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How to write a compelling thesis conclusion

How to write a compelling thesis conclusion
cal LiveWebTutors cal 21 Oct, 2019

A thesis is a document that indicates your belief upon a topic and your intention behind proving it. Thesis or Dissertation is the most important part of post-graduate studies. Students are directed to make a thesis report to check their knowledge and grasp upon any topic that is taught in their academic life. Thesis making is a complete brainstorming work. It may take years in preparing it. Generally, students prepare a thesis report under the guidance of their teachers and faculties. Preparing a thesis requires skills and knowledge. 

A thesis must be prepared in such a way that it is contestable. It must prove a reasonable point that others cannot reasonably disagree with. The thesis must justify the discussion that you want to present. The thesis report must be specific and focused on a given topic. It must assert upon the conclusion made based on the pieces of evidence presented in your thesis. Generally, the thesis is not a research report. Studying a thesis report gives further opportunity to conduct detailed research upon it. 

The conclusion is an important part of the thesis report. After all, you need to conclude all the points mentioned in your report based upon the pieces of evidence and the supporting information. It must begin with the main question that your thesis aims to answer. The main aim of writing a conclusion is to remind the reader of your reason behind approaching the topic, what were your expectations, and what were your actual results. You may also include the effectiveness behind the methodology adopted in conducting the research. The conclusion must be written in a very concise way. A conclusion may contain similar information as per your discussions. But in a thesis, a conclusion is written to wrap up your entire research work. The conclusion must not be long enough. It must concisely state the main findings and recommendations. 

The conclusion is the last part of your thesis report. The main reason behind writing a thesis report is:

  1. Presenting the answer behind the main research question
  2. Presenting a summary of the entire research done.
  3. Give suggestions and recommendations upon future research work
  4. Your contributions upon the mentioned topic under research

The conclusion of your thesis report must be designed in the following manner:

1. Summarizing your points

Your conclusion must begin by summarizing all the points that you have covered in your paper. An overview of the paper must be adequately covered in your conclusion paragraph. All the important points must be a part of it. The main aim is to enable the reader to recap the main and important points. Keep in mind that you cover all the important points. However, try to keep it concise and simple. 

2. Curiosity concerning a question

The main aim of a thesis report is to answer questions raised behind your topic. The thesis report is not complete research. It must always leave the reader with a new question to be thought about upon the given topic. This arises curiosity in the reader. Your thesis report must be lead to further researches upon the topic. Keep in mind to design the conclusion in such away.

3. Future Actions Required

Your thesis report must necessitate future actions. The main aim of writing a thesis report is to get your reader to think upon a new subject and get working on that. The entire thesis report revolves around a single question upon the topic. Therefore, it leads the way of conducting further research upon it. 

4. Suggestions for future research

Your conclusion must indicate the future research that can be done upon the subject. You might suggest some methodologies that could be followed to do further research upon the subject. The topic mentioned in the thesis may either warrant further qualitative or quantitative research. 

5. Explaining the importance of your work           

Your thesis will be much creative and attractive if it mentions the importance of making it. The topic mentioned in your thesis and the questions asked upon it must have a resolution in answering it. The relevance of your thesis in your field of work must be well explained with all the supportive information and explanations. 

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