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How to Write a Comparative Essay?

How to Write a Comparative Essay?
cal LiveWebTutors cal 01 Nov, 2018

In a comparative essay, one has to describe the two subjects, make a comparison of both topics and provide logical reasoning for each one. These kinds of essays are a test of your writing skills, thinking abilities, and organizational skills, and all you need a detailed research of the topic. If you try to incorporate original ideas it would make your essay more effective and leave a good impression on the reader. An essay requires you to dig for numerous sources and to do extensive research on the subject. Most of the students get confused because of their lack of experience in the field.

With strict adherence to certain valuable tips, you will be able to accomplish this task successfully and well within the deadline.

Here are those guidelines:-

Topic Selection-

Have you selected the topic for your essay? If not, then that is the foremost thing for you to do. Select a topic that interests you most and you really feel like expressing yourself about it. So, it is highly recommended that you select a topic that is interesting, fascinating, and at the same time, appealing.

Changing Topic within a reasonable time-

It is important to mention that you may have chosen a topic for an essay in a hurry and later on you think that you are not able to do justice or cannot incorporate your views with the topic selected. At that moment if you can convince your supervisor that there is another topic that interests you more and you will be able to deliver the goods to his entire satisfaction then it will be the best. Make it a point to keep in touch with your supervisors regularly for getting their valuable suggestions. Your friends and seniors are also there to lend you a helping hand whenever you ask for it. Avail yourself of all such opportunities to produce a comparative essay of good quality.


Once you have finally selected a topic of your choice, you must make a determined effort to make a beginning by self-suggesting yourself that the task at hand is not difficult at all and that you are capable enough to execute the job successfully. This is very important because determination and persistence ingrained in yourself can enable you to accomplish any task with ease and perfection.

Sources for researching-

The next thing to do is to look for available sources from which you will gather relevant material for your essay. Your college/university library is one such source from which you will be able to get scores of books, periodicals, and magazines for doing in-depth research on your topic. Besides, go through various Encyclopedias which contain loads of information on various subjects. Or else, you may browse the Internet. After researching the next step is to construct an outline for your essay. The outline is your chance to plan the structure of the paper from the introduction to the body to the conclusion. The outline will come up with this structure as well as the main points and sub-points of the paper that you would like to address.

The process of writing a comparative essay:-

  • First is writing the introduction, then the body, and conclusion of the essay. In most cases, it is wise to start by writing the body first, as the introduction will touch on many of the points in the body, and the conclusion will summarize and add final thoughts to those points.
  • The body should contain all of the main points that you wish to include in your essay. These points should be organized into clear, concise groupings that serve the purpose of educating the reader on your purpose. It is important to understand proper paragraph structure and make sure that the body of your essay is organized well so that the reader does not become confused, lost, or disinterested.
  • The intro to your essay should include your opinion as well as a clear description of what will be contained in the essay, briefly describing points you would like to focus and so on.
  • The conclusion should neatly tie together and summarize all of your points together in a concise manner as well as reinforce the overall purpose of your paper. It should leave the reader satisfied and your goal should be achieved. Although essay writing is an in-depth process, a good tutor or help from online assignment help, Essay Writing Help and my assignment help can help you learn how to write an essay, and by following these tips you should be able to write a comparative essay. One should focus on the conclusion part because the readers want to know the reasons for the comparison of both topics. This gives the reader a clear picture of whatever you have written.

Some readers feel that comparative essays are the easiest thing to write, but there are various rules that should be followed:-

  • Research your topics well
  • Describe your similarities and differences while comparing both the topics
  • Understand the comparison which is being asked
  • Organize the essay
  • Use various tables and charts, underline the main points
  • Paragraphs are also important
  • To make your essay look professional, perform a spell check on your final product and check that words are contextually correct.
  • Re-read your essay. It's sometimes easy to catch spelling or other minor mistakes you might have missed earlier. The brief outline you just read can be your guide to successful essays and term papers.

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