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Nature vs. Nurture: A Rundown of the Never-Ending Debate

Nature vs. Nurture: A Rundown of the Never-Ending Debate
cal LiveWebTutors cal 03 Sep, 2018

The nature of two different people is never the same. It is hard to find two people of the same nature. This happens because the genetic code varies from person to person. The study of human behaviour has held the fascination of psychologists for many years; they have been trying to study what makes an individual different from another. Nature is something that a person acquires by birth but nurture is something that can be attributed to external forces during growing up. An individual will react to a situation differently than another other and this is said to be because of their different nature.  Through nurture, an individual is able to differentiate right from wrong and they learn how to conduct themselves in different situations.

There are different approaches in psychology when trying to distinguish between nature and nurture. Of these approaches, the biological element is considered the key element in defining the difference between the two. This focuses on the role played by genes, the secretion of hormones, etc. while trying to define the nature of a human being. Psychologists have said that a person’s aggressive behaviour is a characteristic of his nature. The drive for physical intimacy, which a person experiences, is also because of his nature. But it is with the help of nurturing the behaviour of a person gets shaped. Although, behavioural tendency is something that an individual is born with he will learn how to behave in different situations with the help of nurturing.

Psychologists are divided in their opinion when it comes to distinguishing between nature and nurture. The concept of nurture has caught people’s attention much later than the concept of nature. But people did believe that nurturing helps to develop the personality of an individual. Over the course of years, it has been established by researchers that the behaviour of an individual is influenced by his hereditary traits. Researchers have concluded that the behavioural pattern of a person is a result of both his nature and the nurture that he had received. They believe that it is not only nature how an individual reacts to certain situations but nurture also plays a part in it.

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