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How To Make Your Schedule For Morning Classes Or Evening Classes?

How To Make Your Schedule For Morning Classes Or Evening Classes?
cal LiveWebTutors cal 26 Nov, 2019

Planning to make your schedule for morning classes or evening classes?

Having a short attendance in your lectures?

Students face the problem of short attendance most of the time. Hence, they fail in getting a minimum attendance required for appearing in their exams.

The main reason behind it is that students do not have a proper schedule maintained for their lectures.

Below are the few mention habits that will help the students in making a proper and adequate schedule for them:

Prepare an adequate schedule:

You must prepare an adequate schedule for each of your pending work, mentioning the timing of your classes. One who follows a proper schedule is able to do all the work within the time allotted.

Make sure, the schedule contains all the important works to be done on a priority basis. Attending classes is one of the priority work for a student. All other works must be done in the left-over time.

Have an alarm clock:

Set up an alarm to get up early in the morning. You know your class timings, you just need to wake up accordingly. As soon as the alarm clock rings start preparing yourself to attend your class.

Have an adequate sleep:

The main reason behind students not able to attend their class is that they do not get adequate sleep during the night. They spend the night working on unproductive things rather than sleeping.

Thus, you must have a well-disciplined life in order to make it more purposeful. Having a good sleep will keep you more healthy and motivated in attending the classes. You can attend the classes with a fresh mind in the morning.

Mark your timings:

You must mark the timing of your classes. Make a routine for yourself and pin it up on a pin-board. 

Check your daily routine and work according to that.

Uninterrupted work:

Do not keep any work pending during your class timings. Generally, it has been noticed that students are already equipped with the pending project and forget to attend the classes. 

Thus, it must be kept in mind not to keep any other work to be done during your class hours. Try to do it beforehand or after your classes. 

Do your homework on time:

Students have a habit of working on their homework in the last hour. They will start working on it just before the class timings. 

Being in a hurry, they are not able to complete the homework on time neither they are able to attend their classes. Thus, start working on your pending works on the day you get them.

Getting late is a habit:

It is being commonly seen that students generally get late to attend the classes. No matter how free you are, you will be unable to attend your classes on time. 

With a disciplined life and a regular practice, you can work upon this deficiency of yours. This will help you in attending all your classes on time.

Check your transportation route:

Students coming from a distant place generally become late to attend the classes due to the ongoing traffic. Thus, it is always suggested to check your routes and choose the shortest distance.

Take the help of a google map in knowing the ongoing traffic on the way to your class. If your route is frequently busy, keep spare time in hand before starting for your classes.

Why are students unable to attend their classes on time?

The main reason for students missing their classes is their habit. Almost all the students are prone to be awakened late in the night. Due to inadequate sleep, they are unable to attend their morning classes.

The most common habit found in students nowadays are:

  • Being awakened late at night.
  • Working late nights on unfinished projects.
  • Depending upon last hour exam preparation.
  • Improper schedule

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