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Killer Tips To Write the A Perfect Cover Letter Template

Killer Tips To Write the A Perfect Cover Letter Template
cal LiveWebTutors cal 18 Feb, 2019

If you think your struggle for a better future is over just after you completed your education then you are wrong. The road to reaching your destination is not as short as you think. Completing education with better grades is a victory in itself but it’s not the end. Getting an internship in the field where you desire to work in the future is something that will give you a picture of how your life would be when you’ll start working. An internship will not only enhance your knowledge but it will also help you in getting some experience. A well-written CV or cover letter is too important for landing an internship or job that you wish to do.

Now the question comes to how to write a flawless Cover letter template. There are numerous people in the competition waiting for you to make a single mistake to snatch your job. The cover letter attached to your resume will leave a great impression on the recruiters to call you for the job. Following a professional cover letter template will help you grab the attention of recruiters. Your cover letter will prove your eligibility for the job. Don’t waste this chance and make the most of it for landing that perfect job.


1. Purpose of writing one: The task of the cover letter is twofold. The first page of the letter is just known as the courtesy function. The first page contains all the explanations on why are you eligible for the job and why should the recruiters hire you for the position. It also lets your recruiter know about the handy list of your contact details.

2. Don’t rewrite the facts written in your CV: it must contain the juicy details of your CV in a precise way but repeating all the details is a big no. The cover letter should not repeat what you have already mentioned in your CV. Nobody likes to read the same thing again and again. When the recruiter’s desk would be flooded with thousands of applications for the same position your cover letter would be the best weapon that you can use.

3. Write a killer opening line: The first line of the opening para must set the theme of your cover letter. You should smartly let the recruiters know that you are selling yourself for the position. Make the deal interesting for them. IT should end with a call to action button which should include your request for the call and the interview process.

4. Write about the organization: It is the point where you can show your research skills. You need to research the company where you are willing to work. This paragraph should make it clear what drew your attention to this company. You must mention the thing that impressed this company and forced you to work.

5 Mention the pros of hiring you: In this paragraph, you are free to make repeats. Yes, you have heard it right. The section seeks the quality that will prove that you are fit for the job. Hence you can repeat at least 3 to 5 qualities that you have already mentioned in your CV. The qualities must be in accordance with the recruiter's thirst for an ideal candidate.

6. Define your personality: This part of your cover letter must be written very carefully. Negative comments about your personality are a big no for you here. You should define your personality in a way that reflects how motivated and enthusiastic you are for the job. Mention your weaknesses in a way that seems like your pros. In short, you should make the recruiter believe that no one is better than you for this job.

7. Short and factual: Your Cover letter must be short and defining. It should not be too lengthy and full of lies. It is suggested that you mention your real qualities in a self-defining mode. Each word of your cover letter must be written in a way that emphasizes the recruiter to read it further. Signing the cover letter is proof of authenticity. Signing your cover letter would appear a bit old-fashioned but it will prove your authenticity and also reflect that you are attached to your roots.

8. Contact details: Sending your cover letter to a named individual would be a great idea. Sir/madam is way too mainstream and you must something different in order to get the job. Ask your friends or contact reception for a name that you can mention in your CV instead of writing sir/ma’am.

Also, don’t forget to keep it clean and presentable. Don’t make grammatical and spelling errors as it will ruin the impression that you were trying to make. Remember how badly you want to get the job. Your cover letter must reflect your thirst to get the job.

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