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How to Write a Well-Structured Assignment?

How to Write a Well-Structured Assignment?
cal LiveWebTutors cal 12 Oct, 2018

These days students are finding difficulties to find a proper or conceptual guide when it comes to writing an assignment. The assignments they attempt to write lack structure and the main points are not highlighted which helps in presenting the argument in a better way. Therefore, in this situation assignment help USA, UK, NZ is the proper guide that would provide various suggestions on how to write great assignments when students need them the most. Below are various points that would help students in understanding the subject matter more conveniently.


Whether you are faced with your first ever assignment essay, or you are looking for inspiration to improve your grade, there is a process to ensure your essay is a success. Simply follow the trusted assignment format and learn how to improve your essay grades.

An assignment is a presentation of your own thoughts and ideas on a subject, which uses the source material to support your arguments. Source material may include books, journal articles, reports, etc that you have read

How to Start?

Start by reading the question. It may sound rather too obvious to mention but year after year, students just look at a word or phrase in the essay title and take this as a cue to reel off everything they know about that subject, without considering whether they are really answering what has been asked.

Research is an important part:-

To research a topic and find suitable source material, you need to plan a search strategy. This ensures that you know exactly what you are looking for. To plan your research, you need to decide on:

  • The focus of the question
  • What is the main topic?
  • The key concepts - write down words related to the topic
  • Alternative terms - write down other words that mean the same thing as the key concepts
  • Your understanding of the issues - write down things you think will be important to answer the question
  • Your sources - where will you find material?

Critical thinking:-

Assignment writing has to be described by critical thinking. Students have to make sure what they want to convey and it should be written between paragraphs, labelled with headings so that the reader can understand the argument easily. Dividing the work into various paragraphs is essential for a structured assignment.

Usage of examples:-

Using examples is the best way to convey your thoughts and ideas. This is would indicate that you have actually worked hard on your assignment and how you have applied your knowledge into practice. Therefore, examples can help professors have a clear understanding of your assignment topic.

Including figures and tables:-

Adding figures and tables are an effective way of conveying your information to the reader. Highlighting the important points and headings leaves a good impression and one should not forget to mention their sources in the bibliography.

State all your findings in the main body:-

You should try to describe all the main points in the body. Never go away from the topic and it’s important to be analytical rather than being descriptive. You should not write anything which is not asked as this leaves a bad impression and the reader might get bored and not read the full thing ahead.

Sources That Impress:-

Remember that your tutor could be marking 20, 30 or even 40 papers answering exactly the same question. As perfect as your assignment may be, it is difficult to impress without showing an element of originality. Using a good selection of quality sources adds strength to your arguments and the quality of your paper.

What to Aim For:-

Before you start writing your essay, it is helpful to keep in mind the qualities that your final piece of work should have.

  • To attain a 1st, you need to demonstrate an exceptional level of clarity. You must also show special signs of excellence or originality.
  • Your presentation should be impeccable and your arguments should be supported so the reader is left in no doubt as to the accuracy of the information.
  • Not only will your assignment show that you have a comprehensive knowledge of the topic and an excellent understanding of the issues and debates concerned, but it will also show you have excellent study skills, through your ability to select and interpret quality materials and authority to support your arguments.
  • Your writing should be structured logically so that arguments are developed in a convincing way.

Planning Your Structured Assignment:-

Many students think a structured assignment means an introduction, body and conclusion. While this is the very basic structure of an assignment, a more detailed plan will help you write well. A good structure for your assignment is below:


The introduction is the place to grip your readers, sufficiently impress them, and make them want to know more. It may include:

  • An introductory paragraph - this may introduce a controversial issue. You may want to start with an attention-getter - that's a sharp, intelligent statement relating to the topic
  • The first paragraph - give background information
  • The second paragraph - give your opinion
  • The third paragraph - acknowledges the opposing opinions


This is where you prove your case. Remember at all times that you are making an argument, not narrating a story. Use the keywords you identified in your search strategy to help you. Make sure that every paragraph in some way refers to those keywords - or it will be irrelevant.


The conclusion is where you summarize the main findings of your research. Without a conclusion, you will score less marks. Draw together the components of your arguments and make sure you spell out how any weaknesses have been dealt with.

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