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How to Write an Appendix in APA, MLA and Chicago Style?

How to Write an Appendix in APA, MLA and Chicago Style?
cal LiveWebTutors cal 25 Nov, 2019

Are you interested in learning the various styles of writing an Appendix?

Do you have any idea of what an appendix is exactly?

Let us begin by understanding what an appendix is?

In layman terms, an appendix is additional information written apart from the main body containing information not completed related to it. 

An Appendix is written to give information upon the raw data used in writing the content or additional methods applied in undergoing research upon it. 

An appendix is also written to include the various sources of information such as references taken from multiple sources.

Now that we know what an appendix is, let us now understand the information that can be used in an appendix. An Appendix may contain any information citing the source of data. Therefore, you can include the following in your appendix:

  • Charts of any form.
  • Tables
  • Pictorial graphs
  • References from other books
  • The quotation cited from various sources
  • A detailed questionnaire
  • Results of the survey
  • Methodologies used
  • A simple raw data

Let us now understand how to write an appendix in APA, MLA and Chicago style.

In order to write an appendix in APA style, you need to follow the mentioned guidelines.

These guidelines are given below:

  • Start writing the appendix just after your reference list content.
  • The title of your page must be labeled as an Appendix. In case there is more than one appendix mentioned in your report, mention them as 123 or ABC. Example, appendix.1, appendix.2, etc.
  • Label the content of your appendix page with a suitable title.
  • Use a fresh page to write a new appendix in your report.
  • Each para in your appendix must be adequately formatted.
  • Each page of your appendix must be numbered properly.
  • It is necessary you can also add a foot plot in your appendix page.

In order to write an appendix in MLA style you need to follow the below-mentioned guidelines:

  • The appendix must be mentioned before the reference list content of the assignment.
  • Arrange all the contents in your reference list in an alphabetical manner.
  • A fresh page must be used in writing a separate appendix.
  • The numbering of your page must be done adequately.
  • Choose the content of your appendix.
  • If you are to include more than one appendix, use the format as 123 or ABC as explained above.

While writing an appendix in Chicago style, the following guidelines must be followed:

  • All the contents in your appendix must be written using the font “Times New Roman”. 
  • The page numbers must be present at the top right of each of your appendix.
  • Keep the reference list on the last page.
  • Add a suitable title for your content.

The above explains how to write an appendix in the mentioned styles. 

You can also review the appropriate format for writing an appendix in your desired style.

Let us now discuss the format of writing an appendix.

Always start writing a new appendix from a fresh new page. It is very important to put up an appropriate title for the appendix mentioned. 

Few of the titles suggested for your appendix are mentioned below:

Reference list: Mark the content of your page as a reference list if it includes references from a number of sources. While stating the references, keep in mind to arrange all the references chronologically on the basis of the name of the author or on the basis of an essay of publication.

Index: Label the content of the page as an index if it contains columns prescribing information on a given page.

Page number: Label the content of your page with this title if it depicts the particular page number for a given topic.

Footnotes: Label the content of your page with this title if it contains information upon the footnotes added in your content.

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