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How to Write a Great Software Engineer Resume?

How to Write a Great Software Engineer Resume?
cal LiveWebTutors cal 16 Oct, 2019

Nowadays it is very common amongst people to apply for a job on an online basis. But due to the immense competition, it becomes highly difficult for them to get selected for an interview.

Now to make a very attractive resume, we need to ask ourselves the following questions:

  1. What are the choices that I need to consider while writing a resume? 
  2. How can my resume help me make ahead in the competition and help me in getting my desired job?
  3. How can I make my resume attractive?

We all are familiar with the sites where we can apply for getting our desired job. These sites contain a bunch of positions that are open for applying which we have the qualifications to apply. But generally, we forget to read the complete job description or read the actual requirements of the company for the desired job. Nevertheless, we apply for it because we just care to get a job. But do we get a positive response like a phone call or an email confirming our interview date? Sadly, sometimes it’s an immediate rejection or simply we don’t get a reply. 

We apply to a couple of more companies, get more rejections and we keep on repeating this process until we get a job. Getting your resume to be selected by the manager is a very difficult task as it has to pass through a number of evolution processes before it reaches the hands of a human resource manager. There are various online keyword filters that are set as per the expectations of the human resource manager. These filters are to be met before it reaches the hands of the hiring person. 

Thereby before writing a resume, one has to keep in mind the undermentioned points to enable them to make it an attractive:-

  1. The hiring person interviews many people in a given period of time. Therefore he/she may not have enough time to go through the entire resume. The resume must be as short and concise as possible. 
  2. The resume must be designed section-wise manner. There must be a separate heading for education, employment, skills, and achievements.  
  3. It must be kept in mind that a consistent layout and font are applied to the entire resume. The font size must be neither too big nor too small. It must be easily readable. 

Let us discuss the above points in a detailed manner-

1. A brief description of oneself-

The resume must start with your name mentioned at the top of the page. The name must be mentioned in a large legible font. Now the most important thing to be kept in mind is that it should be written in a fancy or in colorful manner. Try to keep it plain and simple. The only thing which is important is that it must be visible to the recruiter from a visible distance.

2. Your contact information-

This is one of the most important pieces of information on one’s resume. It enables the recruiter to contact you regarding your interview process. The contact information must include your phone number, your email id, and your current address.

3. Your Educational Qualifications-

Your education is the foremost information that proves your ability to be considered for the desired job profile. Your college name, degrees earned, and marks obtained must be a part of your information to be provided under this head. You may also include additional certificates that you have earned during the course of your study. Not only it reflects your education but it also presents the skills that you possess. The most important thing to be kept in mind is never to lie while presenting this information.

4. Your Professional Experiences-

Companies seek both freshers and experienced personnel. If you are a fresher, you are judged on the basis of the qualifications you possess. If you are a professional, you are judged on the basis of the companies you have worked for and the projects you have managed. A recruiter will always judge you on the basis of the skills that you have in relevance to the required job profile. Therefore, it will be very beneficial if you include your past work experience that has some relation to the profile that you have applied for.

5. Your competitive skills and achievements-

Though academics and work experience play an important part in getting you a good job, a resume becomes more attractive when it contains your other skills and achievements. As we know that in the present era, technology is continuously changing. Thus, changing the ways to work. A resume becomes more attractive when it reflects your skills with regard to your knowledge of the latest software and technologies.  

6. Personal Projects-

Personal Projects may be related to any programming language such as Python, Java, or a web page design or an application. These projects would show your interest in the respective fields and your desire to work in the given profile. 

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