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18 Mistakes You Should Never Make in Your College Life

18 Mistakes You Should Never Make in Your College Life
cal LiveWebTutors cal 18 Aug, 2021

Everyone is filled with mixed emotions like nervousness, joy, fear, curiosity, and confusion when they enter the new phase of their lives. College life is one of the most precious periods where students learn many things. Students might move away from the primary purpose of taking admission in college as they have many things to do. Every coin has two faces- we cannot ignore the mistakes they commit in their college life. Here, we will discuss some of the most common mistakes that the students commit. 

Students who are still in the learning stage will make these mistakes!

1. Partying Too Much:

Students become party animals. Making this a habit might influence their lifestyle. 

Please ask yourself:

  • Is regular partying doing any good to me?
  • Is continuous partying not affecting my studies?
  • Am I dedicating enough time to my studies? 

As we know that excess of anything is good for nothing, it is crucial to put yourself within limits. Partying day and night makes the students tired, and hence they do not have time to spend on studies and activities.

2. Not Using College Free Amenities:

Many students do not take advantage of the complimentary perks offered by the colleges or universities for all. It might include gyms, clubs, and on-campus events.

Please ask yourself:

  • Am I taking advantage of the perks offered by my college or university?
  • Is my university offering the facilities that they have promised?
  • Am I spending on the amenities outside that my college offer for free?

Always look around the facilities available for you in your college instead of spending money on the same things outside. 

3. Paying For College Sports Team:

Spending more time in sports might affect your grades as you have to play for long hours. It will make you tired, or you may suffer from body pain. It will not allow you to focus on studies and giving time to other activities. 

Please ask yourself:

  • Is my interest in sports affecting my studies?
  • Am I spending more time in sports and not dedicating the required time to my studies?
  • Am I paying more than enough for my college sports team?

Do not move off the track. Students should avoid it when it goes in excess. 

4. Not Applying for Internships:

Internships provide a platform to learn new things and experience working in the corporate sector. This experience will be counted when you apply for jobs, campus placement, or go for higher studies. 

Please ask yourself:

  • Am I ignoring the internships that are offered to me?
  • Am I getting enough opportunities for internships from my college? 
  • Have I applied for the top internships that are indeed beneficial for me?

Students usually do not prefer to apply for internships. It is highly recommended that the students apply for the relevant internships to benefit them in the future. 

5. Not Taking Suggestions from Others:

Always take advice from experts or experienced people as they might have made those mistakes that you are about to make. Listen to them and decide what you will do. 

Please ask yourself:

  • Do I have someone capable of guiding me taking the best decision in my college?
  • Am I considering the advice from others if they are beneficial for me?
  • Do I have enough people to take the suggestions from?

Constantly evaluate the consequences before moving to the final decision of whether you want to take that suggestion or not.

6. Not Collecting Enough Memories:

College life is one of the best periods that always stays in memories of everyone. Do not forget to collect enough memories to cherish for a lifetime. 

Please ask yourself:

  • Am I taking enough pictures to cherish in the future?
  • Have I collected the best memories with friends and professors?
  • Why do I need to click the images during college days?

Clicking pictures and recording videos is the best way to capture the best moments.

7. Not Doing What Is Best for Your Career:

Do not go off the track. Always keep your eyes on your goal and focus on achieving it. Keep doing the things that can help you stand out. 

Please ask yourself:

  • Is the college offering enough opportunities?
  • Am I doing enough justice with my career goals? 
  • Am I moving to put efforts to sharpen my skills?

Take suggestions from your advisor and proceed in the right direction. 

8. Letting Go Useful Opportunities:

Skipping the opportunities to help you with your studies and sharpen your skills is one of the students' most common mistakes. 

Please ask yourself:

  • Have I missed any opportunity that was useful for my career?
  • Am I taking advantage of the opportunities offered by my university?
  • Is my college is suitable to fulfil my dreams? 

You have taken admission to the college to fulfil your dream and take your career in the right direction. Do not miss out on any chance. 

9. Making Decisions for Other's Sake:

Always listen to others but take the decision that is best for you. Do not agree just for other's happiness or fulfil other's desires. 

Please ask yourself:

  • Do I know what is best for me?
  • Have I taken the right decision that facilitates my academic growth?
  • Is my decision supporting my career growth?

Think about yourself and choose the best option for you. 

10. Becoming A Hard Worker:

You will have to face tough competition as everyone around you are equally capable and brilliant in their field. You have to move out of the box to outshine others.

Please ask yourself:

  • Am I capable of competing with others in my class?
  • Is my knowledge enough to secure well in my exams?
  • Am I spending sufficient time on my studies?

It is the era where smart work has replaced hard work. So, it will be best if you use various techniques that accelerate the process of work.

11. Bad Company:

Students get surrounded by bad people or get involved with the persons who are not good. It would be best if you avoid this.

Please ask yourself:

  • Do good people surround me?
  • Are the people around me well-civilized and influential?
  • Are my friends helping me improve my grades?

Under the influence of the good company, students can learn good habits. Good company always benefits the students. 

12. Lack Of Focus:

Students get involved in so many curricular activities that they lack focus on their purpose of being in the college. It might result in securing low grades in examinations. 

Please ask yourself:

  • Am I moving out of focus from the primary goal?
  • Are the curricular activities really beneficial for me? 
  • Are the extra-curricular activities affecting my grades?

Do not let anything harm academic growth. For students, negligence in studies is not acceptable at any cost.

13. Lifestyle:

Most of the students live unhealthy lifestyles while studying in college. Late night parties, alcohol, smoking, or spending too much on useless things are prevalent among them. 

Please ask yourself:

  • Am I living a lifestyle that somehow harms my health?
  • Do I need to change my lifestyle?
  • Is my lifestyle affecting my studies?

Choose the lifestyle that suits you and supports you in your study. You cannot put your health at risk due to any reason. 

14. Procrastination: 

Delaying tasks is the worst habit of teenagers. Students become procrastinators and refuse to start their work early. As a result, they seek Assignment Help from professionals to finish the assignment on time. 

Please ask yourself:

  • How is procrastination harming my grades?
  • Why should I finish my work on time?
  • Is delaying the work affect my grades?

Procrastination should be avoided in order to finish the syllabus on time. It will help you attain better grades. 

15. Not Responding In Class:

It is seen that students choose to keep mum in the classroom. The reason could vary from student to student, but it is the biggest mistake they make. 

Please ask yourself:

  • Why am I not answering in the classroom?
  • Are my concepts not clear and resist me to speak up in class? 
  • How can I overcome my fear or hesitation?

Responding in the classroom is very important to show your professors that you are attentive in the classroom. 

16. Not Making Connections:

Shy students do not interact with others. Students need to make strong relationships with professors and other fellow mates. 

Please ask yourself:

  • Do I know enough people that would be helpful for me to explore various opportunities?
  • Am I following the right people?
  • Have I made the right connections?

Socializing with people can help you find better opportunities and explore different things. 

17. Class Bunking:

Class bunking is what we all did in school and college life. Making this a habit is not advisable. Many students regularly bunk the classes, and hence, they might skip introductory lectures.  

Please ask yourself:

  • Are the lectures vital that I am skipping?
  • Can I cover that topic I missed by myself?
  • Does the class bunk not affect my grades?

Students must know the significance of the topics or subjects that they plan to skip. Bunking classes generally push students behind others in their classroom. 

18. Neglecting Family:

Getting involved in unnecessary things makes the student neglect their families. The reason could be the generation gap as students think their parents cannot understand them. 

Please ask yourself:

  • Am I sharing what I had to do with my family?
  • Does my family know about my studies?
  • Are my family members aware of my lifestyle, friends, or habits?

Detaching from the families is not appreciated at any cost. Spare some valuable time with your family as it will relax your mind.  


College life gives you the most amazing experiences of life as you learn new things. Stepping into a new life could help you in one way and harm you in another. Be prepared for both, as you cannot overlook the negative impact of the mistakes in your life. It is better to learn from others' experiences and avoid repeating those mistakes.

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