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How To Start An Assignment That Captures The Reader’s Attention

How To Start An Assignment That Captures The Reader’s Attention
cal LiveWebTutors cal 06 Dec, 2019

One should always start with a good introduction, as a good introduction sets the stage for an easy-going, interesting, and well-written essay. For any student or writer, the introduction provides an opportunity to present their essay as interesting and sets it apart from all other essays with a similar purpose.

The ability to grab the reader’s attention is the most important aspect of any introduction. If it fails to grab the attention, it would detract from the quality of the essay, even if the body paragraphs which follow are well-written and full of supporting detail. A good introduction will always introduce the topic and tone of the essay and shall be led to the thesis statement. As the thesis statement is the specific, central idea of the essay, it appears towards the end of an introduction, after the writer has introduced the topic and tone, and grabbed the readers’ attention as well.


  1. Tell a story or a narrative
  2. One could use some eye-catching stats
  3. One can also use an interesting quote
  4. One might ask a question that provokes the reader into thinking about it

There are many different ways of grabbing the reader’s attention, all writers must find a way to do so. Once they are successful in grabbing the reader’s attention, they must begin to lead into their thesis. In other words, now that the writer has set the hook, just bring the reader further in.


  1. Grabbing the reader’s attention
  2. Introducing the subject matter and the tone of the essay
  3. Rather than beginning with it, one should lead to the thesis
  4. One should have a clear thesis that controls the rest of the essay

The length of an introduction must match the overall length of an essay. While a longer essay often requires a lengthier introduction, a shorter introduction is appropriate for a shorter essay.

No matter how brilliant one’s ideas are, one can’t even offer them to one’s prospect unless one has made it look into one’s direction first. One has to get their prospect’s attention before one can turn them into a reader.

The human brain is funny. To understand, it has to focus on specific information. Attention helps one to screen out the irrelevant and choose which information would enter, and stay, in one’s awareness. The attention decides what to “pay attention to”, as the human focus is limited and one just can’t give their attention to everything.

The reader’s minds are very selective. So one has to give them a reason to pay attention to the writer’s content instead of everything else out there they could be listening to. There are many obstacles in the path to gaining one’s reader's attention.

Even if one has the best product, service, or information on the planet, it will still be difficult to get people to give their time of the day. Following are a few common obstacles to getting a prospect’s attention;

  1. The inflexible proliferation of available products, services, and information
  2. Increase in competition
  3. The multiplying methods of the distribution system
  4. The sophistication of the buyer
  5. Overloaded with information
  6. The desire for instant satisfaction

All these are the roadblocks one faces in the attention-getting game, so one has to be good at showing readers why their limited attention should be directed by the writer.



One might be focusing on oneself when one creates messages about their business, thinking that everyone sees things the way one does. But they do not and people will not hear or pay attention until they perceive what one perceives. So one has to make their position crystal clear, which is helping them see what one sees by using story-telling, description, personal experiences, case history, and anything which will make them in the position to understand the writer’s message.


When one makes their writing personal, they make it important. If anything is personally interesting or perceptually meaningful information, then it will automatically grab attention, bring clarity and help it slip right into the reader’s awareness.


While making the message personal, emotion is a great way of bringing clarity to one’s writing. It also gives the readers or clients a reason to talk, a reason to ponder about. Emotional messages always touch a cord and get people’s attention.


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