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Positive and Negative Implication of Technology in Classroom Environment

Positive and Negative Implication of Technology in Classroom Environment
cal LiveWebTutors cal 22 May, 2019

With the advancement of technology, the education industry has changed completely. Yes, the use of technology has literally changed the way the entire education system works and it has a fair share of impact on its growth. It has been very impactful and has helped students in getting their needs covered in a much more precise way at their convenience. But it also has quite negative implications which need to be discussed and addressed to make the system even more productive. The role of technology is certainly boosting the system of education big time as it allows students to avail the opportunity of learning at their convenience but also distracts them from the proven learning procedure.

If you are thinking about how the education system is helping learners around the world then, we are going to help you with its complete understanding. We are going to let you know about a few of the positive implications that it had in the respective system.

We will also help you understand the negative impact of the involvement of technology in the educational system-

Improves understanding ability:-

With the inclusion of technology, the students will be able to analyze different types of concepts as per their field of study in detail. This will allow them to research and understand the different topics and subtopics of their subject and that too in a quick time period as per their convenience.  It will allow them to have a complete understanding of the respective topic and that too in detail as per their examination needs. It will help them analyze a huge volume of information with ease and enhance their ability to learn and research for their respective needs and requirements. They will be asked to prepare different types of assignments on a regular basis and having this understanding will surely help them get them completed on time. Yes, the students will be asked to prepare different types of assignments but as they do not have the required capability of researching and analyzing different topics it becomes quite a difficult situation for them. So, making use of the technology will help them improve their analytical ability which will surely help them in the preparation of the assignment.

Benefit Of Artificial Intelligence:-

As there are a number of machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques, it makes it easier for students to customize their own learning needs and work on them accordingly. Yes, the students will be able to design their own learning schedule with which they will be able to understand the subject without any kind of issues at all. According to the dates of the examination, the students will be able to prepare themselves for their needs and enhance their chances of availing the best grades. It also helps them in their submission of assignments as they will have a good understanding of the topic with which they need to work on their assignment. So, with the use of artificial intelligence tools, students are able to work on their personalized training needs with which they will surely have a better understanding of their field of study.

These are the plus points of the involvement of technology in the educational system.

Below mentioned are a few of the negative impacts of the education system that one should know about, take a look-


With the involvement of technology in the educational system, the use of laptops and cell phone will generally increase. So, these devices will surely take their attention to different applications which might affect their studies big time. They will bunk classroom lectures and will completely depend upon online learning which might not help them with the efficiency they are looking for. So, this is one of the biggest negative impacts of the use of technology in the education system.


The use of technology to understand different subjects will certainly help them avail a basic understanding of the subject but, it will not help them expertise in it. Yes, too much dependence upon the computer for your learning needs will certainly make one inefficient. It is important that they attend lectures by going to the classrooms and taking the help of the professionals to avail a complete understanding of the respective subject.

So, these are the negative influence of technology usage and the education system. It is important that the student use it in the right way with which they can avail the right results for their career needs. It has already opened the doors for the students to get their understanding needs clear as per their convenience but, depending on it extensively might backfire upon them quite badly.

Overall technology has played a very important role in improving the quality of the education system to help students avail complete assistance as per their needs and requirements. So, it is important for students to use it wisely and help themselves climb the ladder of success with ease.

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