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How to Write the College Essay like a pro

How to Write the College Essay like a pro
cal LiveWebTutors cal 08 Nov, 2019

Have you been assigned with your task of essay? Are you looking for professional assistance who can help you understand how you can work upon your college essay and submit it exactly as per the instruction of the college professor? Well, it is very important for students around the world to deliver their essay exactly the way it has been stated because it has more than 70% of the grades attached to it.

Preparing essays is a tough job because it has different aspects related to it and it is important that you understand each and everything precisely so that you can get your needs covered without any kind of hassle at all.

Here in this article, we will help you understand the different ways which can help you craft for essay in the most convincing manner and get your professor convinced to help you with the best of grades you are looking forward to achieving.

Below mentioned are the best of tips which you must not hesitate and work upon to prepare your essay like a pro, take a look:


The hardest part of preparing the essay is getting started with it. You need to brainstorm about the different aspects of the topic about which you need to prepare your essay. You need to understand the argument and why you are going to work upon the respective essay which will help you acknowledge the strengths which need to be defined in the beginning to have a great start.

First Draft

After your research work has been done and you have the required notes then, it is important to create an outline and structure of the respective essay. You need to understand which outline will be perfect for you to catch the attention of your audience. So, you need to work up on your research work to gain the most out of it. Preparing rough draft will help you understand how your ideas will work and is it perfect or not. So, this will help you check with mistakes in the way and how you can make it even better in the final draft.

3 Essay Segments

Next is to move ahead with the most important part of your essay assignment which is the introduction, body, and conclusion. So, you need to draft this section as per your given topic. There will be one of the paragraphs which helps you introduce your topic and find the reason behind the respective assignment and then moves ahead with the body which will have several paragraphs and it will showcase the idea of the respective assignment with evidence. And you will need to do is to prepare essay with informative content which can help the readers get a proper insight about the advantage of understanding the respective paper.

Be Specific

If you need to make sure that your essay is specific and to the point. You need to make sure that everything is making sense and correct. If there is anything which irrelevant then it might damage the outcome of your results. You need to make sure that everything you have drafted is connected to the topic.

Make It Creative

It is important that you make sure that your essay is creative enough to keep the readers remain attached to it till the end. So, you need to make sure that your essays interactive enough to help one understand the different aspects and that too without sounding dull.

Be Genuine

Another important thing you must keep in mind while framing an essay is keeping things honest. Yes, you must make sure that all the information shared in the respective assignment is genuine and according to the topic which is very important to help you secure the best of scores. So, you need to make sure that you must not include anything which is against the topic and is not true.


After you have drafted your assignment, you can always get it checked with your local tutors or friends. It will help you understand where you are lacking and how you can get better. Keeping things interactive will help you submit the essay which is perfectly matching with the expectations of the college professor and it certainly help you secure the grades you are looking forward to achieving.

So, these are the things which you must keep in mind while drafting your college essay. It will help you submit it like a pro and secure good results in the most convincing manner. You can always take the assistance of a reliable online assignment help service provider and help yourself out of stress right away.

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