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How to Write an Essay Introduction! – Here are 9 Top Tips

How to Write an Essay Introduction! – Here are 9 Top Tips
cal LiveWebTutors cal 05 Sep, 2018

A good introduction sets up the premise of a good essay. The introduction of the essay gives the readers an idea of what the essay essentially deals with. So to make the reader peruse your essay, you will have to write an introduction that will get your readers enthusiastic about the topic. Generally, an introduction to an essay is not long; so you will have to provide as much information about the essay as you can in it. You will have to administer some caution while writing the introduction. You do not want to give away all the pieces of information in the introduction itself. You need to give a hint about the topic of your essay in the introduction and then discuss it thoroughly in the body of the essay.

It is always desired that the essay should be written in such a way that the topic gets through to the readers. The introduction of the essay is not exempted from this rule. It needs to be written in a way that will excite the readers. Writing an essay for an assignment is a requisite of any University in Australia. So you need to pay attention while you are writing the introduction to the essay because your professors will be forming an idea about your essay on the basis of your introduction. The introduction is the part that is the most difficult to write. Your mind might be filled with ideas but you may not be able to put them into words. However, there are some simple tips that you should follow which will help you to write the introduction to your essay.

Here are 9 Top Tips that will help you to write an introduction:-

  • The introduction should not be lengthy:- Try not to increase the length of the introduction by adding unnecessary details in it. A short and concise introduction is preferred by readers.
  • Do not reuse the title of the essay:- An essay must have a title; however, you do not have to use this tile again while writing the introduction.
  • The theme of the essay:- The introduction is your opportunity to discuss the theme of the essay. Present the theme of the essay in a sentence or two so that there is symmetry between the body of the essay and its introduction.
  • Make it interesting:- You should try to write the introduction in such a way that your professors find it interesting and continue to read.
  • Reinforce the purpose of the essay:- You should always try to emphasize the theme of your essay by stating why the importance of the topic and why it is necessary to discuss it.
  • Connecting with the reader:- Your essay needs to forge a relationship with the one reading it. So you will need to use the personal pronoun ‘you’ to make your readers feel more involved.
  • Short sentencing:- Try to make the sentences as short as possible. In this way, you can avoid making any kind of grammatical mistakes and the short sentences will capture the attention of your professor.
  • Present a counterargument:- Try to present the essay from the point of view of another person as this will be a nice contrast to the point that you will be presenting.
  • Do not try to narrate a story:- You should try not to write your introduction as a story because that will not help you to present facts. Comparing and contrasting facts will be difficult to incorporate into a story.

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The professionals working at LiveWebTutors are known to write essays that are relevant to the topic and are also enthralling to read. Professional writers stick to the rules of essay writing help while they are writing the essays for your assignments. They will give short and meaty introductions that will have your professors hooked on your essay. They will give a proper introduction that will be a dovetail fit to the body of the essay. They use simple language to write the assignments and so it will be easier for you to pass it off as your own work.

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