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How to Write an Argumentative Essay for Academics

How to Write an Argumentative Essay for Academics
cal LiveWebTutors cal 23 Jun, 2021

When you’re writing an argumentative essay, you just need an opinion to simply form your voice or point of view. Even the most logical stance won’t be compelling if it’s not structured properly and strengthened with solid reasoning and evidence. Learn which sections an argumentative essay should embody and the right way to structure them by using our simple and step-by-step guide.

Understanding the basics of an argumentative essay

An argumentative essay could be a piece of writing that takes a stance on a specific issue. In a well-written argumentative essay, an author tries to influence readers to grasp and support their viewpoint on a particular topic. They need to back up their reasoning with relevant proof.

Argumentative essays are quite a commonly assigned assignment for high school, college, or university students.

Generally, students dealing with distinct subject areas like science, marketing, technology, engineering, programming, politics, literature, health care, etc. are assigned argumentative essays.

Efficient ways to design an argumentative essay

Argumentative essays ought to have an easy structure so that they are easy to understand and follow for professors as well as readers. The goal of writing an argumentative essay is to define a point of view, reasoning, and evidence. A flawless Argumentative Essay Help needs to follow the below-mentioned structure:

A strong introduction: The initial paragraph of your argumentative essay should define the topic, give background info necessary to know your argument, outline the proof you will add, and states your thesis statement.

Solid thesis statement: This is often a part of your essay’s initial paragraph. A thesis statement is a concise, one-sentence outline of your essay’s objective and claim.

Perfectly filling body paragraphs: A typical argumentative essay includes 3 or more paragraphs that specify the explanations of why you support your thesis. Every additional essay paragraph should focus on a special plan or piece of proof that briefly explains why the readers and teachers ought to trust your content. Body paragraphs are where you support your arguments with suitable examples, research, statistics, studies, and text citations. Remember to also address the opposing point of view and negate them or make a case for why you afflict them. Presenting facts and considering a subject from each angle adds credibility and can assist you to gain a reader’s trust.

Jawdropping conclusion: This is one paragraph that restates your thesis statement and summarizes all of the arguments created in your body paragraphs. Instead of introducing new facts or a lot of arguments, an honest conclusion should link the text to a reader’s emotions. In some cases, writers can use this section to explain how the essay topic personally impacts them.

If you are confused about how to approach your argumentative essay, we've designed a list of a couple of essential tips for you to put into writing the best argumentative essay

  1. Always remember to select an impactful and strong topic: The very first thing that you simply are compelled to do is to compile a list of top-class argumentative essay topics. Choose an impressive topic for writing that is debatable and raises strong, sensible thoughts. Therefore, a student should pay complete attention while selecting an interesting topic for an argumentative essay. Select a topic that you truly want to write about will be so that you write passionately and can express your thoughts and opinions clearly without any trouble.
  2. Develop a clear thesis statement: No matter what is the subject or topic of your argumentative essay you have to write a clear thesis statement for successful essay writing. Exerting big significance on the thesis statement is important as you are attempting to present an opinion on a specific topic. A well-written thesis statement helps a student to clear his thought process for writing. On the other hand, it helps the readers to understand what your take is on the topic.
  3. Begin your essay with an attractive hook: Do not forget to begin your essay with a motivating truth, statistics, a quote, a private anecdote, or a thought-provoking question. Your first sentence ought to draw the reader in and get them interested in reading or evaluating the essay topic you’re writing.
  4. Remember to add applicable facts and statistics: One cannot divert himself toward a private bias state of affairs in this situation as this can ruin the ultimate purpose of presenting an argumentative essay. To prove that the arguments you create are authentic and original, you need to share enough proof to give the required validation. Whenever you attempt to impart some purpose to your essay, do support it with some facts, knowledge, or statistics that will help the readers perceive its significance.
  5. Always present both sides of the coin: Although the sole motive of writing an argumentative essay is to present your take on the topic, it doesn't mean that you simply fully ignore the other side’s point of view. Don't just ignore it for no reason; instead, add the strongest viewpoint of the other side in your argumentative essay and throw it out to influence the audience on your side.
  6. Remember to follow a logical flow: No matter what argumentative essay you write for your academics, this approach goes well with all types of write-ups. Put in the best of your efforts to confirm that you maintain a logical flow in your content before you share it with the professors. Collect enough arguments to back up your content, arrange them properly, and then build a top-level structure with them to ensure the best understanding level. Logical flow tends to get overshadowed by the presentation of your content, thus confirming that you follow it systematically throughout your writing.

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