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Mental health Challenges of College Students

Mental health Challenges of College Students
cal LiveWebTutors cal 07 Jan, 2020

Going to college is a dream for millions of high school students. These children are going to have a more independent life where most of the time, they don't have uniforms or the compulsion of time table. during this time Some students may develop some troubles with mental health. This article will help you learn more about common mental illnesses, and how you can support any person suffering from them.  It varies from student to student, and from city to city, but the most common issues are discussed here. Take a moment to read & understand and help a student in need.

The important goals that you have chalked out in your life, it has contributed a lot to make you a better person.

This blog focuses on addressing the usual mental health concerns among all college students and when to contact someone for help, how a counselor can help them as most students have various pressures like study, performance, assignment, peer pressure, extracurricular activity, and much more. When left untreated or we can say not shared with anyone, there is immense pressure. These issues might become devastating and fatal many times. If you are a college-going student or you are feeling stressed out with your issues, then finding a friend or someone special becomes important for you.

Many times the children will be very stressed for a number of reasons. It will be helpful if you make your child understand that he has his family with him and that he doesn't need to be stressed at all.

Sometimes Changing the timetable can be a task, and that will create a problem for the child, such as the child's behavior at home. At times, they can be aggressive; they might not get sleep, will not eat their meal on time; will not be interested in doing any activities, and not attend any family functions.

they should be concerned but need not get worried too much about college assignments or performance pressure. Mental disturbance is widespread among students nowadays. According to researchers, one out of every four students overthink. Some feel overstressed with the responsibilities, while some become scared because of the struggles that they face in their college life.

While there are many health concerns that are common for students today, this blog will discuss the common five predominant issues:

  • Depression,
  • Anxiety,
  • Suicide,
  • Eating disorders, and
  • Addiction

Here we are just trying to impart knowledge about the issues and how to overcome them in simple ways. It wishes to assist you in finding resources that can be helpful for you to lead a more satisfied and improved college life. If you have serious issues, then you must opt for treatment offered by medical professionals.

Today some students find it challenging for approaching a friend or their loved ones to sort out such sicknesses. People don't like it when someone advises them or tells them to get treated for such disorders, they're not feeling good, or find it difficult to talk about what they must do. It's wise to be understanding and patient.

If you are believing that you are experiencing such mental health issues, connect with your friends. They look forward to seeing you lead a healthy life and not criticizing you. Sharing your difficulties with your friends and families will be a difficult task for you initially, but it’s good to make them aware of the situation you are going through and are seeking help to get rid of such issues.

For many children, having a set of things to do is better. Some other children will need a break to refresh their minds. Learning in a new place would be a great idea since that will change the child's perspective, and he/she will have fresh air.

Parents should know how to be patient and understanding when it comes to managing stress in kids. Take some time to think how much your child has changed compared to before and continue and tell her that you are proud of her


Depression in college students ubiquitous. As per research is concerned, grief holds the first position why students don’t go to school and becomes a concerning issue when left unattended can become complicated. Depression can leave you feeling low and stranded, wholly disconnected from the rest parts of the world. Depression can obstruct your life, doing significant everyday chores like working late at night, studying for a long time, not getting enough sleep, and eating junk food.

Signs of depression vary from one individual to another individual. Depression is caused because of certain chemical imbalances caused in your brain.

Addiction to harmful substances

It is also common among college students. They tend to have cigarettes and alcohol, which leads them to addiction, which can hamper their state of mind. So, it is highly advisable to have a healthy lifestyle in college. The reasons for getting addicted to substances might cause adverse effects on college students if not addressed immediately.

Anxiety Disorders and Complications

There are numerous kinds of anxiety-related disorders. They can affect a student's skills to succeed in college. Anxiety is a concerning issue for students who need help mental and physically. Scientists have shared their opinion on anxiety disorders that grow from a mixture of various factors like genetics, brain chemistry, and personality.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder was formerly called manic-depressive disease. A person who have been experiencing dramatic swings in their mood, energy levels, and ability to even face the world. There are several altered types of bipolar disorders; some are comparatively mild, while others need hospital care.

Eating Disorders

Due to junk food and various food options, eating disorders are known to be a part of lifestyle choices. The truth is recognized as a psychiatric sickness that can be dangerous. It can be proved to be fatal if not treated in the right way. The growth of an eating disorder can lead to unbalanced hormones, body dysmorphia, genetics, pressure, and trauma.

Sleeping Disorders

Sleep disorders are common issues with college students. It involves any disorder that prevents an individual from falling asleep or makes it impossible for them to stay asleep for a long time. There are various types of sleep disorders, so mentioning the exact reason is not easy. Some of the reasons include psychiatric disorders, medical issues, and environmental problems.

Psychiatric disorders and mental sickness can intervene with the learning of college, especially when college students don't have a strategy in place for managing their present situation. While there are no individuals who don’t face identical mental illness, it assists them in knowing the realities of life to these students and makes them understand the impact of mental illness on their careers. Besides managing the unnecessary stresses from their college life, those who are suffering from psychiatric disabilities face frustrations, distractions, and many more debilitating symptoms quite easily.

Always share with your friends and discuss with your parents when you are not feeling right about anything or everything in college.

Recognizing the such type of issues in people can be delicate, as college students often restrain or never let anyone know the things that are severely bothering them, usually due to uncertainties, and humiliations, and sometimes making worsen things to a great extent. Exhibiting, a few symptoms don’t certainly refer to depression issues. Life can sometimes be complicated, and people will come across many such situations in their life as time passes by.

Though, if you are experiencing such symptoms regularly, it’s recommended that you seek assistance from your family or friends so that you can easily get rid of them.

Incoming college students will come across these words quite often that explain to them how they can enjoy college and why is it considered to be the best part of their lives. You will meet new people, and make new friends who will be with you at every moment of your life. They will support you, have fun with you, and also sometimes fight with you for obvious reasons.

You will also feel stressed out when you are staying away from your family and home, completing assignments, and getting busy with your schedule. Sometimes, you might feel deserted from the outside world, and feel depressed because of such feelings. It is essential for you to control your emotions and be strong in those phases of life that might put you in tough situations. Also, it’s important for you to understand the fact that feeling stressed about everything will not help you, rather it will deteriorate your health to a significant extent.

It is essential to seek assistance from professionals. So, if you think your friend is going through a rough phase, you must encourage them to take help, advice, and suggestions from the expert. So, it’s important for you to be healthy and stress-free all the time to lead a peaceful life.

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