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How to Write an Introduction for Assignment?

How to Write an Introduction for Assignment?
cal LiveWebTutors cal 06 Nov, 2018

The structure of your assignment is the key point for getting good grades in exams. Usually, students are not able to meet the standards of writing and structuring which result in bad grades. This is the reason why assignment writing is considered to be one of the most difficult things for students as they are not able to structure it. When students are asked to write an assignment they get confused and do not know how to approach it. The first thing which they should always keep in mind is to start with a proper introduction. The introduction is where you will briefly discuss the nature of the topic. Generally, students are given the subject in the form of a question so it is crucial that the topic is crafted in a way that reflects the question. Below are various other guidelines to keep in mind.

How to Write an Introduction for an Assignment?

Whenever you are writing a good introduction, you want to make sure that you have written something that is interesting and convinces the reader to keep reading. The odds of your reader finishing your book, paper or other document goes up dramatically if they finish the intro portion.

How can you make a witty introduction and convince your reader to keep reading?

  • START WITH SOMETHING CONTROVERSIAL: There is nothing that keeps a reader's attention like something that makes them think, or challenges their view on an issue. Therefore, starting with an eye-popping statement could cause your reader to keep reading even if just out of curiosity.
  • USE FACTS: Throwing a fact into your introduction shows that you know what you are talking about, or that you are preparing to throw out a convincing argument. Your argument backed up with a fact, can help you connect with your reader and keep them reading.
  • BE CONCISE: Your intro is just there to lead into the main part of your paper. Grip the reader, but make sure they have reason to keep reading. If you start writing anything which is pointless, the reader has no reason to keep reading. An intro that is too long could also be filled with a lot of fluff and make the reader feel bored. Your intro is your first impression to the reader. If they think you are just being silly and immature, they might not feel compelled to read on. State your intentions early and then move on to the remaining part.
  •  HAVE A CLEAR THESIS: The worst thing you can do is to leave your reader struggling to understand what your argument is. A clear theory also helps you formulate your arguments throughout the rest of your document.

Second part-Body:-

Here, you would be dealing with the body of the assignment; the body consists of different paragraphs illustrating separate ideas. The Body is where the strongest points are written. Elaboration also takes place here. This is also the part where you should explain the thought stated in the Introduction especially if there was suspense involved. The Body likewise significantly stretches out the idea laid down in the Introduction.

Third step-Conclusion:-

The Conclusion, as the term implies, should have a tone of finality, otherwise, it will leave your finance assignment help hanging or unfinished therefore leaving your readers dissatisfied and disappointed feeling they have wasted their time reading. Here you would be wrapping up the whole assignment in two or three lines.

This is where the summarizing goes on. The main idea here could bring about a fresh idea, yet still connected, one way or another with the whole feature article's topic. This is done when summarizing or restating is not a better option. The decision will be up to you as a feature writer putting into consideration what is better for your piece.

Most often than not, a feature story's conclusion has this dramatic effect subtle enough to avoid cheesiness, and strong enough to successfully extract the intended emotion from the readers.

This Five-paragraph Essay is not the only form of a feature article, of course, but this is the simplest way to start, it is also the easiest.

Why the introduction of an assignment plays a vital role?

There are many topics to choose from for your assignment. No matter what’s the topic, you should make the introduction as compelling as possible so as to engage the reader. The introduction should ideally be consisting of the background of the topic, the thesis statement, and a glimpse of what should he expect from the rest of the assignment. In the second step, you would be dealing with the body paragraphs; therefore, you have to think from the perspective of a reader to develop a good body paragraph.

Now, you know what the ideal structure of the assignment is. The Final lines of advice are to consult your teacher if you have any confusion.

Few more suggestions to keep in mind:-

  • Make the title catchy to make the readers read further
  • One should know what the reader wants. Always know the audience needs
  • Always take guidance from a professional tutor.
  • Consult cdr report writing, assignment help Sydney, Melbourne
  • List the paragraphs. Underline the important points
  • Subheadings are crucial
  • The paragraphs should be linked. Whatever you are writing should be very clear to your reader.
  • Linking works will also be beneficial
  • A background is also important so that the reader has a general understanding of what you are discussing

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