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King’s College London

King’s College London
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King's College London (also referred to as “King's” or “KCL”) is a public research university seated in London, United Kingdom.

KCL is the originating college and a member organization of the federal University of London. King’s College London was founded in 1829 by King George IV when it was granted its 1st Royal Charter.

 King's is amongst the ancient universities in England. In 1836, King's College became one of the two founder colleges of the University of London. In the late 20th century, King's surged through a series of amalgamations, including Queen Elizabeth College & Chelsea College of Science & Technology, the Institute of Psychiatry, the United Medical and& Dental Schools of Guy's and St Thomas Hospitals, and the Florence Nightingale School of Nursing and Midwifery.

King's College, so named to signify the patronization of King George IV, was established in 1829, though the origins of King's Medical School, St. Thomas, originate from the 16th century with proclaimed first teaching in 1561.

The King's College London Act 1903, extinguished all remaining religious drains for staff, except within the Theological department. In 1910, KCL (with the Theological Department as the exception) amalgamated with the University of London under the King's College London “Transfer” Act 1908, losing its legal autonomy.

King's College London witnessed several amalgamations with other institutions in the late 20th century including the refusion in 1983 of the King's College School of Medicine and Dentistry, which had become independent of King's College Hospital at the foundation of the National Health Service in 1948, amalgamations with Queen Elizabeth College and Chelsea College in 1985, and the Institute of Psychiatry in 1997.  In 1998 Florence Nightingale's original training school for nurses fused with the King's Department of Nursing Studies as the Florence Nightingale School of Nursing and Midwifery.

In December 2014, KCL remodeled its name to 'King's London'. It was asserted that there were no plans to modify the legal name of King's and that the name 'King's London' was designed to emphasize King's and to highlight the fact that King's is a university. KCL announced that the Online Assignment Help renaming plans had been withdrawn in January 2015.

King's alumni consist of the contributors to the discovery of “DNA Structure”, “Hepatitis C” and the Higgs boson; groundbreakers of artificial insemination fertilization, stem cell/mammal cloning, and the modern hospice movement; and key researchers in the field of radar, radio, television, and mobile phones.

Various campuses of King’s College London are as below:

  • Strand Campus
  • Guy's Campus
  • Waterloo Campus
  • St Thomas's Campus
  • Denmark Hill Campus
  • Shrivenham

Schools Faculties, Departments, schools & Courses:

  • Faculty of Arts & Humanities
  • Department of Classics
  • Department of Comparative Literature
  • Department of Culture, Media & Creative Industries
  • Department of Digital Humanities
  • Department of English
  • Department of Film Studies
  • Department of French
  • Department of German
  • Department of History
  • Department of Liberal Arts
  • Department of Music
  • Department of Philosophy
  • Department of Spanish, Portuguese & Latin American Studies
  • Department of Theology & Religious Studies
  • King’s Digital Lab
  • Modern Language Centre
  • King’s Business School
  • Accounting & Finance BSc.
  • Business Management BSc.
  • Computer Science with Management & a year in industry B.Sc.
  • Economics B.Sc.
  • Economics & Management B.Sc.
  • Health Care Management B.Sc.
  • International Management B.Sc.
  • Management & Modern Languages (French, German, Portuguese or Spanish)
  • Mathematics with Management & Finance B.Sc.
  • Accounting, Accountability & Financial Management M.Sc.
  • Banking & Finance M.Sc.
  • Digital Marketing M.Sc.
  • Economics & Finance M.Sc.
  • Executive Management M.Sc.
  • Finance (Asset Pricing) M.Sc.
  • Finance (Corporate Finance) M.Sc.
  • Finance Analytics M.Sc.
  • Global Finance & Banking MSc., PG Dip., PG Cert.
  • Global Finance Analytics MSc., PG Dip.
  • Human Resource Management & Organizational Analysis MSc.
  • International Management M.Sc.
  • International Marketing M.Sc.
  • International Marketing (Executive) M.Sc.
  • Marketing MSc., PG -Dip., PG -Cert.
  • Public Policy & Management M.Sc.
  • Strategic Entrepreneurship & Innovation M.Sc.

Faculty-of-Dentistry,-Oral,-and-Craniofacial-Sciences Faculty of Dentistry, Oral, and Craniofacial Sciences

  • Dental Therapy & Hygiene BSc.
  • Dentistry B.D.S.
  • Dentistry Entry Program for Medical Graduates B.D.S.
  • Advanced Minimum Intervention Dentistry MSc.
  • Aesthetic Dentistry MSc.
  • Conscious Sedation for Dentistry PG -Dip.
  • Dental Cone Beam CT Radiological Interpretation PG- Cert.
  • Dental Public Health MSc.
  • Endodontics MSc.
  • Fixed & Removable Prosthodontics
  • Maxillofacial & Craniofacial Technology
  • Maxillofacial Prosthetic Rehabilitation MSc.
  • Microbiome in Health & Disease MSc.
  • Operative Dentistry PG Dip.
  • Orthodontics MSc.
  • Pediatric Dentistry MSc.
  • Regenerative Dentistry MSc.

The-Dickson-Poon-School-of-Law The Dickson Poon School of Law

  • Law LLB
  • Politics, Philosophy & Law LLB
  • English Law & French Law LLB and Master 1 en droit
  • English Law & German Law LLB and LLM
  • English Law & Spanish Law LLB and Grado en Derecho (Spanish equivalent of LLB)
  • English Law & Hong Kong Law LLB and JD
  • Competition Law
  • European Law
  • Intellectual Property & Information Law
  • International Business Law
  • International Financial Law
  • International Dispute Resolution
  • International Tax Law
  • Law and Technology
  • Transnational Law.

Faculty-of-Life-Sciences-&-Medicine Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine

  • School of Basic & Medical Biosciences
  • School of Biomedical Engineering & Imaging Sciences
  • School of Cancer & Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • School of Cardiovascular Medicine & Sciences
  • School of Immunology & Microbial Sciences
  • School of Life Course & Population Sciences

Faculty-of-Natural,-Mathematical-and-Engineering-Sciences Faculty of Natural, Mathematical, and Engineering Sciences

  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Engineering
  • Department of Informatics
  • Department of Mathematics
  • Department of Physics

Florence-Nightingale-Faculty-of-Nursing,-Midwifery-and-Palliative-Care Florence Nightingale Faculty of Nursing, Midwifery, and Palliative Care

  • Cicely Saunders Institute of Palliative Care, Policy & Rehabilitation
  • Department of Adult Nursing
  • Department of Child & Family Health
  • Department of Mental Health Nursing
  • Department of Midwifery
  • Division of Applied Technologies for Clinical Care
  • Division of Care in Long-Term Conditions
  • Division of Methodologies

Institute-of-Psychiatry,-Psychology-and-Neuroscience Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Neuroscience

  • School of Academic Psychiatry
  • Department of Addictions Sciences
  • Department of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
  • Department of Forensic and Neurodevelopmental Science
  • Department of Old Age Psychiatry
  • Department of Psychological Medicine
  • Department of Psychosis Studies
  • School of Mental Health & Psychological Sciences
  • Department of Biostatistics & Health Informatics
  • Department of Health Service and Population Research
  • Department of Psychology
  • School of Neuroscience
  • Social, Genetic & Developmental Psychiatry Centre
  • Centre for Developmental Neurobiology
  • Department of Basic & Clinical Neuroscience
  • Department of Neuroimaging
  • Wolfson Centre for Age-Related Diseases

Faculty-of-Social-Science-&-Public-Policy Faculty of Social Science & Public Policy

  • International School for Government
  • School of Education, Communication & Society
  • School of Global Affairs
  • African Leadership Centre
  • Department of Geography
  • Department of Global Health & Social Medicine
  • Department of International Development
  • King’s Brazil Institute
  • King’s India Institute
  • Lau China Institute
  • Menzies Australia Institute
  • School of Politics & Economics
  • Department of European & International Studies
  • Department of Political Economy
  • King’s Russia Institute
  • School of Security Studies
  • Defence Studies Department
  • Department of War Studies
  • The Policy Institute

Online-Distance-Learning-Courses Online/Distance Learning Courses

  • Law (14 courses)
  • Medicine & Health (14 courses)
  • Social Sciences (14 courses)
  • Business & Management (6 courses)
  • Natural Sciences & Mathematics (6 courses)
  • Computer Science & IT (4 courses)
  • Education & Training (2 courses)
  • Applied Sciences & Professions (1 course)
  • Arts, Design & Architecture (1 course)

Grades & Grading System:

Graduate Marking Criteria

The work of all graduate students will be evaluated and recorded in terms of the following grades:

A 4.00  
A- 3.67  
B+ 3.33  
B 3.00  
B- 2.67  
C+ 2.33  
C 2.00  
C- 1.67  
D 1.00  
F 0.00  
“IN” 0.00 A task in a course not finished. If such work is not concluded by the mid-term report date of the following semester, the grade of "F" will be allotted as the final grade
“IP” 0.00 In advancement; used for courses that officially extend beyond one semester, such as research or independent study courses. Completion is designated by one of the regular grades recorded in the following semester, and credit is awarded at that time.
“W” 0.00 Accepted withdrawal from a course after the class meeting has started. For the deadline for discontinuation without academic penalty, approach the Graduate Division Office.
“AW” 0.00 Academic discontinuation. At the sole discretion of the college, in those cases where a student is hypothesized to be in serious violation of college policy, to start cancellation of the student's registration.
“NG” 0.00 No grade. At the sole discretion of the college to withhold a final grade if a student fails to complete all necessary enlistment procedures. Completion is determined by one of the regular grades.

Academic Standing

Students registered in part-time graduate programs are deemed to maintain an overall grade point average (G.P.A.) of 3.00 (B) or above in one’s graduate program. A student's G.P.A. is evaluated by dividing the total number of grade points obtained by the total number of graded graduate semester hours garnered, apart from courses in which the grades “IN”, “IP”, and “W” are recorded.

If a student's G.P.A. is less than 3.00 for any semester or session, one’s standing will be scrutinized by the “Graduate Policy Committee”, and the student may be placed on an academic assessment. If the student's cumulative G.P.A. stands less than 3.00, one’s registration may be dropped and the student may be recalled or dismissed from his/her graduate program.

A student who is dropped from one’s graduate program may re-apply for admission. When a student is dismissed from a graduate program, there is no possibility to return.


Global rankings at a glance reveal that King's College is placed amongst the top universities across the globe. QS Rankings has positioned it under the top 35 education institutes globally. US News has also positioned it under the top 40 universities globally since 2018. The Complete University Guide, which is a prominent ranking grantor for UK universities, has ranked King's College in the top 10 positions for the last 5 years within the UK. Also, it has leaped its position prominently from the #10 rank in 2018 to the #2 rank in 2021.

Ranked By 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) - Universities Rankings  #50 #46 #56 #51 #47 NA
QS - World University Ranking  NA #21 #23 #31 #33 #31
THE (Times Higher Education) - University Ranking  NA #36 #36 #38 #36 #35
The Complete University Guide - University Ranking (UK)  NA #21 #21 #26 #25 #20
The Guardian - University Rankings  NA #42 #39 #58 #63 #42
US News & World Report - Global Universities  NA NA #39 #37 #37 #34

Ranking for Business Courses

Ranked By 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
THE (Times Higher Education) - PG Business and Economics NA NA #97 #126-#150 #101-#125
The Complete University Guide - Business & Management Studies (UK)  #6 #10 #2 #5 #2
The Guardian - Business, Management & Marketing  #23 #13 #24 #31 #30

Ranking for Engineering Courses

Ranked By 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
QS - Engineering and Technology  #137 #135 #161 #145 NA
The Complete University Guide - Electrical & Electronic Engineering  NA NA #55 #26 #16
The Guardian - Electronic & Electrical Engineering  NA NA NA #54 #60

Fees & Living Expenses:

Courses Duration 1st Year Tuition Fees
B.E. / B.Tech. (13 Courses) (3 to 4 years) £26.70 K - £29.50 K
B.Sc. (27 Courses) (3 to 4 years) £20.80 K - £28.10 K
B.B.A. (6 Courses) (3 to 4 years) £20.80 K - £28.09 K
M.A. (53 Courses) (1 year) £18.80 K - 27.90 K
M.Pharma (1 Courses) (4 years) £24.68 K
M.B.B.S. (2 Courses) (4 to 5 years) £40.80 K - 42.85 K
M.S. (66 Courses) (1 year-3 years) £21.90 K - 37.30 K
MIM(19 Courses) (12 months-1 year) £23.50 K - 35.55 K

Living Expenses

As far as living costs in the UK for international students is concerned, it depends on one’s budget, lifestyle, and preferences. The approximate monthly expenses for an international student in the UK is as follows –

Expenses Estimated Monthly Expenditure
Food £155 to £215
Rent Halls of Residence (inclusive of bills) £395 to £620 per month Private Accommodation (excluding bills) - £315 - £540 per month
Electricity, Water, and Gas £39 to £55 per month
Internet £42
Mobile Bill/ Recharge £13 to £49 per month
Stationery      £25 per month
Bus Fare £35 per month
Laundry £28
Clothing/Shoes £35 per month
Movie Ticket (can be exempted) £10 per head
Dining at a Restaurant £15 to £20 per meal


Various residences at KCL are:

  • Angel Lane
  • Atlas
  • City, Vine Street (Postgraduate only)
  • Great Dover Street
  • Julian Markham
  • Moonraker Point
  • Orchard Lisle and Iris Brook
  • Stamford Street Apartments
  • Stratford One
  • Vauxhall (Postgraduate only)
  • Wolfson House

Intercollegiate halls

  • Garden Halls
  • College Hall
  • Connaught Hall
  • International Hall
  • Lillian Penson
  • Nutford House

Admissions & Selection Criteria:


Eligibility & Documents Required

According to the level of the program, international students are bound to meet the eligibility requirements to apply at King’s College London. Exact entry requisites at King’s differ by course, and some programs specify certain mandatory subjects or grades, or state-preferred subjects.  Along with the specific program and subject requisites, international students need to meet English language entry requirements.

Undergraduate Course

  • High school leaving certificate from C.B.S.E. and C.I.S.C.E. boards at the end of level 12
  • A gross average score of 80% and 90% in the level 12 examination
  • Subject-specified grade at A-level for some courses as some programs may demand 80% to 90% in the required subjects
  • I.E.L.T.S. Academic with an aggregate score of 7.0 or better; with no component score less than 6.50
  • P.T.E. Academic with an aggregate of 69.0 or better; with no component score under 62.0
  • T.O.E.F.L. iBT with an aggregate of 100; with a min. of 25 in writing and 23 in each of the individual skills

Postgraduate-Taught Course

  • 3-year Bachelor (Honours) or Bachelor (Special) degree from an acclaimed university
  • Good scores in the required subject as per the course opted for
  • Exact grade requisites differ as per the course applied for
  • Average percentage between 55% and 75% percent or average CGPA between 7/10 and 9/10, according to the level of recognition of Indian universities
  • I.E.L.T.S. Academic with an aggregate band score of 7.0 or better; with no component score less than 6.50
  • P.T.E. Academic with an aggregate of 69 or higher; with no component score less than 62
  • TOEFL iBT with an aggregate of 100; with a min. of 25 in writing and 23 in each of the individual skills

Documents Required:

Applicant Type Documents Required
Undergraduate Course
  • High School Documents
  • Personal Statement
  • 1 Academic Reference
  • English Language Test Result
Postgraduate Course
  • Official Documentation of previous and current qualifications (highlighting course, modules, subject grades, and final gross grade, if completed)
  • Copies of final Degree Certificates (if already issued)
  • 2 Academic References
  • Personal Statement or Writing Samples
  • A Comprehensive Research Proposal (for research students)
  • English Language Test Results

As far as the application regarding postgraduate courses, King’s College London usually takes 4 to 6 weeks for processing the application. During peak periods, processing time might be higher. Students are updated via email and instructed to check the admission status online.

As far as undergraduate application through UCAS is concerned, international students applying before the UCAS deadline can receive admission updates latest by the start of May. Waiting time may differ as some courses evaluate applications after all applications have been presented, while other courses normally take decisions as and when they receive them. The students can track the admission decisions online.

Placements at KCL:

Meanwhile at the end of the day, one is eventually responsible for attaining one’s opportunities, the Global Placements team offers support to all students through their placement journey. KCL has evolved a specialized series of placement-specific events, workshops, and, online provisions to support one’s development of professional skills and feel geared to enter the world of work in one’s third year. These include:

  • Careers Consultations
  • Placement Preparation workshops
  • Employer Networking Events
  • Collaborative Learning & Placement Student Socials
  • Dedicated in-placement support
  • Online placement cell with extensive resources and guidance
  • Online vacancy board promoting hundreds of opportunities

Top Recruiting Companies at KCL:

  • Deloitte
  • Osmosis
  • Local Oye
  • Accenture
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Bank of America
  • Oracle


Internal Scholarships at King’s College London

Scholarship Benefits Eligibility
School of Global Affairs Undergraduate Degree Award £9,000; paid over 3 years Admission to Geography or Global Health or Social science program
King’s International Scholarship £25,000 Starting full-time PG taught program
King’s Business School Master’s Scholarship 50.0% to 100% tuition fee waiver Equivalent to 70.0% in the UK marking scheme
C.D.T. in Surgical and Interventional Engineering Studentships Full tuition fee, Allowance,           £17,285 tax-free stipend Commencing doctoral program in the School of Biomedical Engineering & Imaging Sciences
King's Joint Ph.D. Scholarship 2021-22 Tuition fee; Remunerations; Research award Commencing King’s full-time joint Ph.D. program in association with HKU, NUS, USP
Collaborative Studentship: Professional Competitions and Collaboration in the Financial Services Industry £17,285; Full-tuition fee; Teaching opportunity and grant IELTS 7.00 overall( 6.50 or above in each section); 65% or higher in a specified subject; Admitted to King’s Business School Ph.D. program

External Scholarships at King’s College London

Some of the external scholarships, recognized at KCL, for international students (specifically for Indian students) are mentioned in the table below:

Scholarship Benefits Level of Study
Chevening Scholarship Tuition fee, travel fare, living costs One-year PG taught programs
JN Tata Endowment Scholarship INR 1,00,000 - INR 10,00,000 Bachelor's and master’s programs
Rotary Foundation Scholarship Differ Research programs
Charles Wallace Trust Scholarship Differ Research programs
Commonwealth Scholarship travel expenses, tuition fees, allowances Master’s and Doctoral programs

These external scholarships for Indian students are handled by the awarding committees and organizations. From eligibility criteria to the application procedures to final selection decisions, everything differs.

Potential applicants must clearly understand that King’s College London scholarships and overall institution have no indulgence in this. Hence, the decisions of the organizing committee are firm & final and therefore cannot be challenged.

At a glance, with King’s College London scholarships and external scholarships, international students can easily undertake bachelor, master's, or doctorate degree courses at KCL. For any detailed information, applicants should contact the university or the relevant faculty. University Of Waterloo

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