ by program. However, based on the Indian grading scale, the minimum academic average required is 75%. Students with excellent Class 12th results from state boards will be considered individually. Interim Class 12th grades or pre-board exam results are considered for applicants currently attending secondary school. Class 12th final board exam results are considered for secondary school graduates.

Along with this, any one of these English proficiency test scores is required:

  • TOEFL iBT: Overall 88.0 with 24.0 in Writing, 22.0 in Speaking and Reading, and 20.0 in Listening
  • IELTS: Overall 6.50 with no lower than 6.00 in each band
  • Duolingo (DET): Minimum score of 110.0
  • PTE: Overall 60.0
  • C1: Advanced-C2: Proficiency: Overall 175.0 with no component lower than 170.0

Note: From 2021 onwards, the university is test-optional, that is, Under Graduate aspirants need not require to submit standardized testing scores such as the A.C.T. or S.A.T. However, the university will review these scores if it ameliorates a student's application. It also serves as a credit for Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and other internationally recognized examinations. For more details on this, check the official website.

Masters Program

The minimum qualification required for any master's program is an Under Graduate degree from an eligible organization/institution according to the requisites of the Queen's University Policy based on Admission for Advanced Study with a 2nd class standing. Aspirants with a general bachelor's degree with at least a ‘B’ grade average and 1 academic year of full-time study as qualifying student may be considered equivalent. 

Documents Required?

For Under Graduate aspirants, the following documents are required:

  • Academic transcripts
  • English proficiency test score report
  • A.P. score report
  • S.A.T. or A.C.T. score reports
  • Letters of Recommendation (L.O.R.s)
  • Supplement essays
  • Additional supplements such as audio recordings, videos, or portfolios
  • Financial documentation
  • Valid Passport

For Post Graduate students:

  • Academic transcripts
  • English proficiency test score report
  • G.R.E./G.M.A.T./L.S.A.T./M.C.A.T. score reports
  • Resume/C.V.
  • Essays or S.O.P., as per course requisite
  • Letter of Motivation/Letter of Intent
  • Two L.O.R.s
  • Video questions
  • Financial documentation
  • Passport


With increasing applications each year, Queen's has an above-average rate of acceptance. The university emphasizes academic merit and relevant experiences while considering an aspirant's application. Therefore, a student needs to meet the general admission prerequisites, along with the program-specific requirements. A brilliant academic record with competitive scores will give a student primacy over the others. Adding to it, aspirants should also try to apply as early as possible with complete documentation to enhance their admission possibilities as admissions are offered on a first-come-first-served basis.


Queen's is a residential university with most students pouring from outside of Kingston. As per records, more than 85% of incoming 1st-year students come to Queen's from other areas of Canada, and the world. Queen's seventeen residences cater to more than 4,500+ graduate and undergraduate students.

Various In-Campus residences are as below:    

  • Albert Street Residence
  • Adelaide Hall
  • Ban Righ Hall
  • Leggett Hall
  • Brant House
  • Leonard Hall
  • Chown Hall
  • McNeill House
  • Morris Hall
  • Victoria Hall
  • David C. Smith House
  • Graduate Residence (JDUC)
  • Gordon/Brockington House
  • Waldron Tower
  • Harkness Hall
  • Watts Hall
  • Jean Royce Hall

Off-Campus Housing

  • Some students make the relocation to independent off-campus housing by taking a room in a family home. For others, living in a house with a landlord is a financial inclination.
  • In situations where one share a house with the owner or a member of the owner's immediate family (including a fellow student whose parent owns the house), one is not covered by Ontario’s Residential Tenancies Act. (O.R.T.A.)
  • To protect one’s rights and fulfill one’s responsibilities, one needs to create a contract specific to his/her situation. Online Assignment Help
  • In cases of dispute(s), this contract serves as a legal account, so make sure that one covers everything - not only how much one pays for what, but also space allocation and lifestyle issues.

Note: The Department of Residence Life & Housing, in an effort to help the students as they move off-campus, has drafted a list of local apartments that will offer a special discount for Queen’s students. 

Jobs & Placements 

Queen’s Career Services provides education and employment support services for students from all streams. Whether one knows or does not know what he/she wants to do, there are resources to help.

  • Speak with potential employers on campus at career fairs and other events.
  • Find internships and jobs
  • Get help with one’s applications to graduate and professional programs (such as law, medicine, occupational therapy, etc.)
  • Discuss options for what one wants to do after graduation and find the best fit for one’s interests and skills.
  • Discover ways to build experience.

Some of the Top Recruiting Companies :

  • BOMBARDIER                               
  • LLOYD                                    
  • INTEL                                     
  • GOLDMAN SACHS                        
  • BBC
  • DELOITTE                                     
  • HSBC                                      
  • NOMURA                                       
  • P&G                                               
  • MICROSOFT                                 
  • ROLLS ROYCE                              
  • UNILEVER                                     
  • GLAXO SMITH KLINE                          
  • ABBOTT                                        
  • METLIFE                                       
  • CITI
  • MORGAN STANLEY                      
  • GOOGLE                                       


Queen’s University embraces international students from more than 100+ countries. Annually, over 2/3rd of the Queen’s incoming students are accredited through the Queen’s University Scholarships and the external scholarships accepted at the university.

  • International students are mainly granted Queen’s Entrance Scholarships.
  • More than 90% of Queen’s University Scholarships are based on auto-consideration.
  • Applications for admission to Queen’s University are ascertained for the scholarship.
  • Master students are only awarded scholarships given by their chosen Queen’s faculty.
  • Doctoral students receive a minimum funding of C$18,000.

Presently, international students are awarded only 4 Queen’s University scholarships at the undergraduate level.

Scholarship Name


Number of Scholarships


Excellence Scholarship C$1000 – C$2000 Unlimited 90.00%-94.90% Admission Average or GPA 3.70-3.80
Principal’s Scholarship C$4000 - C$6000 Unlimited 95.0% of higher Admission Average or GPA 3.90+
International Admission Scholarship C$9000 10 Superior Academic Ability
Principal’s International Scholarship- India C$10000 x 2 years 5 Indian citizen; Academically meritorious

External Scholarships Accepted at Queen’s University

Recognizing that not all students may be able to fulfill the eligibility criteria for Queen’s University Scholarships, allows students to apply for external scholarships. The Canadian government, trusts, and corporate organizations offer international students various Clips to study in Canada’s prestigious universities like Queen’s University.

Scholarship Name Benefits
Ontario Graduate Scholarship C$15000
Ontario Trillium Scholarship C$40000
Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship Varies
Ontario Graduate Fellowship C$12000
Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship C$50000

Nearby Cities & Airports

  • Kingston, Canada
  • Gananoque, Canada
  • Napanee, Canada
  • Deseronto, Canada
  • Watertown, NY
  • Picton, Canada
  • Tweed, Canada
  • Belleville, Canada
  • Wellington, Canada
  • Brockville, Canada
  • Perth, Canada
  • Madoc, Canada
  • Smiths Falls, Canada
  • Oswego, NY
  • Prescott, Canada
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